31 Mar 2007

The Greatest Hoax Of All Time

When one examines the history behind the current 'war on terror', government sponsored myths begin to unravel.

Source: 911blogger.com

30 Mar 2007

Chocolate Jesus

A New York gallery has angered a US Catholic group with its decision to exhibit a milk chocolate sculpture of Jesus Christ.
The six-foot (1.8m) sculpture, entitled "My Sweet Lord", depicts Jesus Christ naked on the cross.

Catholic League head Bill Donohue called it "one of the worst assaults on Christian sensibilities ever". BBC

The artists website here

Catholic League president Bill Donohue:"The cowards at the Roger Smith Hotel, who were brazen enough to tease their trash to selected media sources over the past few days, have shut down and are refusing to talk to the press. But the artist has decided to go his own way. He is now inviting everyone to eat his chocolate Jesus." More on Catholic League

UPDATE:"Chocolate Jesus exhibit cancelled"

29 Mar 2007

A fake British map?

The Ministry of Defence issued data it said proved the navy group seized by Iran had been 1.7 nautical miles inside Iraqi waters.

Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff, Vice Admiral Charles Style, gave detailed co-ordinates which he said proved that. The co-ordinates were 29 degrees 50.36 minutes north, 048 degrees 43.08 minutes east. BBC

there are two colossal problems.

- A: The Iran/Iraq maritime boundary shown on the British government map does not exist. It has been drawn up by the British Government. Only Iraq and Iran can agree their bilateral boundary, and they never have done this in the Gulf, only inside the Shatt because there it is the land border too. This published boundary is a fake with no legal force.

- B: Accepting the British coordinates for the position of both HMS Cornwall and the incident, both were closer to Iranian land than Iraqi land. Go on, print out the map and measure it. Which underlines the point that the British produced border is not a reliable one.

More on Black Listed News

28 Mar 2007

Oil, Smoke & Mirrors

"Oil Smoke & Mirrors" offers us a sobering critique of our perceived recent history, of our present global circumstances, and of our shared future in light of imminent, under-reported and mis-represented energy production constraints. Oil Smoke & Mirrors website

Iran at War

Remember the 8 year Iran/Iraq war? yuk..

27 Mar 2007

Hicks plead Guilty

The Australian citizen David Hicks has become the first Guantanamo prisoner to plead guilty under the Military Commissions Act passed last year. Hicks entered the guilty plea Monday as part of a deal with military prosecutors. Hicks has been held at Guantanamo Bay for the past five years. We speak with Michael Ratner, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights. [rush transcript included]
The U.S. government had originally accused Hicks of conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to engage in acts of terrorism, attempted murder and aiding the enemy but only ended up charging him with a single crime -- providing material support for terrorism. Pentagon officials say Hicks will likely serve his sentence in Australia.

Hicks has said he was sodomized, beaten, and subjected to forced injections while in U.S. custody. The military denies the allegations.

Hicks appeared in the courtroom wearing khaki prison fatigues and with hair down to his chest - grown, his lawyer said, to pull over his eyes at night to keep out the light and allow him to get to sleep. source: Democracy Now! | David Hicks Becomes First Guantanamo Prisoner to Plead Guilty more about Hicks on Wikipedia

Also see “Fair Go For David” and "Australian-born David Hicks was captured by US forces in Afghanistan in November 2001, while allegedly fighting for the then Taleban government." on the BBC and you can read the details of abuse in Guant√°namo Bay by him here.

25 Mar 2007

North Korean Animation

Loose Change 2nd Edition Recut

FOX News' Bill O'Reilly warned actor Charlie Sheen not to do narration for a theatrical version of Loose Change , threatening " If he voices this, he's through " and stating plainly, " Don't do this. You're not gonna come back from it if you do ." and "DON'T CONFUSE THEM WITH FACTS" as O'Reilly says... See the clip here, also the New York Post is trying to rediculise it: "H'WOOD'S 9/11 IDIOT BRIGADE"

24 Mar 2007

Russian Riot Police Crackdown

Riot police wielding truncheons broke up an opposition rally in a central Russian city on Saturday, detaining dozens of activists and beating some of them in the third major crackdown on a demonstration in recent months.

President Vladimir Putin, who is constitutionally barred from running for a third consecutive term, has given strong hints that he would pick a favored successor. Opposition groups have accused the Kremlin of further consolidating control over the country's political life ahead of elections to make sure its opponents stand no chance of winning.

State-controlled television channels made no mention of the rally in their newscasts throughout the day. More on WTOP

23 Mar 2007

Body scan machines

Post-September 11, airline travel security has invoked the increased use of technology and better training of security personnel as a means of improving travel security. Some of these proposals, such as improved training for airport screeners, checking all bags for bombs, strengthening cockpit doors, and placing air marshals on flights, do not implicate privacy interests and are sound security measures. Others, however, present privacy and security risks to air travelers because they might create data files directly linked to the identity of air travelers. These files if retained could provide the basis for a database of air traveler profiles. source: Electronic Privacy Information Center

TUBE passengers are to have their bodies scanned by machines that see through clothing in an attempt to prevent further terrorist attacks. The millimetre wave imagers will be used to carry out random checks as people enter stations after services resume today.
Police and transport officials are also considering installing the equipment permanently at stations across the network. The technology is already used to catch illegal immigrants who hide in lorries at Channel ports but has not previously been used on the Underground because of the high cost and concerns about privacy. Times Online

Teen Girls 'Date' Dad and Pledge Purity

The event's purpose is to celebrate father-daughter bonding, but the main focus of the evening is for the fathers and daughters to exchange pledges in an elaborate ceremony. Fathers vow to protect the girls' chastity until they marry, and the daughters promise to remain abstinent.

"I'm going to stay pure until I'm married and I'm not going to date or kiss a boy," says 12-year-old Sarah Merkle.

More on ABC, even more at fatherdaughterpurityball.org (Hosted by New Life Pregnancy Centers)

The fathers Pledge:


22 Mar 2007

Infidel Ayaan Hirsi Ali

So now, ladies and gentlemen, live from Somalia and the Netherlands! Give it up for new-to-Washington Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Muslim heretic, self-proclaimed "Infidel," whose memoir by that name is at No. 7 on the New York Times bestseller list!

It's a popping good story, fascinating, with lots of forward lean to the narrative. She's got guts, brains, looks, talent. She's called the prophet Muhammad a pervert. She says, "Islam is a culture that has been outlived." She has lost her faith, ditched two husbands and been disowned by her family.

She was elected to the Dutch parliament, but resigned in a scandal that brought down the ruling party. She scripted an 11-minute film about the Koran and domestic abuse of women that resulted in the throat-slitting assassination of its director, Theo van Gogh, by a Muslim fanatic. The killer stabbed a note into the dying man's chest. It was addressed to her. It promised death.

If you're having lunch with her -- say, at Zaytinya downtown -- a bodyguard employed by the Dutch government will call you a few minutes beforehand, saying, "I have a person to deliver to you."

She's adored by many on either side of the political seesaw: Western feminists, defenders of free speech and the American Enterprise Institute, the neoconservative Washington think tank that now employs her. Washington Post

"The Somali-Dutch dissident’s critique of Islam resonates with KA Dilday’s experience of fundamentalist Christianity in the American south. But their distance lies also in the journey beyond" on OpenDemocracy.net or see a list of right-wing friends (Scholars & Fellows) of the American Enterprise Institute or the Ayaan Hirsi Ali entry in Wikipedia or the Infidel Bloggers Alliance

Propaganda Remix Project

The See the Propaganda Remix Project website and but the images on a mug or a sweatshirt or read the very good ministryofhomelandsecurity.blogspot.com

Cute Knut Should Be Killed

Knut is a three-month old polar bear cub at a zoo in Berlin. His mother rejected him and he has been raised by hand by a zookeeper.
He is extraordinarily popular. And yet some want him dead. Who?

Berlin Zoo is allowing Knut to be raised in such a way that the bear will have a behavioral disorder for the rest of his life, Albrecht believes. "In actual fact, the zoo needs to kill the bear cub," he adds.

He's not alone. Wolfram Graf-Rudolf, director of the Aachen Zoo, told the newspaper, "I don't consider it appropriate for the species that the little polar bear is being raised on a bottle." The animal will be fixated on his keeper and not be a "real" polar bear, he says. However he feels it is now too late to put Knut out of his supposed misery. "The mistake has been made. One should have had the courage to put him to sleep much earlier."

Der Spiegel (with a photo gallery) and The Moderate Voice

20 Mar 2007

US Torture

See this good collection of clips: "Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and the C.I.A." with the man with the hood.

Just to remind you why people all over the world don't like the US war in Iraq...

Torture in Iraq may be worse now than it was under Saddam Hussein, with militias, terrorist groups and government forces disregarding rules on the humane treatment of prisoners, the U.N. anti-torture chief said Thursday.

Manfred Nowak, the U.N. special investigator on torture, made the remarks as he was presenting a report on detainee conditions at the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay as well as to brief the U.N. Human Rights Council, the global body’s top rights watchdog, on torture worldwide. MSNBC 2006

"no law or treaty bars the President from ordering the torture of children of suspected suspects, including crushing the testicles of a suspected terrorists child."

"Torture Memos", a U.S. Dept. of Justice Memo from Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo, Wikipedia on Yoo, also read this interview with Yoo
and here the US gouvernement (NSA) on this issue:"The Interrogation Documents"

17 Mar 2007

Fox News on the Netherlands

Thank god I live in the Netherlands!
(I am a bit Foxed today, I smoke too much...)

FOX News Shooting at Black Community

FOX News reframed the debate about the NYC police shooting of unarmed Sean Bell into one about the racial politics of NYC Councilman Charles Barron.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's False Confessions

It's hard to tell what the Pentagon's objective really is in releasing the transcript of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's confession. It certainly suggests the Administration is trying to blame KSM for al-Qaeda terrorism, leading us to believe we've caught the master terrorist and that al-Qaeda, and especially the ever-elusive bin Laden, is no longer a threat to the U.S.

But there is a major flaw in that marketing strategy. On the face of it, KSM, as he is known inside the government, comes across as boasting, at times mentally unstable. It's also clear he is making things up. Just as importantly, there is an absence of collateral evidence that would support KSM's story. KSM claims he was "responsible for the 9/11 operation from A-Z." Yet he has omitted details that would support his role. For instance, one of the more intriguing mysteries is who recruited and vetted the fifteen Saudi hijackers, the so-called "muscle." The well-founded suspicion is that Qaeda was running a cell inside the Kingdom that spotted these young men and forwarded them to al-Qaeda. KSM and al-Qaeda often appear bumbling, but they would never have accepted recruits they couldn't count on. KSM does not offer us an answer as to how this worked.

Fallacy of testimony exposed as story blows up in Pentagon's face

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed's alleged confession testimony has been thoroughly discredited after it emerged that one of the targets he identified, the Plaza Bank, was not founded until 2006, four years after the alleged Al-Qaeda mastermind's arrest. More about this here and read this: "Huge Problem with KSM Confession"

Who believes the socalled confessions? These Carlifornians do....

16 Mar 2007

FOX Attacks Blacks

Also see Fox attacks on Obama at foxattacks.com

Murderous Colombian mercenaries financed through Chiquita Bananas

Chiquita Brands International, famous for its bananas, has agreed to pay $25 million in fines for employing paramilitary groups to protect its farms in Colombia, according to a CNN report.

The corporation is also suspected of using hired military forces to exterminate workers who caused problems or had political beliefs that were not in the best interests of the company, says Karl Penhall on CNN's American Morning.

"This right-wing death squad that Chiquita Brands says it financed through its Colombian subsidiary was responsible not for tens or hundreds of deaths, but in fact for thousands of deaths," Penhall reports.

Chiquita also smuggled the guns and got rid of all comunists and leftist oposition.. Handy. Want another banana?

More and the CNN-clip on The Raw Story also read Peace - or "Paramilitarization?"

13 Mar 2007

Pentagon plans Cyber-Insect Army

The Pentagon's defence scientists want to create an army of cyber-insects that can be remotely controlled to check out explosives and send transmissions.

The idea is to insert micro-systems at the pupa stage, when the insects can integrate them into their body, so they can be remotely controlled later.

More on BBC
but Lynda Hurst already wrote in the Toronto Star on 03 April, 2006:
"DARPA's current big idea is to implant tiny microsystems into insects at the pupa stage of their development, when they can be "integrated" into their internal organs.

A step or three later, they could be turned into miniature unmanned vehicles for use on military missions "requiring unobtrusive entry into areas inaccessible or hostile to humans. Osama Bin Laden's cave, say."

The Evil Bilderberg Group

Speculations about the next meeting and other news can be found here, it seems it going to take place in Istanbul. General Bilderberg information here. A List of Participants is here.

Here you can read more about the Global Elite! Do some research... You can also find the Evil Elite on www.namebase.org.

The missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla

12 Mar 2007

Do not insult the King

A 57-year-old Swiss man has pleaded guilty in a court in Thailand to charges of insulting the king.

Oliver Jufer was arrested last December after drunkenly spray-painting several portraits of the monarch, King Bhumibol Adulyadej.
In court, Jufer pleaded guilty to five charges under Thailand's draconian lese majeste law.

He is due to be sentenced later this month, and the maximum penalty he could face is 75 years in jail.
Jufer's lawyer said the minimum sentence he faced was seven-and-a-half years.

10 Mar 2007

“Scientology Fugitive” Arrested

On Friday, Arizona police arrested a 64-year-old man — a fugitive since 2001 in a bizarre war that mixes free speech, copyright law, and the Church of Scientology.

Keith Henson’s journey began seven years ago while innocuously watching another critic mock the group on an internet newsgroup. In a gonzo discussion about procuring a “Tom Cruise missile,” they’d joked about working with “Secret Agent 99, wearing a stunning black leather biker outfit.” Other posters joined in the internet discussion, asking whether Tom Cruise missiles are affected by wind.”No way,” Keith joked. “Modern weapons are accurate to a matter of a few tens of yards.”

The police were informed of his “threatening” posts, and Henson was arrested.

The police tipsters were the Scientologists themselves, who had already been the targets of an annoying picketing campaign by Henson over the death of a woman near their complex. Besides Henson’s inability to acquire long-range missiles, his wife notes bitterly that it would be impossible for any church members in the complex to feel threatened by the internet posts, since they aren’t even allowed to access the internet. Scientology officials have also claimed Henson followed their employees home — though Henson counters that “the same people who claimed to have been ‘terrorized’ by the picketers offered to take them to lunch on June 25, 2000, evidently to distract them from the death scene being cleaned up.”

More on 10 Zen Monkeys or see the Scientology Cult's website here

7 Mar 2007

Turkish court bans YouTube access

The ban was imposed after prosecutors told the court that clips insulting former Turkish leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk had appeared on the site.

According to Turkish media, there has been a "virtual war" between Greek and Turkish users of the site, with both sides posting insulting videos.

The clip prompting the ban reportedly dubbed Ataturk and Turks homosexuals.

Insulting Ataturk, the founding father of modern Turkey, or "Turkishness" is an offence which can result in a prison sentence. BBC

See You Tube below is a clip they can't see anymore...

6 Mar 2007

What they didn't want you to know...

A list of intriguing facts disinterred by the British Freedom of Information Act.<br>

»A clandestine British torture programme existed in postwar Germany, “reminiscent of the concentration camps”

»Tony Blair spent nearly £2,000 of taxpayers' money on cosmetics over six years

»Six British military policemen died at the hands of an Iraqi mob in Majar al-Kabir because nearby reinforcements decided it was too dangerous to rescue them

»Rich landowners top the league of EU farm subsidy payouts

»A cache of more than 300 weapons, including air pistols, swords and an improvised flame-thrower, were seized from schoolchildren in one year

and much more Times Online

Japan's Wartime Sexual Slavery

Violence against Women in War Network Japan (VAWW-NET Japan), a Japan-based NGO working on the issue of wartime sexual slavery (often euphemized as 'comfort women issue'), won a major legal victory against Japan's public broadcaster NHK. The Tokyo High Court found top NHK executives had bowed to political pressure and distorted a program orginally designed to educate viewers on Japan's wartime responsibilities. See: Soldier confirms wartime sex slavery: more

"Yasuji Kaneko, 87, still remembers the screams of the countless women he raped in China as a foot soldier in the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II.

Yasuji Kaneko, a foot soldier in the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II, speaks at his home in Tokyo about countless women he raped in China as a soldier.
Some were teenagers from the Korean Peninsula serving as sex slaves in military-run brothels. Others were women in villages he and his comrades pillaged as they battled in eastern China."

But Abe rejects Japan's files on wartime sex slavery....

But Japanese prime minister's denial of forced wartime sexual slavery causes outrage

More about'Comfort Women' here

4 Mar 2007

Sabian Mandaeans are facing extinction

The Sabian Mandaeans (wikipedia) - one of the oldest religious groups in the world - are facing extinction, according to its leaders.
They claim that Islamic extremists in Iraq are trying to wipe them out through forced conversions, rape and murder.

The Mandaeans are pacifists, followers of Adam, Noah and John the Baptist.

They have lived in what is now Iraq since before Islam and Christianity. More on BBC

But it also happens in Iran and Australia, as this tells us: "In Iran, Sabian Mandaeans are considered by the country's conservative Islamic government to be "infidels".
Members of the minority religion, who are followers of St John the Baptist and number just 5000, cannot attend university or hold government jobs.The are not even allowed to handle food in public markets as many Muslims in Iran believe they are "unclean". Their children are forced to study the Koran, and there are reports that the women are not legally protected against sexual assault.

At present, there are 18 Sabian Mandaean families, including 22 children, in detention centres across Australia. Many recently received letters from the Department of Immigration, telling them they had 28 days to either accept a repatriation package to return to Iran or be deported anyway.
More here

3 Mar 2007

Putin signs into law ban on officials' foreign-funded work

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law Saturday a bill to ban state and municipal officials from teaching or conducting scientific activity in exchange for foreign financing.

The law aimed at preventing foreign governments and organizations from influencing decision-making in Russia also prohibits officials from work in the management bodies of foreign non-governmental organizations and at their offices within the country. RIA Novosti

The War on Terror Is the Leading Cause of Terrorism

Innocent people across the world are now paying the price of the "Iraq effect," with the loss of hundreds of lives directly linked to the invasion and occupation by American and British forces.

An authoritative U.S. study of terrorist attacks after the invasion in 2003 contradicts the repeated denials of George Bush and Tony Blair that the war is not to blame for an upsurge in fundamentalist violence worldwide. The research is said to be the first to attempt to measure the "Iraq effect" on global terrorism.

It found that the number killed in jihadist attacks around the world has risen dramatically since the Iraq war began in March 2003. The study compared the period between 11 September 2001 and the invasion of Iraq with the period since the invasion. The count -- excluding the Arab-Israel conflict -- shows the number of deaths due to terrorism rose from 729 to 5,420. As well as strikes in Europe, attacks have also increased in Chechnya and Kashmir since the invasion. The research was carried out by the Centre on Law and Security at the NYU Foundation for Mother Jones magazine. More on AlterNet

2 Mar 2007

Black Sabbath - War Pigs - Bohemian Grove Edition

10 Ways to Start a War

Lately we have heard "rumors of war" regarding Iran. With not one but two aircraft carrier battle groups converging in the Persian Gulf, an "accidental" incident or provocation appears not only likely but probable. No less an authority than former US Navy Secretary James Webb warned about that scenario.

"When I was Secretary of the Navy and until very recently, we never operated carrier - aircraft carriers inside the Persian Gulf because, number one, the turning radius is pretty close, and number two, the chance of accidentally bumping into something that would start a diplomatic situation was pretty high."

The chance of accidentally bumping into something that would start a diplomatic situation was pretty high THEN? I can only imagine that is the whole purpose now. So how exactly will the incident or provocation enfold? Rense.Com has ten possible False flag scenarios and their predictable results.