30 Sep 2014

Hong Kong Protesters Fight Police Attacks With Umbrellas

The Plague

Plague or The plague is a disease that has a high mortality rate or a calamity with widespread and serious consequences for its victims.

Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

Evolution is the fundamental idea in all of life science, in all of biology. According to Bill Nye, aka "the science guy," if grownups want to "deny evolution and live in your world that's completely inconsistent with everything we observe in the universe, that's fine, but don't make your kids do it because we need them."

29 Sep 2014

The Black Knight Satellite

Muslim scientist says world is flat and the sun revolves around the earth because Quran says so

Hong Kong Activists Defy Police Tear Gas As Protests Spread

Riot police advanced on Hong Kong democracy protesters in the early hours of Monday, firing volleys of tear gas that sent some fleeing as others erected barricades to block the security forces in the heart of the former British colony.

hongkong protest

Earlier, police baton-charged a crowd blocking a key road in the government district in defiance of official warnings that the demonstrations were illegal. Several scuffles broke out between police in helmets, gas masks and riot gear, and demonstrators angered by the tear gas, last used in Hong Kong in 2005.

hongkong police

The unrest is the worst since China took back control of Hong Kong from Britain in 1997. It poses a serious challenge to Communist Party leaders in Beijing, concerned that calls for democracy could spread to cities on the mainland and threaten their grip on power.

hongkong protest umbrellas

Thousands of protesters were still milling around the main Hong Kong government building, ignoring messages from student and pro-democracy leaders to retreat for fear that the police might fire rubber bullets. Police, in lines five deep in places, earlier used pepper spray against activists and shot tear gas into the air. The crowds fled several hundred yards (meters), scattering their umbrellas and hurling abuse at police they called "cowards."

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28 Sep 2014

Israel's Apartheid Wall must fall: 10 years justice denied

Comedian Mark Thomas walked the length of Israel's Apartheid Wall on both sides!
July 2014 marks 10 years since the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled the construction of Israel's Apartheid Wall in the occupied Palestinian West Bank illegal under international law.
The ICJ ruled that Israel is legally obliged to dismantle the Wall and to make reparations for all damaged caused. Yet construction continues to this day, devastating every aspect of Palestinian life.

26 Sep 2014

Hitchslap Playlist

NASA: We will find alien life within 20 years

"Certain intelligence agencies" created ISIS

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani addressed the UN General Assembly on Thursday, and used his speech to accuse the West of inciting extremism and unjustly interfering in other nations’ affairs. Although not specifically mentioning any names, the Iranian leader said that certain states and intelligence agencies are making the world a less safe place by supporting terrorism.

Mysterious Georgia Guidestones Get Strange '2014' Update

The mysterious Georgia Guidestones, which some see as an elite manifesto for neo-eugenics and population reduction - have received a strange 2014 update.

25 Sep 2014

Keep the Oil in the Ground

Humanity's survival depends on not burning two-thirds of our global oil reserves, so we must act now by limiting fossil fuel extraction. The highly biodiverse Amazon basin is a keystone area in combating climate change because it regulates our planet’s health and drives global weather patterns. Preserving regions most critical for our survival—from the Amazon to the Arctic—is the solution to avoiding climate chaos. That's why we are globally calling to KEEP THE OIL IN THE GROUND, starting with the Amazon.


American jailed in N. Korea for 6 years describes prison life

The latest American imprisoned in North Korea, Matthew Miller, says he's working eight hours a day digging in fields and being kept in isolation, but so far his health is not deteriorating. In his first interview since being sentenced to six years in a labor camp, during which Miller is shown under close guard and has only time to answer one question, he gives a brief description of the conditions he is facing. Miller was allowed a phone call home to his family Wednesday, from Pyongyang, and spoke to his father for about nine minutes.

Syrian Woman Secretly Films Life in Raqqa under ISIL

A Syrian woman agreed to carry a hidden camera to film how life is like inside Syria's northern city of Raqqa, which has been under the control of the Islamic State (aka ISIL or ISIS). The report was aired on France 2. It shows some French women who decided to move indefinitely to Syria while abandoning their previous lives in France.

23 Sep 2014

U.S.-led coalition strikes ISIS in Syria

The United States has begun airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Syria, U.S. officials told Reuters on Tuesday.

syria air strike

“U.S. military and partner nation forces are undertaking military action against [ISIS] terrorists in Syria using a mix of fighter, bomber and Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles,” said Rear Admiral John Kirby, Pentagon press secretary.

U.S. Central Command said Bahrain (see al-monitor.com), Jordan (see Newsweek), Qatar (Wikipedia), Saudi Arabia (The Atlantic) and the United Arab Emirates (Voice of America) had either participated in or supported the strikes, without elaborating.

More at Al Arabiya News

'Fuck it, I quit'

21 Sep 2014

ISIS, or IS, or ISIL, or whatever - The Puppet Games


Kurdish Fighters From Turkey Head To Syria To Fend Off ISIS Attack

Hundreds of Kurdish fighters raced from Turkey and Iraq into neighboring Syria on Saturday to defend a Kurdish area under attack by Islamic State militants. As the fighting raged, more than 60,000 mostly Kurdish refugees streamed across the dusty and barren border into Turkey, some hobbling on crutches as others lugged bulging sacks of belongings on their backs.

Syrian Kurds cross the border under the watch of Turkish forces

The large-scale displacement of so many and the movement of the Kurdish fighters into Syria reflected the ferocity of the fighting in the northern Kobani area, which borders Turkey. Militants of the extremist Islamic State group have been barreling through the area for the past three days, prompting Kurdish leaders to plead for international help. Civilians seeking safety began massing on the Turkish border on Thursday. Turkey did not let them in at first, saying it would provide them with aid on the Syrian side of the border instead. By Friday, it had changed its mind and started to let in several thousand.

Turkish policemen

The numbers grew quickly as more entry points opened, and by late Saturday afternoon, more than 60,000 had poured across the frontier, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said. Even by the standards of Syria's bitter war, it was unusual for so many refugees to flee in such a short time. Their numbers add to the 2.8 million Syrians who have become refugees in the past three years, and another 6.4 million who have been displaced within their own country — nearly half of Syria's pre-war population of 23 million.

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20 Sep 2014

Last Hours

Green World Rising is a series of short films on the state of climate and solutions to the climate crisis.

Green World Rising is brought to you by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and produced by Tree Media. The series is narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.

#GreenWorldRisingPart 1 - Carbon

19 Sep 2014

'Stop Abusing Baby Monkeys'

Maternal deprivation experiments on baby monkeys are a textbook example of unethical psychological research, and they need to stop. Hundreds of infant monkeys are being torn away from their mothers, causing them to suffer from psychoses at a US National Institutes of Health (NIH) laboratory. So when Dr Stephen J Suomi, the head experimenter on baby monkeys at NIH, was to speak in Cardiff at the annual general meeting of the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Faculty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, I, along with another activist, decided to make my voice heard and interrupted his keynote speech.

Suomi is responsible for tormenting baby monkeys in disgustingly cruel and archaic experiments that cause them to experience severe anxiety, fear, pain and depression. Some of the monkeys bite at their own flesh and pull out their own hair. This was all revealed following the release of hours of video footage and hundreds of photographs and documents obtained by PETA US from NIH through a contested Freedom of Information Act request. After watching the video below, any compassionate person would wonder how Suomi can sleep at night.

We’re in the age of brain imaging and superior human-based research that allows us to study the causes and treatments of mental illness in humans without terrorising animals in traumatic experiments. Yet videos revealed that experimenters laughed while infant monkeys were being terrorised, screaming frantically and trying to escape and hide. This is not science – it’s violence.

From Peta

Do You Enjoy Your Post 9/11 World?

September 11th, 2001 is the most influential day in modern history around the world. A day that shocked the masses, and had the power hungry salivating at the chance to take advantage of an incredible tragedy. As they say, “never let a tragedy go to waste“. This is my take on the events that followed, the events that have molded this nation as we know it today. Egregious violations of constitutional rights, torture, corruption, political greed, and perpetual war are the new norm.

Let’s dive into the rabbit hole, and see how far it goes…

What is the Military Industrial Complex?

Military-industrial complex, a network of individuals and institutions involved in the production of weapons and military technologies. The military-industrial complex in a country typically attempts to marshal political support for continued or increased military spending by the national government.

See The Anti-Media for more on this.

Does This Video Show Rigging In The Scottish Independence Vote?

There is damning evidence that shows that this vote is a fraud. Just from the video and the pictures alone, we can see errors! Can you imagine how much is wrong? This is the Best Video proof you will also ever get showing the votes were changed to NO on purpose!

Jekyll and Hyde

Will and the People

Pope Assassination Imminent

ISIS is planning to kill the Pope in one of his overseas trips, Iraq Ambassador to Vatican Habeeb Al Sadr warns. He said that the terrorist group had spoken of its plan to assassinate the pope as he was vocally supporting U.S.' intervention in Syria and Iraq. He underlined that the ISIS has foreign members - Canadian, American, French, Britain and even Italians. The group can instruct these members to kill the pope when the opportunity arises.


"What has been declared by the self-declared Islamic State is clear - they want to kill the Pope. The threats against the Pope are credible," Al Sadr said during an interview with Italian newspaper La Nazione.

Al Sadr's warning come before the Pope's visit to Albania on Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of Christianity from the destruction of Communist dictator Enver Hoxha. In 1967, Hoxha had declared Albania as the world's first atheist state. Pope's Sunday visit is a way of showing that Catholics, Orthodox and Muslims could live in peaceful co-existence

Full article at International Business Times

18 Sep 2014

The Occult History of NASA

Since its inception in 1958 the truth of NASA’s occult origins has been discretely hidden from public awareness; origins linked to perhaps the most “wicked” of all occult practitioners in modern history, Satanist, Aleister Crowley. As well, the highest echelons of NASA’s administration were dominated by secret society initiates including Freemasons and Nazi SS personnel, most notably, Wernher Von Braun. This high-tech occult cabal secretly used the Apollo moon missions, not to advance science, but to serve their devotion to the mystery gods of ancient Egypt!

The Story of Scotland

Before Scotland (2009) Part 2

16 Sep 2014

Germany charges 93-year-old with at least 300,000 counts of murder

Germany charged a 93-year-old former member of the Nazi Waffen-SS on Monday with at least 300,000 counts of accessory to murder over his time at the Auschwitz death camp.

The charges relate to the around 425,000 people believed to have been deported to the camp in occupied Poland between May and July 1944, at least 300,000 of whom were killed in the gas chambers.The accused helped remove the luggage of victims so that it was not seen by new arrivals, said prosecutors in the northern city of Hanover.


"The traces of the mass killing of concentration camp prisoners were thereby supposed to be covered for subsequent inmates," prosecutors said in a statement. Prosecutors said the accused was aware that the predominantly Jewish prisoners deemed unfit to work "were murdered directly after their arrival in the gas chambers of Auschwitz".

A regional court must now decide whether the accused will go on trial. The German office investigating Nazi war crimes last year sent files on 30 former Auschwitz personnel to state prosecutors with a recommendation to bring charges against them. The renewed drive to bring to justice the last surviving perpetrators of the Holocaust follows a 2011 landmark court ruling.

More at the Telegraph

13 Sep 2014

The Strange Irony Hidden Among The Highest Ranks Of ISIS

As the Islamic State group continues to wreak havoc across Syria and Iraq, the group has become synonymous with extreme religious zealotry. Yet the militant group ironically has strong alliances with members of former dictator Saddam Hussein's Baath regime and its highest ranks are filled with former Saddam loyalists. "Baathism is fundamentally a secular, pan-Arab movement, which the pan-Islamist movements have been at odds with for decades. This is not a natural alliance," Brian Fishman, a counterterrorism expert at the New America Foundation, told The WorldPost.

isis idiots

While the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS or ISIL, wants to create a religious regime across national borders, the Baathists want to reassert the power they had before the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq. But they both claim to champion Sunni interests in opposition to former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's autocratic and sectarian leadership. The pragmatic alliance has been a major force in helping the Islamic State achieve its goals. When the group seized a string of cities in Iraq earlier this year, it was the former generals of Saddam's army who provided much of the military expertise.


The Islamic State's extremism, however, is now causing rifts in the alliance, with Baathist and Islamic State fighters competing for dominance. In July, a group of former Saddam followers released a statement denouncing the persecution of minorities, which served to distance the group from the Islamic State's tactics, analysts told Foreign Policy. And in late August, the news site Niqash reported that Sunni militia and tribal leaders were plotting to wrest control of the city of Fallujah from their Islamic State allies and roll back the group's extremist mandates.

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Animal Farm

11 Sep 2014

Amazon Warriors Fight Off Loggers

Illegal loggers have long invaded areas of the Amazon rainforest. Tired of what they say is a lack of sufficient government assistance, the Ka’apor Indians feel it is time to take matters into their own hands. The tribe sent out their best warriors to hunt down loggers and drive them off their land.

A warrior chases a logger

The Ka'apor Indians are the legal inhabitants and caretakers of the territory along with four other tribes. Together, they have set up monitoring camps in the areas that are being illegally exploited.

More at Reuters - Pictures at YouTube

7 Sep 2014

What It's Like To Walk Alone If You're A Woman In Cairo

Two female filmmakers have released a video documenting what it's like for a woman to walk by herself down a bustling street in Cairo, Egypt. The blatant stares from many of the men encountered along the way highlight the country's problem of rampant street harassment.

"Today we will be filming what it's like to walk down the busiest bridge in Cairo as a girl," says American-born filmmaker Colette Ghunim, introducing the short clip, above. From that point on there are no more words spoken -- just the leering gazes from almost every man Ghunim walks by.

World Post

NATO War on Russia & Western Roots of ISIL

3 Sep 2014

Turkmenbashi's Reign of Terror

President for Life (1940-2006): President Saparmurat Niyazov of Turkmenistan was the dictator famous in the West for his crazy decrees and bizarre personality cult. But for his people, there was nothing comical about his rule.