31 Dec 2006

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Curses On the Gallows

“Down with the traitors, the Americans, the spies and the Persians.”
S. Hussein

American troops escorted him from Camp Cropper, near the Baghdad airport, to Camp Justice, another American base at the heart of the city.
There, he was handed over to a newly trained unit of the Iraqi National Police, with whom he would later exchange curses. Iraq took full custody of Mr. Hussein at 5:30 a.m.
Two American helicopters flew 14 witnesses from the Green Zone to the execution site — a former headquarters of the Istikhbarat, the deposed government’s much feared military intelligence outfit, now inside the American base. More here or see Infowars.com for more about this (and the video)

30 Dec 2006

Death of a Dictator

Saddam Hussein, the former Iraqi dictator who spent his last years in captivity after his ruthless regime was toppled by the U.S.-led coalition in 2003, was hanged before dawn Saturday for crimes committed in a brutal crackdown during his reign.

The execution took place shortly after 6 a.m. (10 p.m. Friday ET), Iraq's national security adviser, Mowaffak al-Rubaie, told Iraqi television.

More here or here: Saddam Hussein Executed at US Base in Baghdad

See here the Top Ten Ways the US Enabled Saddam Hussein
The old monster swung from the gallows this morning at 6 am Baghdad time. His Shiite executioners danced around his body.

But was the man sentenced and supposedly executed in Baghdad really Saddam Hussein?

Barbara Bush

Granma Bush talking: "Why should we hear about body bags and deaths," Barbara Bush said on ABC's "Good Morning America" on March 18, 2003. "Oh, I mean, it's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?"

More about Granma Bush Here
See here profile on NNDB

"Almost everyone I've talked to says, 'We're gonna move to Houston.' What I'm hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas... Everybody is so overwhelmed by the hospitality, and so many of the people in the arenas here, you know, were underprivileged anyway. This is working very well for them."
Critics have called these comments elitist, aristocratic and even racist (the 15,000 evacuees in the Astrodome were mostly poor and black). Supporters countered that she was expressing the gratitude she had heard from the evacuees for the help and welcome they had received in Houston. More here

In 2006 it was revealed that Barbara Bush donated an undisclosed amount of money to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund with specific instructions that the money be spent with an educational software company owned by her son Neil Bush. More on Wikipedia

29 Dec 2006

US Politics

It’s fishy as hell.

Paul Sanford, a prominent Aptos, California, attorney, who accused Karl Rove (Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush, wikipedia here) of treason in the Plame outing case (more here), took a leap from the Embassy Suites Hotel in Monterey Bay on Christmas Eve. Police describe it as “probable” suicide, even though it appears Sanford was not depressed.

“Friends and associates expressed disbelief at the news of Sanford’s death and that it was ruled a suicide, saying Sanford seemed happy and had made many plans for this week and in coming months. Business associate and friend Shawn Mills said he and Sanford recently decided to open a shared law office to serve Monterey and Santa Cruz counties, something Sanford was looking forward to doing,” reports the Monterey Herald. “Mills said he had spoken to Sanford’s wife, Paula, and that she also was in shock. He said Sanford, a father of two, was a devoted family man.” Sanford “would never have intentionally put his family through that trauma. Something’s not right, it doesn’t make sense.More here

Crossing Climate Thresholds

A giant ice shelf has snapped free from an island south of the North Pole, scientists said Thursday, citing climate change as a "major" reason for the event.
The Ayles Ice Shelf — 41 square miles of it — broke clear 16 months ago from the coast of Ellesmere Island, about 500 miles south of the North Pole in the Canadian Arctic.

"This is a dramatic and disturbing event. It shows that we are losing remarkable features of the Canadian North that have been in place for many thousands of years," Vincent said. "We are crossing climate thresholds, and these may signal the onset of accelerated change ahead."

More on CBS

Desert Rock Stand

The Navajo people involved in this protest have produced a short video explaining their position. Please take a few minutes to view this video.

On December 12th, 2006 community members in Burnham, New Mexico established a blockade to prevent preliminary work for the proposed Desert Rock coal-fired power plant. More info: www.desert-rock-blog.com

28 Dec 2006

In Jesus name....

One of least disgusting clips on LiveLeak.com

Woman crushed by leaping dolphin

A NEW Zealand woman is in critical condition in hospital after being crushed by a dolphin that leapt on to her boat, media reported today.

The 27-year-old woman had been watching from the bow of the small boat cruising among the marine mammals off the North Island's Coromandel Peninsula on Tuesday when the bottlenose dolphin landed on her, the New Zealand Herald said. She suffered serious head injuries and was flown to hospital in Auckland. The dolphin also smashed the boat's windscreen and bow rails before jumping back into the ocean, witnesses told the Herald.

Coast guard official Steve Taylor said the dolphin probably got over-excited and jumped on to the boat, although he had never heard of such an incident before. (source)

The USA is turning these animals in soldiers anyway: "Two bottlenose dolphins deployed from the transport ship Ponce are among an unspecified number of the marine mammals sent from San Diego by the Navy to the region this week to safeguard allied vessels from mines and other dangers, the Navy said.

They may soon be joined by California sea lions trained to locate and snare enemy divers who are then reeled in by U.S. forces. A "platoon" of sea lions has been in Bahrain for two months and could see action soon, a Navy spokesman said."

27 Dec 2006

Who killed the (man who made the) water-powered car?

This video is regarding an inventor named Stanley Meyers who died in 1998 of a mysterious case of food poisoning (most likely a murder). He claims he was offered 1 billion by the Arabs to just sit on the technology, to which he refused; so a planned murder of this man would seem likely. These technologies are the biggest threat there is to the Petrochemical industry and as a result are all suppressed. There have been many people to come forth with these types of inventions. To my knowledge either the inventor is bought out or mysteriously dies without exception. See Equinox - it runs on water

Water Car Inventor Murdered - Google Video

Notice of Death of Stanley Meyer

Ford is Dead

Most people remember Gerald Ford as the klutzy fool who indefensibly pardoned Nixon. Maybe that's why nobody seems to recall his hand in Indonesia's genocidal campaign against East Timor. Or his membership in the Warren Commission, which determined that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone perpetrator of the JFK assassination.

Gerald Rudolph Ford was probably the greatest natural athlete who ever assumed the Presidency. He tripped on the Air Force One staircase in Salzburg, Austria and tumbled down the stairs in full view of press and local dignitaries.
More on Rotten.com

The Chicago Tribune, which has avoided Bilderberg for 30 years, reported in 1965 how then Rep. Gerald R. Ford (R-Mich.) had attended two Bilderberg meetings, in 1962 and 1964.
Ford had been attacked for belonging to a “secret group” after he said there was no place in the Republican Party for a secret organization such as the John Birch Society.
“My district is 65 per cent Dutch ancestry,” Ford said. “Just mention that and say that Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands sponsors the meetings. I don’t care what else you write.”
The Tribune piece noted that during the 1964 campaign, the Bilderberg meetings were described as gatherings of “king makers.” (source). More on Black Listed News

The Real President of the USA

In this part of a TV documentary, Dick Cheney is exposed as what he really is: A liar - and the man who is REALLY in charge of running the USA.

While the American news media finally discovered that Dick Cheney might not be the nicest person in the world, we would like to remind you that we have been warning people about this man since earlier. Cheney and his PNAC warriors have taken control of US foreign policy, intelligence services and military so that they can proceed with their agenda. His fingerprints are all over the events of 9/11 and the motive for this was so nicely stated by his organization when they described how a “new Pearl Harbor” would the only way anyone would support such an agenda. (http://cheney.tvnewslies.org)

See Wikipedia for some background

Buddha Boy

Buddha Boy sat under a tree for more than six months. His followers say he has been meditating without food or water and is immune to fire and snake bites.
But nine months ago he suddenly was gone. Now he has reappeared.

Read more at BBC

There are always unfaithfull cynics... read this: "holy or hoax"

26 Dec 2006

Fox hunt

More than 200 hunts are due to meet in the UK - nearly two years after hunting with hounds was outlawed in England and Wales, Countryside groups say.
Under the ban, dogs can still be used to follow a scent - and foxes can be killed by a bird of prey or shot.

"I am just about to go out with dozens of other families to watch and cheer on the local hunt as they meet this morning"

Anthony Jeffrey, UK

More about this cruel tradition on all-creatures.org

Girl's fingers cut off for plucking spinach

New Delhi: A hungry 10-year-old girl from India's lowest Hindu caste had all the fingers of her right hand chopped off by an upper-caste landowner for taking a few spinach leaves from his field, the Hindustan Times reported yesterday.

The attack took place in a village in Bhagalpur district last week in impoverished Bihar state in the east where caste prejudice against Dalits - formerly called "untouchables" - is widespread and sometimes results in violence against them. Police in Bhagalpur said they would soon arrest the upper-caste landowner who used a sickle to wound the girl whose name was given as "Khushboo". More here

More about Dalits (or untouchables) here or at Wikipedia.

24 Dec 2006

23 Dec 2006

Judge gives ExxonMobil a break on Valdez pay out

The San Francisco-based U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said in its ruling that it sliced the penalty almost in half.

The punitive damage ruling -- originally $5 billion in 1994 -- has been the subject of a decade-long legal battle between the oil giant and 32,000 fishermen, Alaska natives and property owners who were awarded the damages for the biggest oil spill in U.S. history. REUTERS

Also see this very interesting site about how ExxonMobil funds the climate change sceptiks: http://www.exxonsecrets.org

22 Dec 2006

The US War On Toddlerism

A very good piece by Steve Watson on http://infowars.net:

"Nothing emphasizes the decline of America into an authoritarian police state more than the treatment of children as possible enemies, deviants or criminals. A few cases, involving very young children, have caught our attention this month that indicate in the current climate any sniff of power is corrupting absolutely those who believe they have it."

Read it, it is unbelievable, he's got a whole list of arrested toddlers...

"Meanwhile, schools like Lee Middle School in Wyoming, Michigan conduct drills where police officers burst in and point guns at children's heads, all without informing the students or the school beforehand. "Some parents," the AP reported, "were upset."

21 Dec 2006

Dead of another Dictator

His Excellency Saparmurat Niyazov "Turkmenbashi", President of Turkmenistan, Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers" and "Leader of all Ethnic Turkmens" is dead.

“At about 1:10 a.m., Saparmurat Niyazov’s heart stopped beating. President of Turkmenistan died at the age of 67”, says the official report broadcast via all media. According to non-official sources, “the cause of the death could be the diabetes”.

Security Council of Turkmenistan has already convened plenary sitting. The key issues of the discussion were the country’s stability and maintenance of discipline. More here

See this on the HuffingtonPost: "Death of a Dictator"

See http://www.turkmenbashi.org/ and more on this Turkmenbashi page or Wikipedia

19 Dec 2006

Bayer and Aids

Got to take an Asprine... Don't know when this aired... But hey, they got to make a profit...

At least 80 die when Migrant boat capsizes

A fishing boat crowded with more than 100 African migrants capsized at least twice while sailing to Spain's Canary Islands, spilling passengers and leaving scores dead as survivors drifted for about 10 days without food or water, officials said Monday.

Thousands of illegal migrants have reached the Canary Islands this year -- many leaving from coastal African countries such as Senegal and Mauritania. Hundreds have died this year in their attempts to navigate rough seas in their open, outboard-powered craft. More here

According to the following press review at leat 5.742 people have died since 1988 along the european frontiers. Among them 1.844 were missing in the sea
In the Mediterranean sea, and through the Atlantic Ocean towards Spain, 4.560 migrants died. In the Sicily channel 1.883 people died along the routes from Libya and Tunisia to Malta and Italy, including 1.099 missing; 1.615 people died sailing from Mauritania, Morocco and Algeria towards Spain, through the Gibraltar strait or off Canary islands, including 358 missing. Then 449 people died in the Egean sea, between Turkey and Greece, including 208 missing and 474 people died in the Adriatic sea, between Albania, Montenegro and Italy, including 136 missing. More at Fortress Europe

"I want that Camera"

Freedom of Press in the US.
The filmmaker, Flux Rostrum, was filming the interaction between protestors and police outside the Mexican Consulate in late October at a demonstration protesting the murder of journalist Brad Will, who was shot and killed on October 27, 2006 during the teachers' strike in the Mexican city of Oaxaca. His murderers are believed to be local officials.

Flux was not arrested, nor did he receive a receipt for seized property. Without any warning, he was jumped by two police officers, one of whom is an NYPD captain, and knocked down onto the asphalt of 39th Street. A police officer then snatched the camera out of Flux's hands. As Flux attempted to protect himself and his equipment from being trampled and beaten, the cop with the camera conferred with another officer and scurried back into the building to hide the camera.

Whole story here.

Oklahoma City Secrets

A video that shows Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh at a U.S. military base that specializes in explosives and demolition training over a year after he supposedly left the army puts the official story of the April 19 1995 federal building bombing under serious doubt and mandates a re-opening of an investigation into the terror attack that killed 168 people.

The video was released by Bill Bean, a film producer who has suffered intense surveillance and harassment since taking the footage, and is the subject of a February 2007 Hustler Magazine feature story. More of this on Black Listed News

Various other analysts have suggested that the government was involved in a conspiracy behind the bombing, or that the government even planned the attack in order to justify persecuting right-wing organizations in a manner similar to Nazi prosecution of legislators after the Reichstag fire. Soon after the bombing an analysis by Brigadier General Benton K. Partin (Ret.) concluded that "the damage at the Murrah Federal Building is not the result of the truck bomb itself, but rather due to other factors such as locally placed charges within the building itself". Partin's report, released in the weeks following the bombing, was based on assumptions the bomb was fueled with diesel fuel, but did not account for the greater explosive strength of nitromethane in an improvised explosive device. See Wikipedia for background

McVeigh is seen at 0:45 into the clip

18 Dec 2006

Israel vs Palestine

The U.S. gives $15,139,178 per day to the Israeli government and military and $232,290 per day to Palestinian NGO’s.

More of these comparissons here

16 Dec 2006

15 Dec 2006

Russian Car

This Russian car came to Insurance Company. All sorts of insurance - that’s what is written on the sign.
From this lovely website, http://englishrussia.com

12 Dec 2006

John the Revelator

Ukranian Famine now Genocide

BERLIN, March. 29th , 1933- Russia today is in the grip of a famine which is proving as disastrous as the catastrophe of 1921 when millions died, reported Gareth Jones, Foreign Affairs secretary to former Prime Minister David Lloyd George of Great Britain, who arrived in Berlin this morning en route to London after a long walking tour through the Ukraine and other districts in the Soviet Union.
More reports by Gareth Jones here.
More about Gareth Jones here


Ukrainian parliament recognizes Soviet-era famine as genocide

Annan denounces the US in speech

How much more true it is in our open world today: a world where deadly weapons can be obtained not only by rogue states but by extremist groups; a world where SARS, or avian flu, can be carried across oceans, let alone national borders, in a matter of hours; a world where failed states in the heart of Asia or Africa can become havens for terrorists; a world where even the climate is changing in ways that will affect the lives of everyone on the planet.

Against such threats as these, no nation can make itself secure by seeking supremacy over all others. We all share responsibility for each other's security, and only by working to make each other secure can we hope to achieve lasting security for ourselves.

And I would add that this responsibility is not simply a matter of states being ready to come to each other's aid when attacked – important though that is. It also includes our shared responsibility to protect populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity – a responsibility solemnly accepted by all nations at last year's UN world summit. That means that respect for national sovereignty can no longer be used as a shield by governments intent on massacring their own people, or as an excuse for the rest of us to do nothing when heinous crimes are committed. Whole speech here

Sheehan Convicted

Peace activist Cindy Sheehan and three other women were convicted of trespassing Monday for trying to delivery an anti-Iraq war petition to the U.S. Mission to the United Nations and refusing to leave.

A Manhattan Criminal Court judge sentenced them immediately to conditional discharge, which means they could face some form of penalty if they are arrested in the next six months, and ordered them to pay $95 in court surcharges.

Sheehan and about 100 other members of a group called Global Exchange were rebuffed last March when they attempted to take a petition with some 72,000 signatures to the U.S. Mission's headquarters across a street from the United Nations.

Prosecutors said they were arrested after ignoring police orders to disperse.
The four were acquitted of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstructing government administration. They had faced up to a year in jail if convicted of all counts. More here

More about Sheehan at Wikipedia

Holocaust Conference

Iran hosted Holocaust deniers from around the world on Monday in a conference debating whether the World War II genocide of Jews took place, a meeting that Israel's prime minister condemned as a "sick phenomenon."

The 67 participants from 30 countries included former U.S. Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

The New York Times reported that Duke, a white supremacist, was expected to claim that Germany built no gas chambers or extermination camps during World War II.

More here

Why the neo-Nazis salute Iran’s President, read it here... Creepy...

11 Dec 2006

Everything you ever wanted to know about 9/11

Killtown is questioning the 9/11 attacks...

and he found 250+ 9/11 'Smoking Guns' in the Mainstream Media...

Click here to see them

Lots of people do not believe the official story, 2,980,000 google hits on 9/11 inside job...

Death of a Dictator

Chile's former military leader Augusto Pinochet has died in hospital aged 91. He had been thought to be recovering after a heart attack a week ago.
Gen Pinochet came to power in a 1973 coup. His 17-year rule saw more than 3,000 people killed or "disappeared".

He was accused of dozens of human rights abuses as well as fraud, but never faced trial due to poor health.
More on BBC

Also see the ever uptodate Wikipedia

The bloody coup, in which Allende was assassinated, was carefully managed by the CIA and ITT, according to the Church Committee report. Tens of thousands of Chileans have been tortured, killed, and exiled since then, according to Amnesty International. A U.S. congressional delegation was told by inmates at San Miguel Prison that they had been tortured by "the application of electric shock, simultaneous blows to the ears, cigarette burns, and simulated executions by firing squads." Despite Chile's bad human rights record, the U.S. government continued to support Pinochet with international loans.
More about South-American US-sponsored Dictators

10 Dec 2006

Our Daily Bread

Welcome to the world of industrial food production and high-tech farming! To the rhythm of conveyor belts and immense machines, the film looks without commenting into the places where food is produced in Europe: monumental spaces, surreal landscapes and bizarre sounds - a cool, industrial environment which leaves little space for individualism. People, animals, crops and machines play a supporting role in the logistics of this system which provides our society’s standard of living.

See the films website here

Here is one scene...

9 Dec 2006


A dossier on the assassination of Princess Diana, who was professionally and coldly murdered in Paris on the 31st August 1997.

We know that Diana was a rebel, someone with an axe to grind against the New World Order establishment. This, coupled with her ability to take any issue and put it under public scrutiny - such as the landmines situation - we feel was primarily, but not the only motive behind her murder. (Just think what a voice she would have been against the long planned current conquest of the Middle East!).

This archive is up-dated at least once a month, therefore further narrative and material shall be added as time progresses. More at cremationofcare.com

8 Dec 2006

One Third of Jailed Journalists Are Bloggers

Increasing authoritarian trends as governments target Internet for regulation, censorship, control by Paul Joseph Watson.

A new report by the Committee to Protect Journalists warns of increasing authoritarian attitudes towards the free flow of information on the Internet as statistics reveal that of the estimated 134 journalists jailed for their work worldwide, a full third are Internet writers and bloggers. More here

Also see the Legal Guide for Bloggers

4 -year-old Accused of Improperly Touching Teacher

A four-year-old hugged his teachers aide and was put into in-school suspension for inappropriate physical behavior interpreted as sexual contact and/or sexual harassment, according to the father. But La Vega school administrators have a different story. Damarcus Blackwell's four-year-old son was lining-up to get on the bus after school last month, when he was accused of rubbing his face in the chest of a female employee. source

Only in Texas....

PEARL HARBOR - Mother of all Conspiracies

President Roosevelt (FDR) provoked the attack, knew about it in advance and covered up his failure to warn the Hawaiian commanders. FDR needed the attack to sucker Hitler to declare war, since the public and Congress were overwhelmingly against entering the war in Europe. It was his backdoor to war.

See this extensive site at What Really Happened

"You know I am a juggler, and I never let my right hand know what my left hand does. I'm perfectly willing to mislead and tell untruths..."

FDR, May 1941 (Morgan p 550)


After twenty-six years the Pulitzer Prize goes to Razmi

Iranian photographer Jahangir Razmi, took 70 pictures of an execution in Kurdistan on Aug. 27, 1979. One picture won the Pulitzer Prize. It was, however, awarded to an unnamed photographer -- the only anonymous recipient in the 90-year history of the award. Mr. Razmi preserved 27 of the photos on a contact sheet and stowed it away in his home. Those photos are made public for the first time. (See related article)

More on the WSJ-website

7 Dec 2006

It's too big for people to think about.

This on Infowars.com:

"Legendary film director David Lynch , who created the "Twin Peaks" TV series and has made such unique and thoughtful films as Blue Velvet , Eraserhead and Mulholland Dr. , has spoken out about 9/11 questions on a Dutch TV program, "Wereldgasten" on VPRO.

When asked if the U.S. government did this, he responded, "It's too big for people to think about. It's too big. It's-- you know-- something no one wants to think about."

More here.

6 Dec 2006

We.. Unauthorized Arundhati Roy

Second post about this wonderful film. If you haven't seen this, do it now. THIS IS A MUST SEE FILM!

Dutch subtitled version (lesser quality)

The official film website: "We is a fast-paced 64 minute documentary that covers the world politics of power, war, corporations, deception and exploitation.
It visualizes the words of Arundhati Roy, specifically her famous Come September speech, where she spoke on such things as the war on terror, corporate globalization, justice and the growing civil unrest.
It's witty, moving, alarming and quite a lesson in modern history.
We is almost in the style of a continuous music video. The music used sets the pace and serves as wonderful background for the words of Ms. Roy and images of humanity in the world we live all in today. We is a completely free documentary, created (and released) anonymously on the internet."

More about Arundhati Roy

Economic Hit Men

Link to Black Listed News

A who's who in the spy poisoning mystery

At CNN an list of persons related to the poisoned spy scandal, in association with Philips. Putin is conveniently missing from the list.
See the list here

The Vatican and the Holocaust

The man who later became Pope John XXIII tried in vain to challenge the Vatican's perceived indifference to the Nazi Holocaust, a new study has found.
Papers and diaries show then Archbishop Giuseppe Roncalli posted an urgent telegram in 1944 to Pope Pius XII on the atrocities at Auschwitz.
The telegram's date contradicts the Vatican's official version of when it received a report. BBC

More about Pius XII
Even more about Pius XII and the Nazi's here


More on www.mind-deprogramming.com

4 Dec 2006

Chávez Wins Easily in Venezuela, Showing Wide Support

President Hugo Chávez was re-elected in a landslide on Sunday night, as voting tallies poured in from throughout the country. Mr. Chávez’s main opponent conceded defeat, paving the way for the president to begin a new six-year term.

More at the New York Times

Hasta la victoria siempre!

More about Hugo Chávez on Wikipedia

2 Dec 2006

The Corporation

Since the late 18th century American legal decision that the business corporation organizational model is legally a person, it has become a dominant economic, political and social force around the globe.

The Corporation Website


"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications who directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years but the world is now more sophisticated & prepared to march towards a world government which will never again know war but only peace and prosperity for the whole of authority."

David Rockefeller, CFR/Bilderberg/TC, 5 June 1991.

More links and things to know than you can ever read at www.nogw.com

1 Dec 2006

Stop Aids Globally

Imagine a town where you only see grandparents and young children, and the rest are mysteriously missing. The schools have no teachers, the hospitals have no nurses. This is what AIDS is creating in impoverished countries.

But people all over the world are fighting back. They're working to save their families and towns. Countries can stop AIDS – when the burden of unjust debt is lifted and affordable medications, plus funds for education, care and treatment, are provided. Politicians hold the key – we must show them the way forward. Join us now to be a part of the solution.


"The global HIV/AIDS epidemic is an unprecedented crisis that requires an unprecedented response. In particular it requires solidarity — between the healthy and the sick, between rich and poor, and above all, between richer and poorer nations. We have 30 million orphans already. How many more do we have to get, to wake up?"
– Kofi Annan, United Nations
Secretary General

Support World AIDS Day

Invisible Children

The "Invisible Children: rough cut" film exposes the effects of a 20 year-long war on the children of Northern Uganda. These children live in fear of abduction by rebel soldiers, and are being forced to fight as a part of violent army. This wonderfully reckless documentary is fast paced, with an MTV beat, and is something truly unique. To see Africa through young eyes is humorous and heart breaking, quick and informative - all in the very same breath. See this film, you will be forever changed.

We the People will not be Chipped

Lots of news on the The We the People will not be Chipped website, including some videos.

A brief history of the implantable microchip. Dating back to Dr. Jose Delgado's experimentation on animals up to implanting pets and ... all » people for tracking and finally, man becoming machine. A We The People Will Not Be Chipped production. Visit www.wethepeoplewillnotbechipped.com