30 Nov 2013

The Goal Of The U.S. Government Is To Eliminate ALL Privacy Globally!

Extensive interview with Glenn Greenwald who leaked the Edward Snowden NSA documents.

29 Nov 2013

The American Holocaust

The powerful and hard-hitting documentary, American Holocaust, is quite possibly the only film that reveals the link between the Nazi holocaust, which claimed at least 6 million Jews, and the American Holocaust which claimed, according to conservative estimates, 19 million Indigenous People.

Brasscheck TV

Equality is impossible because some people's IQs are too low

Boris Johnson displayed "careless elitism" when advocating that more should be done to help the intelligent wealth-creators of society, and that Johnson was being "fairly unpleasant" by talking about people as if they were a breed of dog.


What so offended Nick Clegg was Johnson's description of the innate intellectual inequality of humans, especially those "of our species" with the lowest IQ scores. When he delivered the annual Margaret Thatcher lecture on Wednesday evening, Johnson said that humans were far from being equal in "raw ability".

"Whatever you may think of the value of IQ tests, it is surely relevant to a conversation about equality that as many as 16 per cent of our species have an IQ below 85, while about 2 per cent… have an IQ above 130," Johnson told his audience.

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28 Nov 2013

les leçons c'est ''tous les mêmes''

Stromae - Les leçons c'est 'tous les mêmes' leçon n° 24 / Lessons are "all the same"

26 Nov 2013

"The Problem is Civil Obedience"

Matt Damon, a lifelong friend of Howard Zinn and his family, read excerpts from a speech Howard Zinn gave in 1970 as part of a debate on civil disobedience.

This performance was part of "The People Speak, Live!" with Matt Damon and Lupe Fiasco at the Metro in Chicago, on January 31, 2012, produced by Voices of a People's History (peopleshistory.us) in collaboration with Louder Than a Bomb: The Chicago Youth Poetry Festival.

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23 Nov 2013

What About Dick?

Politician Sledgehammers Homeless Shopping Carts

Armed with a sledgehammer and a self-righteous mission, State Rep. Tom Brower (D.) walks his district's streets and parks looking for the nefarious shopping carts used by homeless people...
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20 Nov 2013

McDonald's Advice To Underpaid Employees: Break Food Into Pieces To Keep You Full

The latest friendly advice from McDonald’s to their low-wage workers includes tips on how to better handle stress--as well as how to fill yourself up better with dinner.  The fast-food corporation instructs workers that breaking food “into pieces” will keep you full.

The advice was published on the “McResource” website, meant to give tips to fast-food workers.  While you need to be a McDonald’s worker to log-in to the website, details of the advice have been publicized by the group Low Pay Is Not OK, a union-backed group seeking to organize low-wage workers at McDonald’s.  The effort is part of the larger campaign to push for living wages, benefits and the right to organize among low-wage workers across a variety of industries.

A video published by Low Pay Is Not OK shows the website’s advice to workers.  One piece of advice given is for workers to take two vacations a year--an impossible task given that many employees work two low-wage jobs.  It tells workers to “sing away stress” because it “can lower your blood pressure.”  And it tells McDonald’s employees to break “food into pieces,” which “results in eating less and still feeling full.”


18 Nov 2013

Normalizing the idea of presidential assassination

The week before Kennedy was assassinated the news media, national and local to Dallas, went into overdrive about two subjects:

1. How many people hated the Kennedys and wanted to do them harm

2. How "reckless" Kennedy was in not strictly following security protocols (a similar charge was made about his son's adherence to aviation safety and who died in a highly mysterious plane accident just as he was about to enter political life.)

Just hours before Kennedy was murdered in cold blood, this bizarre script was read in the two and a half minutes before Kennedy took the stage for a breakfast talk in Fort Worth. Just think of how strange this is. Who would write such a script? Who would order it to be read before a presidential appearance? Just a few hours after this live newscast Kennedy was assassinated by a "lone nut" just like the one described in the local Texas newsfeed.


Dairy industry pushing to hide aspartame in new definition of 'milk'

In an effort to get more children to drink processed milk, the conventional dairy industry is pushing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to change the very definition of milk to allow for the discreet addition of toxic artificial sweeteners like aspartame. According to a petition filed in the Federal Register earlier this year, the dairy industry's goal is to change the "standard of identity" for milk so that it can be further modified and sweetened to attract more young consumers.

Whether it is due to increasing allergies or a simple distaste for its processed flavor, conventional milk sales have dropped some 25 percent in the U.S. since 1975, and consumption patterns are continuing to dwindle all across the country. So the National Milk Producers Federation and the International Dairy Foods Association are petitioning to simply redefine the word "milk" to include other things like artificially flavored and sweetened chocolate and strawberry milk beverages.

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17 Nov 2013

Someone Should Sh*t in Sarah Palin's Mouth

Former Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) punched her way back into the news this week by invoking slavery in remarks about American public debt, then doubling down on the remarks in an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper. On Friday afternoon's Martin Bashir program on MSNBC, host Martin Bashir delivered a scathing attack on Palin, while attempting to contextualize the horror of slavery for her by detailing some of the cruelty recorded in the diary of Thomas Thistlewood, a British overseer at a Jamaican sugar plantation. Bashir concluded his commentary by suggesting Palin is deserving of the same treatment.



16 Nov 2013

Caesar's Messiah

Jeremy Hammond Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison

Convicted hacker Jeremy Hammond was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison for stealing internal emails from the global intelligence firm Stratfor.

Shuffling into courtroom with long, wavy hair and a wide smile, Hammond shouted "what's up, my brothers" to a courtroom packed with scores of supporters. When it was his turn to speak to the court, he claimed in a defiant sentencing statement that his acts were meant to expose the truth and that he hacked foreign government websites at the behest of an FBI informant.

"The acts of civil disobedience and direct action that I am being sentenced for today are in line with the principles of community and equality that have guided my life," Hammond said in a prepared statement provided to HuffPost Live. "I took responsibility for my actions, by pleading guilty, but when will the government be made to answer for its crimes?"

Hammond, 28, has a lengthy criminal record for his protests both online and off against targets like the 2004 Republican National Convention and pro-Iraq War activists. But stealing Stratfor files as part of the online hacking collective Anonymous gave him a new level of notoriety.

Huffington Post

15 Nov 2013

13 Nov 2013

Police say spy in bag died by accident

A spy whose naked, decomposing body was found inside a padlocked gym bag at his apartment likely died in an accident with no one else involved, British police said Wednesday - a tentative conclusion that is unlikely to calm conspiracy theories around the bizarre case.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt said the death of Gareth Williams, whose remains were found inside a bag in his bathtub in August 2010, was "most probably" an accident.But he conceded that the facts could not be established beyond a reasonable doubt, and Williams' family members said they still believe he was killed.

Williams, a cyberwarfare expert, worked for Britain's GCHQ eavesdropping service and was attached to the overseas espionage agency MI6 when he died.



Around the world a growing movement of people are using their creativity, design skills and purchasing power to demand fashion without pollution. United by a shared belief that the clothes we wear should carry a story we can be proud of, activists, bloggers, designers, scientists and models have been able to convince big brands including Zara, Mango, Valentino, UNIQLO and H&M to commit to toxic-free fashion. There is still a long way to go, but our successes so far prove that when we work together, big brands are forced to stand up and deliver.


12 Nov 2013

After Super-Typhoon Haiyan

After Super Typhoon Haiyan ravaged the Philippines, climate change representative Yeb Sano pleaded with the world to take immediate, drastic action to reduce climate change-causing carbon dioxide emissions in an emotional speech at the UN's climate meeting in Warsaw, Poland.

10 Nov 2013

The True Core Of The Jesus Myth

Christopher Hitchens

Remembrance Sunday

They are the living who cheated death. Advances in technology and the skills of battlefield surgeons are seeing badly wounded soldiers survive where once they would have died. While 446 British soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan, thousands more have been wounded – hundreds of whom have returned blinded or limbless. Many will attend parades and services around the country today. For Remembrance Sunday is not only about the fallen, it is also about those who live with the wounds of war.

Marine Mark Ormrod, 30, Royal Marines. Wounded when he stood on an IED during a patrol in Afghanistan in 2007. Married with three children, he lives in Plymouth.

“I was deployed to Afghanistan in September 2007. My role as an infantryman was to dominate the ground around our area of responsibility and take the fight to the enemy. I was injured on Christmas Eve. We had been tasked with another foot patrol-it was more of a patrol to keep momentum going, a show of presence. We came to the end of the first leg of the patrol, and we were ready to come back into the camp. I was getting onto my stomach to get into a fi re position, so I could give cover to the other guys, when I stood on and detonated an IED. It created a huge cloud of sand and dust, so I couldn't initially see anything, but I could hear everything that was going on... I'd sustained severe injuries to both my legs and my right arm, which were later amputated.

It is irritating that people avoid me when I'm walking down the street. I see a lot of parents in the distance, the kid will see me before the parent does and then their parent will see me, and they'll drag the kid off and veer away from me. They don't want their kid to ask questions, they think that will embarrass me. But I wear shorts and a T-shirt every day-if I was embarrassed I wouldn't come out, I'd wear a long-sleeved jumper with a pair of trousers. But there are also a lot of people who are completely different; they ask me what's happened and they appreciate the honesty with the children, because the children have to know.

The Independent

9 Nov 2013

Video Of The “Arctic Sunrise” Being Boarded

This video is the first to show the moment that the Greenpeace ship the Arctic Sunrise was boarded by Russian authorities. The vessel was seized on Sept. 19, after staging protests against the Prirazlomnaya oil platform, owned by Russian energy firm Gazprom.

The footage — shot by crew members of the ship, and supplied to BuzzFeed by Greenpeace — shows Russian authorities abseiling from a helicopter onto the deck of the Arctic Sunrise. Thirty people from the ship are currently in custody in Russia, facing charges of hooliganism — after initially facing charges of piracy.


8 Nov 2013


Α documentary about the criminalization of HIV. The story of a group of HIV-positive women who were detained by the Greek Police, forcibly tested, charged with a felony, imprisoned and publicly exposed, when their mug shots and personal data were published in the media, in the run-up to the country’s 2012 national elections.


7 Nov 2013

An Introduction to Gladio B

James Corbett of The Corbett Report joins Abby Martin of Breaking The Set to discuss "Gladio B," the continuation of the clandestine NATO program, Operation Gladio. We talk about the history of Gladio and the transition of the program into a campaign to fund and foment Islamic terrorism in the Central Asia/Caucasus region. For more information, please consult the "Gladio B" video series from earlier this year available from CorbettReport.com and BoilingFrogsPost.com.

Happy Birthday Nadia


6 Nov 2013

Yasser Arafat poisoned with polonium

The first forensic tests on remains from the exhumed corpse of Yasser Arafat have shown unexpectedly high levels of radioactive polonium-210, suggesting the Palestinian leader could have been poisoned with the rare and lethal substance.

The Swiss scientists who tested Arafat's remains after the exhumation of his body in November discovered levels of polonium at least 18 times higher than the norm in Arafat's ribs, pelvis and in soil that absorbed his bodily fluids. The Swiss forensic report was handed to representatives of Arafat's widow, Suha Arafat, as well as representatives of the Palestinian Authority on Tuesday. A copy of the report was obtained exclusively by the al-Jazeera TV network, which shared it with the Guardian before publication.

The Swiss report said that even taking into account the eight years since Arafat's death and the quality of specimens taken from bone fragments and tissue scraped from his body and shroud, the results "moderately support the proposition that the death was the consequence of poisoning with polonium-210". Suha Arafat said the evidence in the report suggested that her then healthy 75-year-old husband, who died in 2004 four weeks after he first fell ill shortly after eating dinner, was almost certainly murdered by poisoning.

The Guardian

Pussy Riot Member Relocated To Deep Siberian Prison Colony

4 Nov 2013

Kuwaiti woman caught driving in Saudi Arabia

A Kuwaiti woman was arrested in Saudi Arabia after she was caught driving in the kingdom where ultraconservative laws ban women from taking the wheel. According to a Khafji police report, the woman was caught driving a Chevrolet Epica on the ‘Sitteen Road’ in front of a hotel in the area located near the border with Kuwait, while a Kuwaiti man was in the passenger’s seat.

The woman told the officers that the man was her father, adding that he is diabetic and cannot drive and that she had to take him to the hospital for treatment. The woman remains in custody pending investigations.

Kuwait Times



CIA made doctors torture

Doctors and psychologists working for the US military violated the ethical codes of their profession under instruction from the defence department and the CIA to become involved in the torture and degrading treatment of suspected terrorists, an investigation has concluded.

The report of the Taskforce on Preserving Medical Professionalism in National Security Detention Centres concludes that after 9/11, health professionals working with the military and intelligence services "designed and participated in cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment and torture of detainees". Medical professionals were in effect told that their ethical mantra "first do no harm" did not apply, because they were not treating people who were ill. The report lays blame primarily on the defence department (DoD) and the CIA, which required their healthcare staff to put aside any scruples in the interests of intelligence gathering and security practices that caused severe harm to detainees, from waterboarding to sleep deprivation and force-feeding.

More on The Guardian

Member of Punk Group ‘Pussy Riot’ Missing In The Russian Prison System

Nadya, a member of the feminist punk rock group Pussy Riot, has been jailed since 2012, when the group was arrested for playing what the L.A. Times called, a “provocative song”, in a Russian cathedral. The group said they wanted to call attention to Russian government censorship, and the relationship between Vladimir Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church. Nadya and another band member, Maria Alyokhina, still have five months to serve on a two-year sentence for “hooliganism motivated by racial hatred.”

Russian law stipulates that families of prisoners must be notified of where their loved ones have been imprisoned, and Nadya’s family says they have had no information of her location since she began a hunger strike at a prison in Mordovia.“There’s no proof she’s alive,” Nadya’s father told Buzzfeed. “We don’t know the state of her health. Is she sick? Has she been beaten?”

The New Civil Rights Movement

Pope: Ideologically Obsessed Christians Have Illness

Pope Francis has been very clear about how he feels about ideological purity in religion. He’s been particularly critical of right-wing Christian fundamentalism. Pope Francis has shifted the focus of the Catholic Church to issues facing the poor and the sick. He has railed against economic inequality and has criticized the anti-gay and anti-abortion strains that have come to dominate the Christian Right here in America. Such ideological extremism is dangerous, not only to Christianity, but to the world. And Pope Francis said as much last Thursday. (addictinginfo.org)

3 Nov 2013

British Accuse David Miranda, Glenn Greenwald's Partner, Of 'Terrorism'

British authorities claimed the domestic partner of reporter Glenn Greenwald was involved in "terrorism" when he tried to carry documents from former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden through a London airport in August, according to police and intelligence documents.

Greenwald's partner, David Miranda, was detained and questioned for nine hours by British authorities at Heathrow on Aug. 18, when he landed there from Berlin to change planes for a flight to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. After his release and return to Rio, Miranda filed a legal action against the British government, seeking the return of materials seized from him by British authorities and a judicial review of the legality of his detention.

At a London court hearing this week for Miranda's lawsuit, a document called a "Ports Circulation Sheet" was read into the record. It was prepared by Scotland Yard - in consultation with the MI5 counterintelligence agency - and circulated to British border posts before Miranda's arrival. The precise date of the document is unclear. "Intelligence indicates that Miranda is likely to be involved in espionage activity which has the potential to act against the interests of UK national security," according to the document.

Huffington Post

Fanfare For the Common Man

Emerson, Lake & Palmer

How Monsanto Threatens The Entire Planet

Anthony Gucciardi of Storyleak breaks down how Monsanto and the global elite are on a mission to alter, mutate, and own the entire planet -- and are assaulting humanity in the process.

What religion has contributed to the world this month

1 Nov 2013

Anal disease

In an extremely odd appearance on Fadak TV in the United Kingdom, London-based Kuwaiti Shiite Cleric Yasser Al-Habib argued that an “anal disease” causes some men to become addicted to homosexuality.

According to a translation provided by MEMRI TV, Habib referenced former Caliph Omar, who ruled the Rashidun Islamic Caliphate in the year 634, to make his case. “It is told that Omar Ibn Al-Khattab had an anal disease, which could be cured only by semen,” he said. “Someone who, god forbid, has been penetrated in the anus – a worm grows within him due to the semen discharged in him. A disease develops in his anus, and as a result… he cannot calm down unless he is penetrated again and again.”

Habib went on to say that this is a “well-known” medical condition, one the entire planet has apparently been misdiagnosing for centuries.

More on The Blaze

Project Golden Dragon

Basically it is the complete exposure of alien technology which was hidden from us by the US government.

More about this here.

Bilderberg Group: The Secret Rulers of the World