31 Aug 2006

Anti-Aging Longevity Specialist

"Refuse to Grow Old"

"Recapture the Fountain of Youth with the one supplement that is taking the world by storm"

Dead Fish are good for something...

Source: Dr. Dave Woynarowski - Anti-Aging Longevity Specialist

The new Iron Curtain: US / Mexico border

 See this page of the US / Mexico border  "The situation is extremely grave and the greatest threat to our America comes from what crosses our border from the south. "

Even that Alex Jones, the patriot.., is afraid of Mexicans here and here
He should read this at USBorderSecurity.Org:

We support the Minutemen and all likeminded individuals who love freedom and don't compromise when it comes to American security and sovereignty. We are committed to a better organized, better equipped and more unified movement to enforce our immigration laws and protect our border.

The Minuteman Project (MMP) is a citizens' Vigilance Operation monitoring immigration, business, and government.

 This kind of people: Buchanan: ‘The Country I Grew Up In’ Was ‘89 or 90 Percent White. I Like That Country’


 Mexico/US Border Crisis

 La Voz de Aztlan travelled to Sasabe, Sonora on June 3, 2000 to investigate and report on the gruesome shooting of 20 year old Miguel Palafox and four of his companions by Arizona vigilante ranchers on horseback. We did extensive interviews of families, the Sasabe police authorities and the doctors that treated Miguel Palafox after he barely dragged himself back to the border after being shot in the face with high power hunting rifles. Initially we had written a report ""Arizona Vigilantes Shed More Mexican Blood at the Border" which we published on May 15, 2000, three days after the incident on May 12, 2000. More here


  Nice pictures, also of the US/Mexico Wall from Jim Bartlett

Amnesty Canada: Crossing the line: Human rights abuses on the US-Mexico border


But what about this:

deleteTheBorder.org, towards a global network of movements against borders

To stop terror, track everyone in U.S.

 The charging of 11 British citizens for plotting to blow up airliners over the Atlantic should be warning enough that the conflict in the Middle East is coming our way again. And we cannot count on uncovering the next try. There is a bottomless pool of young European Muslims filled with rage. We must adapt faster than they do.

  At a minimum, we should:

1. Demand that every foreigner apply for a visa before he boards a U.S.-bound plane, giving the State Department, CIA and FBI a chance to trace him.

2. Give the FBI computers that interface seamlessly with Homeland Security Department and CIA computers, airline reservation systems and the police.

3. Document everyone in this country, whether guest workers or Americans. That means a new, serious national identity card.


Before you start screaming fascism, remember: Israel is still a democracy with a free press. Unless we ensure that people cannot fall off the grid so easily in America, there will be another attack - and after it, we will risk popular outrage that will endanger all of our rights.

Source: New York Daily News - Ideas & Opinions - Robert Baer: To stop terror, track everyone in U.S.

Also read: Electronic Harassment FAQ

Narco News: The Other Journalism With The Other Campaign

On The Road with Zapatista Subcomandante Marcos and the Simple and Humble People Who Fight.

Source: Narco News: The Other Journalism With The Other Campaign


Official EZLN site

The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional, EZLN) is an armed revolutionary group based in Chiapas, one of the poorest states of Mexico. Their social base is mostly indigenous but they have supporters in urban areas as well as an international web of support. Their most visible voice, although not their leader, is Subcomandante Marcos (currently a.k.a. Delegate Zero in relation to the "Other Campaign"). Unlike the Zapatista comandantes, Subcomandante Marcos is not an indigenous.

In 2000, the EZLN renewed its revolt, declaring control of a number of villages and sending a delegation into Mexico City. While the delegation did not obtain everything it sought due to opposition in Congress, which the support of President Vicente Fox was not able to overcome, the villages remain under Zapatista control, in large part due to the resilience of local villagers and their unwavering support of the group. In August 2003, the EZLN declared all Zapatista territory an autonomous government independent of Mexico. Since then, the armed EZLN has been laying low to some extent working on the government level to implement health care and educational institutions in poor rural indigenous communities that had until then been ignored and discriminated against by the central government. Wikipedia

Chiapas - Background Materials

"In the mountains of Chiapas, death was a part of daily life. It was as common as rain or sunshine. People here coexist with death, death of their own, especially the little ones. Paradoxically, death begins to shed its tragic cloak, Death becomes a daily fact. It loses its sacredness. You see it as someone you sit down with at the table, like an old acquaintance. You don't lose you fear of death, but you become familiar with it. It becomes your equal. Death, which is so close, so near, so possible, is less terrifying for us than for others. So, going out and fighting and perhaps meeting death is not as terrible as it seems. For us, at least. In fact, what surprises and amazes us is life itself. The hope of a better life. Going out to fight and to die finding out you're not dead, but alive. And, unintentionally, you realize you are walking on the edge of the border between death and life. You're walking on the edge of the border between them." More at Wikipedia.

Subcomandante Marcos (no oficial) website

"It is in the cultural sphere that Zapatismo has been able to find open audiences and echos that speak their own dignity. In music, particularly in rock, in the visual and scenic arts, in literature and in science we have met good people, humane even, who follow their own path of dignity. So we would like to take this opportunity to salute all those who, through cultural activities, are fighting for humanity."

Speech given by Subcomandante Marcos on Monday, March 12 2001

30 Aug 2006

Iraq Contracts a Bonus Bonanza for American CEOs'

The CEOs at major American defense contracting companies, including Halliburton, are seeing their compensation tied to Iraq war projects skyrocket, according to a study from two liberal groups.

The study, conducted by the Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy, found that, on average, CEOs of corporations with extensive defense contracts are getting paid about double what they made before Sept. 11, 2001.

Link to ABC News: Defense Contractor CEOs' Pay Doubles but was already known, read Radio News America

or read more about economics at United for a Fair Economy

United for a Fair Economy is a national, independent, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. UFE raises awareness that concentrated wealth and power undermine the economy, corrupt democracy, deepen the racial divide, and tear communities apart. We support and help build social movements for greater equality.

Old Fish Series part 1 - JFK - coup and coverup

 Just remember what some people can get away with:

Those involved in the JFK assassination are either now dead, or are in the highest positions of U.S. Government today.

Read the reasons why JFK was murdered:

  • Kennedy was sincerely attempting to end the Cold War, speech June 10, 1963
  • Kennedy planned to end the Pentagon Wars (Vietnam, Cuba, etc), with NSAM No. 2633
  • His Executive Order 11110, ending banking power over U.S. economy, killing the Private Federal Reserve Bank and our debt, and restoring U.S. Treasury Notes to circulation
  • Reign in the CIA under JCS by Congressional Act, ending unchecked intelligence power
  • Kennedy had already fired Allan Dulles, Director of the CIA
  • Source: JFK - coup and coverup


    LBJ Night Before JFK Assassination: "Those SOB's Will Never Embarrass Me Again"
    Outside the debate of magic bullets, multiple shooters and grassy knoll theories - an astounding deposition of a deliberately planned criminal conspiracy straight from the horse's mouth. More at Prison Planet

    See also www.assassinationscience.com or what about: The Long-Withheld Orville Nix Film
    for pictures go here: The John F. Kennedy Assassination Homepage - Media Libary

    to learn more about this "Bay of Pigs" hero read the JFK SCANDAL PAGE

    or is it all a hoax?: JFK assassination film hoax

    29 Aug 2006

    TerrorStorm by Alex Jones

    Alex Jones' latest film covers in detail the proven history of government sponsored terrorism, and focuses on the 7/7 London bombings and 9/11.
    More at Infowars.com and Alex Jones' Prison Planet.com: The Earth Is Being Turned Into A Prison Planet


    Link to TerrorStorm (Alex Jones) - Google Video

    28 Aug 2006

    The New World Order

    New world order is an integrative millenarian conspiracy theory that appears in both religious and secular versions. It emerged as a combination, and recombination, of the reaction by fundamentalist Christian eschatology to New Age ideas, with the long-standing disposition to blame conspiracies for shifting social inequities.

    Elements of the theory are present in the populism of the nineteenth century. The theories in their present form can be traced to the collapse of Soviet Communism and President George H. W. Bush's speech of 11 September. In it he described the United States' objectives for post-cold-war cooperation with the former Soviet Union, using the phrase "new world order."

    In new world order conspiracy theories, everything significant is caused by a powerful secret group. Historical and current events are seen as steps in an on-going plot to rule the world.

    More on Wikipedia and on Educate-Yourself


    Must see this (23 sec) film of Bush Sr. on New World Order


    New World Order Definition

    The following article is extracted from an excellent analysis of the New World Order by author Ken Adachi which can be found at educate-yourself.org.

    The term New World Order (NWO) has been used by numerous politicians through the ages, and is a generic term used to refer to a worldwide conspiracy being orchestrated by an extremely powerful and  influential group of genetically-related individuals (at least at the highest echelons) which include many of the world's wealthiest people, top political leaders, and corporate elite, as well as members of the so-called Black Nobility of Europe (dominated by the British Crown) whose goal is to create a One World (fascist) Government, stripped of nationalistic and regional boundaries, that is obedient to their agenda. Source: WW3 - What is the New World Order (NWO)?

    It is known however that Free Masons are leading the NWO.

    Video about The New World Order from an Arab point of view It is from before the War on Terrorism and our biometric passport, a 'bit' anti-western and pro-muslim, but prophetic!
    It shows the Masonic role is the New World Order and the not bowing enemy is Islam... It shows how the anti western sentiment can be justified. The opposite can be found here.

    A well made video about Masonic traces in the USA by an African American point of view.

    Face and fingerprints swiped in Dutch biometric passport crack

    "Dutch TV program Nieuwslicht (Newslight) is claiming that the security of the Dutch biometric passport has already been cracked. As the program reports here, the passport was read remotely and then the security cracked using flaws built into the system, whereupon all of the biometric data could be read."

    Link to Face and fingerprints swiped in Dutch biometric passport crack | The Register

    "Privacy activists in many countries question and protest the lack of information about exactly what the passports' chip will contain, and whether they impact civil liberties. The main problem they point out is that data on the passports can be transferred with touchless RFID technology (like wireless technology) which can become a major vulnerability. Although this would allow ID-check computers to obtain your information without a physical connection, it may also allow anyone with the necessary equipment to perform the same task. If the personal information and passport numbers on the chip aren't encrypted, the information might wind up in the wrong hands.

    To protect against such unauthorized reading, or "skimming", in addition to employing encryption the U.S. has also undertaken the additional step of integrating a very thin metal mesh into the passport's cover to act as a shield to make it even more difficult (the State Department claims "nearly impossible" to read the passport's chip when the passport is closed. Research students from Vrije University in the Netherlands speaking at the August 2006 Black Hat conference in Las Vegas showed that RFID passports can be cloned relatively easily, and can be remotely spied upon despite the radio-blocking shields included in US designs. They found they could read the passports from 60 centimeters away if they are opened by just 1 cm, using a device which can be used to hijack radio signals that manufacturers have touted as unreadable by anything other than proprietary scanners." From Wikipedia

    More at BBC: "Concern over biometric passports" and at Security in Society.

    German group slams biometric passport data sale

    "The organization heaped criticism on German parliamentarians, who have been debating whether to sell data access to private sector companies to help fund new passports." More here.


    They are watching you!

    Read 1984 by George Orwell. We live in a growing police state and his vision is closer than you think. More here.

    27 Aug 2006

    Baby repair kit

    British premiership footballers are storing stem cells from their newborn babies as a potential future treatment for their own career-threatening sports injuries.

    They are freezing the cells taken from the umbilical cord blood of their babies as a possible future cure for cartilage and ligament problems. Stem cells can be used to regenerate damaged organs and tissue because they are the earliest form of cells.

    One Premier League footballer, playing in the northwest of England, said: “We decided to store our new baby’s stem cells for possible future therapeutic reasons, both for our children and possibly for myself.”

    The player, who declined to be named, added: “As a footballer, if you’re prone to injury it can mean the end of your career, so having your stem cells — a repair kit if you like — on hand makes sense.”

    Source: Footballers use babies for 'repair kits' - Sunday Times - Times Online

    When footballers do it, other celebrities must make babies just to have a repair kit at hand, watch them here on Celebrity Babies.

    Uganda and LRA rebels sign truce

    The Ugandan government and the rebel Lord's Resistance Army have signed a truce aimed at ending one of the most bitter wars in Africa.

    The agreement, reached during peace talks held in Juba, southern Sudan, is expected to take effect on Tuesday. A final peace deal will then be sought.

    Thousands have died during the 20-year conflict in northern Uganda, and more than one million have fled their homes.

    Source: BBC NEWS | Africa | Uganda and LRA rebels sign truce, picture from this site: NPR


    Horror in Uganda

    Terrorized by rebels, youths huddle in cities and the displaced languish in wretched camps. LA Times

    Profile: Uganda's LRA rebels. By Martin Plaut ,BBC Africa analyst

    "The Lord's Resistance Army, which has been fighting the Ugandan Government for nearly 18 years, has become know for its brutality, but the reasons for their rebellion are less well known." Read more here.

    26 Aug 2006

    China releases Catholic bishop

    China, which says its Catholics must belong to a state-backed church that does not recognise the Pope's  authority, has freed an underground bishop after more than 10 years in jail, the US-based Cardinal Kung Foundation said.

    Source: China releases Catholic bishop - Breaking News - World - Breaking News

    More aboute Chines prisoners of concience by the Honorable Frank R. Wolf, M.C., Virginia with pictures.

    The Cardinal Kung Foundation claims to have a CHINESE COMMUNIST DOCUMENT

    "B.III) Consolidation Stage (April 1, 1997 - June 30, 1997)

    In order to consolidate the hard-won results and to prevent the repetition of the illegal activities, we must make the struggle of stopping the illegal Catholic activities a long term political objective. After this unified and concentrated action, we must take advantage of these three months to consolidate the result, to insist on additional work on this project, and to insure that the illegal underground Catholic influence and the illegal assemblies in our township are eradicated. Each village must also strengthen its systems and regulations."

    Castes clashes in New Delhi

    Medical students clash with Indian police during a protest in New Delhi August 24, 2006. Violent clashes broke out between students and police in the Indian capital on Thursday as protests flared over a government move to reserve more university seats for students from lower Hindu castes. (INDIA)

    Source: Clashes in New Delhi

    Read The Caste System: Introduction, Myths and Reality by Vikas Kamat

    or the information about castes here or the pictures here

    "The Indian caste system has been in use for many years.  Still today the values of the caste system are held strongly.  It has kept a sense of order, and peace among the people.  There are five different levels of the system: Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra, and Harijans. Within each of these categories are the actual "castes" or jatis within which people are born, marry, and die. They all have their own place among each other and accept that it is the way to keep society from disintegrating to chaos.  This system has worked well for Indian people and still has a major role in modern India." (from this page).

    But of course the system is a bad ancient thing, all people are equal and have the same rights.

    India’s predominantly Hindu society is driven with social divides ranging from high caste priestly Brahmins to low caste “untouchables”. The lower castes account for about 77% of the 1.1 billion population.

    But are the student above in favor of the caste system or not?

    “Don’t divide us on caste lines”, “One nation, one voice”, the protesters chanted, some wearing black bands and waving the national flag. [Irish Examiner]

    The protesters said that the government's proposal does not reward merit and will reduce their chances of gaining a higher education.
    Impoverished and underdeveloped India introduced reservations for the lower castes soon after independence from Britain in 1947, but the present bill widens the scope of earlier laws.
    In 1990, a similar move to increase quotas in government jobs also led to widespread protests in which dozens of upper-caste students deliberately burnt themselves to death. [alJazeera]

    25 Aug 2006


    Welcome to the NRA Kooky Kidz Korner boys and girls! Hope you're packin' heat and lookin' for fun - cuz we're all about playing with high-caliber guns! Old Mr. Boring never shows his head 'round here, and if'n he does, we'll slay him like a deer!

    Let's learn the kids early what to do with a high-caliber gun! Any surprise the US have got so many problems with guns, read Children are victims of guns.

    Link to The National Rifleman Association's KOOKY KIDZ KORNER! - chickenhead.com

    There are sensible people in the US also: Gun Control Network.

    But it is a hard battle, read here, thanks to the feared NRA, or even worse

    America's Most Aggressive Defender of Firearms Ownership.


    Mark Fiore's view


     Or just plain stupid: The "Mass Murderers Agree: Gun Control Works! POLITICIANS LOVE DISARMED PEASANTS" T-shirt

    Indian eatery to drop Hitler name

    MUMBAI, India (Reuters) -- A restaurant in India's financial hub has agreed to change its name from "Hitler's Cross" following strong protests by the country's tiny Jewish community and pressure from Israel.

    "Hitler's Cross," which opened a week ago using posters of the Fuehrer and Nazi swastikas for publicity, initially refused to change its name, but relented on Thursday and covered its signboards with white cloth. The restaurant's name and its marketing gimmick had infuriated India's Jewish population, which had said it would fight any attempts at "rehabilitating Hitler."

    Source: CNN.com - Indian eatery to drop Hitler name - Aug 24, 2006

    "Holocaust awareness in India is limited. Hitler is regarded by many as just another historical figure. The swastika, reviled in many parts of the world, is also an ancient Hindu symbol and displayed all over to bring luck."

    This from www.infowars.com

    To proof this can launch a avalanche of nazi-sympathy read this...


    But there is more:

    Human rights campaigners in India's Gujarat state have condemned school textbooks which they say praise Hitler.

    The books are issued by the Hindu nationalist state government. One includes a chapter on the "internal achievements of Nazism". More at BCC.

    And see this totally wrong piece Hitlerism and Hindudom at the totally wrong Racial Nationalist Library


    There was even more:

     Indian Volunteers in the German Wehrmacht

    "Agitation for the end of British rule in India had existed for decades prior to the outbreak of the Second World War. Therefore it was logical for the Axis powers during WWII to attempt to capitalize on anti-British sentiments by attempting to recruit a military force from disaffected Indian prisoners-of war captured while serving with the British Commonwealth forces in the North African campaign."

    Indische Freiwilligen Legion der Waffen-SS

    "The Indische Freiwilligen Legion der Waffen SS remained at Tr.Üb.Platz Heuberg until the end of March 1945, then, with the defeat of the Third Reich imminent the Indians sought sanctuary in neutral Switzerland and undertook a desperate march along the shores of the Bodensee (Lake Constance) in an attempt to enter Switzerland via one of the alpine passes. However, this was unsuccessful and eventually the Legion was captured by United States and French forces. Before their delivery into the custody of British and Indian forces it is alleged that a number of Indian soldiers were shot by French troops.

    Picture can be found here.

    Israel urged to shun cluster bomb

     US-based Human Rights Watch says Israel has used cluster bombs in civilian areas during its assault on Lebanon.

    The group says an attack using the munitions on the village of Blida last week killed one person and injured 12. It says the explosives - which disperse after impact - are "unacceptably inaccurate and unreliable", and should not be used in populated areas.

    The Israeli military says their use is legal under international law, and that it is investigating the Blida incident.

    Read more about the use of cluster bombs against the Palestinians here: Israel using Cluster bombs, phosphorous bombs, nail bombs against civilians in southern Lebanon.

    Source: BBC NEWS | Middle East | Israel urged to shun cluster bomb

    More about missiles, rockets, bombs, cluster bombs and guided bombs here

    and on cluster bombs here

    23 Aug 2006

    12 passengers arrested after flight returns to Schiphol

    Dutch police have arrested 12 passengers after a US flight en route to India had to return to Amsterdam because of a security alert. The pilot turned back over German airspace after the crew said a number of passengers on the flight to Mumbai (Bombay) were behaving suspiciously.

    Here the audio here, source: Quick Reaction Alert Monitor

    Flight 42 returned to Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport "after several passengers displayed behavior of concern," Northwest Airlines said in a written statement.Some of the passengers pulled out cell phones during the flight and appeared to be trying to pass the cell phones to other passengers, a U.S. government official said.In addition, some passengers unfastened their seatbelts while the light requiring they be fastened was still illuminated, the official said.

    That was enough for U.S. air marshals aboard the DC-10 to break their cover. Flight attendants ordered the passengers to heed the orders of the marshals, the official added. Two Dutch air force jets escorted the the Northwest Airlines plane back to Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. Police are questioning other passengers and crew members. Naturally it was a false alarm.

    Only e few days ago British tourists knocked out an Arabian couple out of there plane, because they were looking suspicious. The terrorists have won, we are afraid.

    Security levels at airports across the world were raised two weeks ago after British police said they had foiled a plot to blow up a number of trans-Atlantic flights. Several security alerts since then have seen flights diverted, passengers removed or planes searched.

    The Dutch secret service said in March that the Iraq war and the presence of Dutch troops in Afghanistan could motivate possible attacks and encourage the recruitment of Islamist militants in the Netherlands.

    Earlier this year, a Dutch court convicted nine Muslims of belonging to a terrorist group and planning to attack politicians.

    In June 2005, a Dutch court sentenced a 27-year-old radical Islamist to life in prison for murdering the controversial film-maker Theo van Gogh the previous year.

    Source: BBC NEWS & CNN

    22 Aug 2006

    Five People Beheaded For Witchcraft

    Five people - including a man, his wife and teenage daughter - have been beheaded in India for practicing witchcraft.

    Villagers are blaming witchcraft for the outbreak of an undiagnosed disease which has caused many people to fall ill.Nearly a dozen people have been killed in the Kokrajhar district in the past week.

    The area is dominated by Bodos, one of dozens of tribal groups in the restive northeast. [more about the Bodos here]

    Source: Sky News: Five People Beheaded For Witchcraft

    But who is encouraging this.... (see picture and link)  with the caption: "Rob Shay casts out the demon of witchcraft in this old lady."
    From this site: http://www.faitharrow.com where you can Start a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

    Racism in Russia

    At least 10 people - two of them children - have been killed and dozens injured in an explosion at a market in Moscow. The blast, at the Cherkizovo market in the north east of the city, was reportedly caused by a home-made bomb. It went off at about 1030am when the area was full of shoppers.

    Racism has not been ruled out, most victims are Chinese and Vietnamese.

    Three months ago, Novyie Izvestia wrote that many young people having come from Africa and Asia to study are ready to leave Russia forever unless law enforcement here starts taking their security seriously. Since then, a large number of students, paying considerable money for their education, have left the country. However, it turned out that federal authorities consider the problem exaggerated in the minds of the public, and do not intend to take special measures to protect foreign students.

    Source: Racism in Russian - FEATURE - MOSNEWS.COM

    More: BBC - Racism on the rise in Russia and Racism on the rise in Russia

    ‘Bomber’ Harris – Hero or Criminal?


    " Regarded by some of his detractors as little short of a war criminal, and as a war-winning hero by his admirers, Sir Arthur Harris, Bomber Command’s wartime Commander-in-Chief, remains an extremely controversial figure.

    Sometimes vilified as being the very symbol of Bomber Command’s war against Germany, Harris has been blamed for the massive slaughter of German civilians and for the wanton and wholesale destruction of Germany’s towns and cities, in what is remembered by some as having been an ineffective and ultimately pointless campaign, and one which led to the loss of thousands of Allied lives." 

    So why does Gorgi, a toys manufacturer, make a statue of him in the Great Leaders series?

    Source: Osprey - ‘Bomber’ Harris – an enduring enigma

    Model: Collectables - Forward March - Great Leaders

    More about Dresden: Dresden - Der Film

    Rebuilding New Orleans, but poor are still in a muddy mess

    Low income renters who have zero opportunity of return right now, rank about as high on the priority scale as public housing residents. They have no voice in this process, though their numbers pre-Katrina far-exceeded the numbers of home owners.
    A tyranny of home owners indeed, in this planning process. Having been afforded the right to vote on the plans themselves, homeowners are unhindered and apparently un-bothered by the needs of the absent, working poor.
    Perhaps it is the utopian visions of rebuilt, perfect neighborhoods that is clouding the vision of those who value any sense of fair play. Read between the lines folks. It is not about who is present in your meetings, it's about who isn't.

    There Go the Neighborhoods

    Link to New Orleans Independent Media Center

    21 Aug 2006

    Made In China

    Fateful decisions made by China’s leaders, limiting births to mostly males and forbidding farmers to tap shrinking reservoirs diverted to smog-choked cities could lead to internal strife and foreign conquest as this economic powerhouse reaches the limits of explosive growth. But US consumers continue to fund China’s military modernization, even as they erode their own economy and employment at home. Even worse, Wal-Mart shoppers are supporting forced labor camps where the healthiest inmates are executed for “organ harvesting”. Wal-Mart also buys heavily from slave labor manufacturing zones, where women workers are typically paid 3 cents an hour or less for 70 to 90-hour work weeks. And please don’t buy any products “Made In China”.

    Link to Chinese Slave Labor

    A US-patriotic view:
    Stop Feeding the Dragon
    That opposes Trade with Communist China
    (Aid and Trade with our Communist Enemies is Treason!)

    19 Aug 2006

    Kingdom Identity Ministries

    Scary christians..... Always funny (and scary) to read how christians try to remove Jews out of their religions history.

    "Kingdom Identity Ministries is a Politically Incorrect Christian Identity outreach ministry to God's chosen race (true Israel, the White, European peoples). We proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom (government according to God's Law). The Elect Remnant, Christian Patriots, Nationalists, Reconstructionists, Racialists, and all seeking a higher level of understanding will learn Biblical solutions to personal and national problems, and be given keys to unlock hidden truth."

    Source: Kingdom Identity Ministries

    A Scanner Darkly

    Richard Linklater's adaptation of Philip K. Dick's classic novel is a challenging, mind-bending experience that cautions about the dangers of excessive drug use as well as the government's capacity to abuse and manipulate power. More at Rotten Tomatoes

    Link to A Scanner Darkly -- The Official Film site

    White Extremism in America

    Creepy whites in the USA.


    Link to  Extremism in America


     A list of organizations, people, incidents and places with a funny smell...

    You just never know what They have in mind... until it's too late.

    A rotten list: Conspiracy


    Recently I saw a impressive documentary about the coup against Hugo Chavez, filmed from inside the presidently palace in Caracas.

    More about this film here.


    Chavez Says Venezuela Captured Four U.S. Spies

     President Hugo Chavez said Friday that Venezuela has caught four people, including a naval attache at the U.S. Embassy whom he accused of spying in February, and ordered out of the country  spying for the U.S. government and has turned them over to the Americans.

    "The gringos in intelligence are fools," Chavez told the rally in western Venezuela. "I've caught four of their spies, four, and I've put them back in their hands. Not long ago we caught a very beautiful woman in Valencia, taking photos. Taking photos because they're fools."


    CIA spy chief for Venezuela

    Chavez read the name of the official named by Negroponte to head the Cuba and Venezuela mission, 32-year intelligence veteran J. Patrick Maher, and laughed.

    Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, said he believed that Maher's appointment was linked to presidential elections due in December that he is widely expected to win.

    "This shows us that the empire does not rest, that it is hatching a plan for December or a period before December," he told reporters. "But whatever it is, we will thwart it."

    U.S. officials have denied trying to overthrow the leftist Chavez, who is Cuban President Fidel Castro's close ally and friend. But U.S. President George W. Bush's government has repeatedly labeled Chavez a threat to democracy.

    Chavez said he wishes the best for the American people and hopes they one day "live under democracy, because they live under a fascist dictatorship." 

    (Foxnews / Aljazeera)


    But still it's not all good in Venezuela, Amnesty International: Human rights defenders, victims of human rights violations, and their relatives are frequently subjected to attacks and intimidation. Despite this, they are almost never granted adequate or effective protection by the State. Venezuelan human rights organizations have documented over 100 police killings in Guárico State in recent years. In the vast majority of these cases the authorities have not investigated the complaints and the perpetrators have not been brought to justice. Many Venezuelan states have a similar history of police abuse.

    Source: Venezuela: Fear for safety - Amnesty International