27 Oct 2013

26 Oct 2013

Blackface for the holidays

Being Green

Russell Brand meets Jeremy Paxman

In a wide ranging interview (this is Part 2), Jeremy Paxman asks comedian Russell Brand about the 2008 Sachsgate scandal, the cult of celebrity, and if he believes in God. Watch and see Russell get mad.

24 Oct 2013

Guantanamo Handbook

Warning: This is disturbing content. So watch at your own risk. As you watch this keep in mind that most of the people who were sent to Guantanamo have not been charged with anything because there is no evidence against them. It's now acknowledged that many of them are guilty of nothing. But they're still not being released. Obama ran on the promise of shutting Guantanamo down. It's still operating and the inmates are still being tortured. To be absolutely clear, the US government reserves the right to do this to any person anywhere on earth without evidence, without charges, without a trial - including US citizens - and the Supreme Court, the Congress and the President who promised to stop this have done nothing to stop it. And where are the people who ordered this torture and carried it out? They're walking around free and many of them will be joining law enforcement in the United States when they leave the military.

23 Oct 2013

The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land

About 60,000 African migrants have arrived in Israel since 2006, fleeing unrest in their home countries. But upon arrival in the ostensibly democratic country, the migrants have faced intense persecution and have been branded as "infiltrators" by right-wing politicians and activists.

The Real News

22 Oct 2013

Step Into The Sun

Social State Revival

She went to jail for asking a simple question

She's Worked At McDonald's For 10 Years. She Asked Its President A Simple Question. Then Cops Came.

20 Oct 2013

Let Us All Unite!

The Great Dictator", Melody Sheep has created your new favorite song/video/everything, "Let Us All Unite!"

18 Oct 2013

Canadian Police Use Military Tactics to Disperse Indigenous Anti-Fracking Blockade

New Brunswick Mounted Police deploy rubber bullets and tear gas, arrest 40 protesters for blockading highway. 
See more videos: The Real News

Ricky Gervais laughs at religion

16 Oct 2013

Ecuador Approves Oil Drilling in Amazon Rain Forest

On October 3rd 2013, Ecuador's National Assembly authorized the project to drill for oil in the Yasuní National forest, which is a biosphere reserve and home of endemic tribes and unique animal species.

The Real News

14 Oct 2013

Razzia in Moscow

Moscow police rounded up and arrested more than a thousand migrant workers at a vegetable warehouse on Monday morning, hours after hundreds of ultranationalists clashed with riot police. The rioters had overturned cars and raided a shopping centre used by migrants after the murder of an ethnic Russian was blamed on a man from the Caucasus. Police arrested more than 1,200 people in what was called a "pre-emptive raid" on the warehouse where the rioters believed the killer worked, Russian news agencies reported.

Sunday's rioting in the southern Biryulyovo district of Moscow, which escalated after hundreds gathered where Egor Shcherbakov, 25, was murdered last week, marked the capital's worst nationalist unrest in three years.

The Guardian

13 Oct 2013

Didn't We Fix Famine?

Eddie Izzard travels to Africa to explore and present the continuing problems that keep fighting hunger a daily struggle in that part of the world.

Crackpot Religions LTD

Monty Python

Coupe De Ville

Si Cranstoun


Protest now and in days gone.

12 Oct 2013

Party in Pyongyang

North Korea's state-run television KRT on Friday (October 11) broadcast a video of Kim Jong-un watching a concert held to celebrate the anniversary of the communist nation's founding.

Video footage showed Kim and his wife Ri Sol Ju watching a concert entitled "Long Live the Workers' Party of Korea" by the Moranbong Band and the State Merited Chorus which was held to celebrate the 68th anniversary of the Worker's Party of Korea (WPK).

Malala tells Obama: end drone strikes

US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle welcomed Pakistani schoolgirl activist Malala Yousafzai to the Oval Office on Friday. Mr Obama met with Malala on the same day the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. The Pakistani teen had been considered a front-runner for the prize and was in Washington to speak at two events. The teen said in a statement after the meeting that she was honored to meet with the president, who is a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

"I thanked President Obama for the United States' work in supporting education in Pakistan and Afghanistan and for Syrian refugees. I also expressed my concerns that drone attacks are fueling terrorism. Innocent victims are killed in these acts, and they lead to resentment among the Pakistani people. If we refocus efforts on education it will make a big impact," she said.


11 Oct 2013

Vogue's Creepy Google Glass Photoshoot

Vogue Magazine recently published a photoshoot set in a dystopian futuristic landscape to promote Google Glass and sell the trendies on transhumanism.

The creepy images send the message that anyone who refuses to completely sacrifice privacy and embrace Google Glass is obsolete and cannot be part of a future world run by vapid, emotionless authoritarians who behave more like robots than humans.


Free Jeremy Hammond

Jeremy Hammond is a gifted young computer programmer facing a decade in prison. His crime? Leaking information from the private intelligence firm Strategic Forecasting, information which revealed that Stratfor had been spying on human rights activists at the behest of corporations and the U.S. government.
In March 2012 Jeremy was arrested in his Chicago home and charged with violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the same legislation used to prosecute Aaron Swartz. This outdated law, written before the Internet was even created, gives absurdly broad powers to corporations and prosecutors to criminalize an array of online activity and pursue extreme and disproportionate sentences. By contrast, Jeremy’s co-defendants in Ireland will not be prosecuted and in the U.K. none will spend more than 16 months in prison.
In a non-cooperating plea deal, Jeremy pled guilty to one count of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. His sentencing will be held on November 15, 2013 at 10 AM at Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York. 
Since March of 2012, Jeremy has been denied bail, cut off from his family, and held in solitary confinement– treatment normally reserved for the most egregious offenses. He did nothing for personal gain and everything in hopes of making the world a better place. He is facing a maximum sentence of ten years, but the minimum is zero. It’s time for him to come home.

UN Speech by President of Uruguay

Jose Pepe Mujica,President of Uruguay in UN Speech with English Translation.
"We have sacrificed the old immaterial Gods, and now we are occupying the temple of the 'Market-God'. This God organizes our Economy, our Politics, our Habits, our Lives and even provides us with Rates and Credit Cards and gives us the appearance of happiness. It seems that we have been born only to consume, and when we can no longer consume, we have a feeling of frustration and we suffer from poverty, and we are marginalized.

9 Oct 2013

Japan's Triple Meltdown

Each week Fairewinds receives many questions about the ongoing tragedy unfolding in Japan as a result of the triple meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Join us as Fairewinds' Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen highlights the many problems facing Japan as he takes you on a tour of the Fukushima Daiichi site by combining satellite video, animated graphics and photos to create a comprehensive and easy to follow video tour.

4 Oct 2013

Formidable (ceci n'est pas une leçon)


Ex-NSA/CIA chief Hayden wants to put Snowden on kill list

CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Edward Snowden should be on a hit list rather than a list of names recently nominated for a Prize for Freedom of Thought. That was a joke made by former NSA director Michael Hayden. But his humor has sparked a wave of criticism. He told RT's Marina Portnaya he was misunderstood. RT

2 Oct 2013

Atheist vs Christian

Debate: Richard Dawkins vs Cardinal George Pell
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