27 Mar 2016

The tragic bear that suffers for selfies

Trapped in the middle of a shopping centre in China - his white fur contrasting against the unnaturally blue display he is an unwilling part of - this sad polar bear has no escape.

Nowhere to hide from people taking photos – banging on the windows and shouting. Nothing natural, no attempt to create an environment that would meet the needs of any living bear – never mind this vast magnificent animal.

24 Mar 2016

21 Mar 2016

13 Mar 2016

Jewish Life before World War II

Rare, intimate home movies—depicting family life, birthday parties, vacations, and more—provide a glimpse into the lives of Jewish individuals who were soon swept into the destruction of the Holocaust.

12 Mar 2016

Diyarbakir, 'City of Dead and Missing'

RT crew has visited Diyarbakır, the unofficial capital of the Turkish Kurds, to throw light on the gruesome consequences of Turkey’s crackdown on the Kurdish population.

8 Mar 2016