5 Nov 2006

Old Fish: Nazi 'master race' children

"A group of children selected by Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime with the aim of creating an Aryan master race has met openly for the first time as adults.

Children from the Nazis' "Lebensborn" or "Font of Life" project gathered in the German town of Wernigerode to discuss the trauma over their origins". More: BBC NEWS | Europe | Nazi 'master race' children meet

Here a story about a Lebensborn child. - Wikipedia about Lebensborn

Transcript from CNN:

"OSTER (ph): A lot of us really, really had bad time. We were shuttled around like cattle, sent to people, they got money to have us. And the teachers and priests and everyone, they also treated us very badly.
ROBERTSON: The Lebensborn were denied basic rights, denied the opportunity to seek child support from fathers in Germany. Many even denied Norwegian citizenship.
OSTER (ph): We had an incident when we went to court. One guy rose from his chair, furious, and said, "You German kids, keep your mouths shut and be quite."
ROBERTSON (on camera): We're talking about a few years ago here.
OSTER (ph): Yes, just a few years ago.
ROBERTSON (voice-over): Now she says she's skeptical the government will do anything more for the Lebensborn.
(on camera): As I look around Norway today, it's really hard to imagine that just 60 years ago this peaceful port was once teaming with German navy vessels and that this town was at the heart of a Nazi war experiment. But what I'm really struggling to come to grips with is that Sis can still find that people hate her for being a German child."
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