31 Dec 2008

New Year

The New Year is an event that happens when a culture celebrates the end of one year and the beginning of the next year. Cultures that measure yearly calendars all have New Year celebrations.

In countries governed by the Gregorian calendar, the celebration of New Year is celebrated on January 1, the date that is considered the most festive of them.


Traditionally, the Roman calendar began the first day of March. However, it was in January (the eleventh month) when the consuls of ancient Rome assumed the government. Julius Caesar, in 47 BC, changed the system, creating the Julian calendar, with some modifications in the time of Marco Antonio consul in 44 BC, the emperor Augustus Caesar in 8 BC and finally by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, is used today. In this year begins on January 1. Subsequently, the Gregorian calendar had the habit and the celebration was marked with a religious significance during the Middle Ages and later centuries.

With the expansion of Western culture to the rest of the world during the twentieth century, the January 1 date became a universal in nature, even in countries with their own New Year celebrations (e.g., China).

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

US Domestic Torture Via Radiation Weaponry

The reality of domestic torture delivered by ideologically-driven, cold-hearted agents of government and their vigilante citizen operatives is finally gaining public exposure by way of first-hand accounts - including that of this correspondent, a mainstream journalist who who has been "community stalked" and tortured by means of silent, potentially deadly radiation weaponry for nearly five years.

In a matter of weeks, this correspondent believes, operatives who have been involved in the purposeful "dosing" of American citizens with various forms of pulsed radiation emitted from so-called "directed energy weapons" and devices will begin to come forward, confirming reports of what's been euphemistically labelled as "electronic harassment" by victims of so-called "community stalking" or "gang stalking."

The "targets" are not limited to "terrorists" or drug traffickers. They include individuals who have been labelled by persons in positions of authority as "dissidents," "radicals," "whistle-blowers" or undesirables, perhaps due to their lifestyles, their ethnic heritage, or their religious or political beliefs. Many find themselves slandered and unjustly accused of wrongdoing (but, notably, not charged with any violation of the law). Journalists are among targeted classes; but many don't realize they are subject to pervasive surveillance, physical harassment and career sabotage until they are already ruined, professionally and personally.

by Scrivener on NowPublic

Vietnam's Bloggers Face Government Crackdown

In Vietnam, a country where the communist government has controlled the media since North and South Vietnam were reunified in 1975, blogging has become a growing — and risky — new forum for political dissidents to spread information about social abuses and government corruption. The new generation of blogs covers everything from criticizing top ranking officials for chartering planes to monitoring labour violations. Before this month, no formal blogging or Internet restrictions were in place, but several cyber dissidents — such as Huynh Nguyen Dao, Nguyen Bac Truyen and Le Nguyen Sang — have been arrested for posting anti-government propaganda online.

The government regularly shuts down politically sensitive blogs, and to avoid arrest, some bloggers have taken to writing under pseudonyms. "They have to use their nickname, and different computers so they can post the article," says Thanh Trang Nguyen, president of the California-based Vietnam Human Rights Network. And even so, he adds, "They disappear."

Vietnam's Bloggers Face Government Crackdown - TIME

U.S. Losing 'Secret' War in Somalia

For several years the U.S. military has fought a covert war in Somalia, using gunships, drones and Special Forces to break up suspected terror networks -- and enlisting Ethiopia's aid in propping up a pro-U.S. "transitional" government. It's a relatively unknown front in the "war on terror," and one where the U.S. and its allies are losing ground, fast.

Two years ago, the U.S. military fought alongside Ethiopian troops in a lightning-fast armoured assault deep into Somalia aimed at destroying the Islamic government, which the Pentagon suspected of harbouring Al Qaeda operatives. Today the Islamists are back, waging a brutal insurgency that has killed thousands of people and steadily gained ground against the occupying Ethiopians and their allies in the transitional government.  (BlackListed News)

Greek Cops Caught on Video Posing as Anarchists

A Greek television show has revealed how Greek police posed as anarchists and destroyed property. Inciting violence and blaming it on legitimate activists is a favourite tactic of the state in order to crack down on protest and dismiss genuine grievances.

A Greek television show documenting police acting as anarchists and engaging in property damage. YouTube removed the video.

In 2007, agents provocateurs attempted to incite violence in Montebello, Canada, during a peaceful protest against a Prosperity Partnership summit. A video and photographs later revealed the so-called anarchists were wearing the same military boots as the police. “Neither the RCMP nor the Surete du Quebec would comment on the video or even discuss generally whether they ever use the tactic of employing agents provocateurs, however it has been common practice at previous protests for authorities to employ police or special forces to intentionally infiltrate peaceful protests and cause violence,”


30 Dec 2008

Argentina's disease of the poor - Mal de chagas

Thousands of Latin Americans die each year from the disease of the poor... "mal de chagas".

Mal de chagas is carried by small insects that live in mud houses. Many poor people say that since the disease affects them the most, governments do not spend the resources needed to combat the epidemic. Click to watch video. (Al Jazeera) More on Wikipedia

YouTube’s Israeli Propaganda Chanel

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit is the Israel Defense Forces' professional body responsible for media and public relations in Israel and around the world. This is our new site that will help us bring our message to world.

We are saddened that YouTube has taken down some of our exclusive footage showing the IDF's operational success in operation Cast Lead against Hamas extremists in the Gaza Strip. As the State of Israel again faces those who would see it destroyed, it is imperative that we in the IDF show the world the inhumanity directed against us and our efforts to stop it. It is also worth noting that one of the videos removed had the highest number of hits (over 10,000) at the time of its removal.  YouTube

Israel Rejects Truce, Presses on With Gaza Strikes - Washington Post:

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert briefed President Shimon Peres on the current military operation, and according to the Haaretz newspaper told him that it was still in its preliminary stages.

"Nobody in this world understands what are Hamas' goals and why it continues to fire missiles," the president said. "This shooting has no point, no logic, and no chance."

29 Dec 2008

Scientists plan to ignite man-made star

In the spring, a team will begin attempts to ignite a tiny man-made star inside a laboratory and trigger a thermonuclear reaction.

Its goal is to generate temperatures of more than 100 million degrees Celsius and pressures billions of times higher than those found anywhere else on earth, from a speck of fuel little bigger than a pinhead. If successful, the experiment will mark the first step towards building a practical nuclear fusion power station and a source of almost limitless energy.

At a time when fossil fuel supplies are dwindling and fears about global warming are forcing governments to seek clean energy sources, fusion could provide the answer. Hydrogen, the fuel needed for fusion reactions, is among the most abundant in the universe. Building work on the £1.2 billion nuclear fusion experiment is due to be completed in spring.

Scientists at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) in Livermore, nestled among the wine-producing vineyards of central California, will use a laser that concentrates 1,000 times the electric generating power of the United States into a billionth of a second.


YouTube Places CIA Recruitment Ads on Alex Jones Search Results

Is it coincidence or intentional? YouTube consistently pairs CIA recruitment ads with Alex Jones search results, as the screen capture here demonstrates. A search of the CIA itself pulls up an ad for Toyota and alternately Mazda. Logic dictates that a CIA search would return an ad for the CIA, but no. Either YouTube’s advertising department is lackadaisical, or something is up with the CIA recruitment ads appearing on Alex Jones search results.

stock market

A December 28 screen capture of the CIA recruitment ad appearing on Alex Jones YouTube search results. Click the image to view a larger version.

More than likely, YouTube is running a psychological operation or the corporation is actually attempting to recruit agents from people who are interested in Alex Jones videos.

In 2006, Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion. That same year, Robert David Steele, a 20-year Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer and a former clandestine services case officer with the CIA, told Alex Jones that the CIA helped bankroll Google at its very inception. “I think Google took money from the CIA when it was poor and it was starting up and unfortunately our system right now floods money into spying and other illegal and largely unethical activities, and it doesn’t fund what I call the open source world,” said Steele, citing “trusted individuals” as his sources for the claim.


Republicans shamed by 'Barack the Magic Negro'

A leading contender to become chairman of the Republican Party has left senior officials horrified after he distributed a CD featuring a parody song called Barack the Magic Negro.

At a time when the party seeks to recover from heavy electoral defeats in November - and amid calls that it should reach out to younger and ethnically diverse voters - the emergence of the parody, sung to the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon, has left many Republicans cringing.

Chip Saltsman, a former leader of Tennessee Republicans, who is seeking to take over the party's national committee, sent the CD to party members as a Christmas gift. But unlike him, few found it funny.

The ditty, written by Paul Shanklin, a conservative parodist, alludes to an opinion piece penned by the black writer David Ehrenstein in the Los Angeles Times last year headlined “Obama the Magic Negro”. In the article the author argued that voting for the “warm and unthreatening” Mr Obama helped whites to alleviate guilt over the country's past racial injustices.

Times Online

Israel Masses Troops, Tanks For Possible Ground Invasion

Israel widened its deadliest-ever air offensive against Gaza's Hamas rulers Sunday, pounding smuggling tunnels and government strongholds, sending more tanks and artillery toward the Gaza border and activating thousands of reservists for a possible ground invasion.

Israeli leaders said they would press ahead with the Gaza campaign, despite enraged protests across the Arab world and Syria's decision to break off indirect peace talks with the Jewish state. Israel's foreign minister said the goal was to halt Gaza rocket fire on Israel for good, but not to reoccupy the territory.

With the two-day death toll nearing 300 Sunday, crowds of Gazans breached the border wall with Egypt to escape the chaos. Egyptian forces, some firing in the air, tried to push them back into Gaza and an official said one border guard was killed.


28 Dec 2008

Gaza raids expose Israeli failure

The unprecedented wave of airstrikes yesterday could not have been a more dramatic indication of the failure of Israel’s policy to remove Hamas from power in Gaza.

For the past few weeks, as a six-month truce between Hamas and Israel unravelled, Israel has tightened its siege of Gaza, opening the border only intermittently to allow the delivery of humanitarian supplies to the 1.4m Palestinians in the crowded Strip on the Mediterranean.

That was just the latest stage in a vicious cycle. Israel insisted that Hamas stop the launch of rockets from Gaza on its southern cities; Hamas, which claims it is not responsible for the attacks, said it would do so if Israel stopped its attacks on Gaza and opened the borders. An Israeli attack inevitably followed a rocket, which would provoke another attack, and so it has gone on for more than a year.

Last week, days after the ceasefire officially ended, 80 rockets were launched against Israel in just one day. However ineffective they were – no Israeli was killed or injured – it was the breaking point for the Israeli government. The devastating response came yesterday.

Marie Colvin on Times Online

Haunting Israeli Animation to Portray Harrowing Images of War

"There's no political news in this film whatsoever, because everything is already known in terms of facts."


27 Dec 2008

Pope Benedict XVI Denies Jesus is the Christ (Messiah)

Many Palestinians killed in Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip

The Al-Jazeera TV transmitted images of dead and wounded bodies of the Palestinian policemen and civilians lying in the streets after this morning's offensive.

Bodies of Palestinian Policemen killed in the Israeli airstrike (Photo of Al-Jazeera TV)
IMEMC correspondent in Gaza Rami Al-Meghari says, it appears the Israeli air strike targeted the Palestinian Police headquarters in the central Gaza Strip and a small police outpost nearby.

Last week, the coastal region saw Israeli air assaults as well as a series of homemade shells land in nearby Israeli towns. In Gaza, seven people including resistance fighters were killed and at least six others wounded during Israeli air raids on eastern and northern Gaza Strip.
In southern Israel, slight injuries were reported due to the firing of dozens of homemade shells into nearby Israeli towns by Palestinian resistance groups.

International Middle East Media Center – IMEMC

AFP: At least 195 killed in Israeli air strikes on Gaza

Internet sites could be given 'cinema-style age ratings'

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Andy Burnham (Culture Secretary in the UK government, next Labour PM?) says he believes that new standards of decency need to be applied to the web. He is planning to negotiate with Barack Obama’s incoming American administration to draw up new international rules for English language websites.

The Cabinet minister describes the internet as “quite a dangerous place” and says he wants internet-service providers (ISPs) to offer parents “child-safe” web services.

Giving film-style ratings to individual websites is one of the options being considered, he confirms. When asked directly whether age ratings could be introduced, Mr Burnham replies: “Yes, that would be an option. This is an area that is really now coming into full focus.”

ISPs, such as BT, Tiscali, AOL or Sky could also be forced to offer internet services where the only websites accessible are those deemed suitable for children.


Evicting Tenants By Loudspeaker

Imagine receiving threats all day long, through a loudspeaker. That's daily life for residents of a town in northeast China, where the authorities are trying everything to get rid of them.
In need of moving them out before demolition, the Shenyang authorities chose to bombard remaining residents with endless announcements over loudspeaker.


'Stink' attack on Japan's whalers

An anti-whaling group says its members have thrown "stink" bombs at a Japanese whaling ship in the Antarctic.

The Sea Shepherd group said crew on one of its boats lobbed 10 bottles of rotten butter and 15 bottles of a methyl cellulose at the Japanese ship. No-one was injured during Friday's incident north of the Mawson Peninsular, Japanese officials said. They said their ship was on a research expedition. Opponents say this could be a cover for banned commercial whaling.


The Sea Shepherd said the incident took place at 0730 GMT on Friday off the coast of the Australian Antarctic Territory. The group said its members on board its ship - the Steve Irvin - threw the bottles at Japan's Kaiko Maru vessel after pursuing the Japanese whaling fleet for a week.

"That is one stinky slippery ship," Sea Shepherd's official Peter Hammarstedt said.

BBC NEWS and Sea Shepherd

USA needs nuclear explosion to turn the world into dictatorship

Is the United States going to put dictatorship into effect under the guise of the anti-terrorist struggle? What may trigger another major transformation in 2009? The answer is obvious: another 9/11 in the USA.

Terrible and bloody events are in store for the world in the beginning of 2009. Most likely, the world will witness a reality show with a nuclear blast, which will be used as a reason for the US administration to change the world order again and leave the new Great Depression behind. There is every reason to believe that the Russian Federation may suffer as a result of this possible initiative too.

Joe Biden made a sensational statement on October 19, 2008. He said that Barack Obama would have to undergo an ordeal during the first six months of his stay in the White House. It will be the time of a very serious international crisis, when Obama would have to make tough and possibly unpopular decisions both in home and foreign politics.


26 Dec 2008

NORAD Fighters Escort Santa Through 'North America'

As if Christmas had not been destroyed enough by consumerism, here comes NORAD pushing their propaganda on the young believers.

NORAD has a website to "track" Santa's whereabouts, and they are using Rudolph's rfid red nose to follow the jolly old elf. The push of an armed escort into Santa's itinerary is an obvious attempt to condition children to accept the control grid, (it is of course out of love, and above all else, safety).  They even use 9/11 to help define NORAD's purpose on their Santa tracking website, of course they leave out the part where they stood down that day.


Why does the man who operates solely on magic need NORAD? He doesn't, it is NORAD who needs Santa's magic; to con the children. Get them young and hit them in a vulnerable spot, Bernays would be proud.

NORAD should stick to standing down and leave the minds of our children alone.

www.noonehastodietomorrow.com - NORAD Tracks Santa

The Genetic Takeover - Mutant Food

Other parts here

25 Dec 2008

Junkie's Christmas

A short animated film with the voice of William Burroughs.

Louis Farrakhan vs. Rothschilds, Banks and Wars

part 2 – This for our Christmas prayer… But those silly uniforms scare us. More about this preacher here. 

Farrakhan about Obama: "You are the instruments that God is going to use to bring about universal change, and that is why Barack has captured the youth. And he has involved young people in a political process that they didn't care anything about. That's a sign. When the Messiah speaks, the youth will hear, and the Messiah is absolutely speaking."

The Cult of the almost Dead Santa


24 Dec 2008

Animal rights extremists still targeting Huntingdon Life Sciences laboratory

Animal rights activists are continuing a campaign of threats and intimidation against scores of companies linked to the controversial animal research laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences, despite a £3.5m police undercover sting which will put key extremists behind bars.

Four leading activists were convicted yesterday for a six-year campaign of blackmail against firms linked to HLS. Three others pleaded guilty before the trial.

Police sources said the seven extremists, all of whom claimed their actions were on behalf of the Animal Liberation Front, targeted thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies in attacks designed to shut down HLS. The firm is licensed to carry out testing for pharmaceutical and other companies.

All seven were members of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (Shac). They face up to 14 years in prison when they are sentenced next month.

The Guardian - Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty

Britain edges to recession, IMF warns of Great Depression

Britain edged ever closer to a recession on Tuesday and the IMF's top economist warned of a second Great Depression, as stock markets awaited fresh US growth data in the hope of some Christmas cheer.

Britain's economy shrank by 0.6 percent in the three months to September compared with the previous quarter, against a previous estimate of 0.5-percent contraction given last month, the Office for National Statistics said.

Britain will officially be in recession if the economy contracts again in the fourth quarter after already screeching to a halt in the second quarter during which this key European Union economy recorded zero growth.

News of weakening growth sent the British pound sliding under 1.06 euros, nearing a record low of 1.0463 reached last week, as dealers bet on more interest rate cuts from the Bank of England and forecast parity with the euro.

The dollar also dipped against the euro and the yen in morning trading.

The Raw Story / AFP

23 Dec 2008

Iraqi justice to probe case of Bush shoe assailant

Iraq's justice system is to probe the case of the journalist who hurled his shoes at US President George W. Bush, officials said on Tuesday, as his brother said he had been beaten up by security agents.

"Muntazer al-Zaidi has been transferred to the judicial authorities who have opened an investigation. But it is too soon to say who was behind this act," General Qassem Atta, spokesman for a Baghdad security plan, told AFP.

The journalist's brother, meanwhile, said he has a broken arm and ribs after being struck by Iraqi security agents.

Durgham Zaidi was unable to say whether Muntazer had sustained the injuries while being overpowered during Sunday's protest against Bush's visit to Baghdad or while in custody later.

He said he had been told that his brother was initially held by Iraqi forces in the heavily fortified Green Zone compound in central Baghdad where the US embassy and most government offices are housed.

"He has got a broken arm and ribs, and cuts to his eye and arm," said Durgham.


Secret Space


Documentary exposing the hidden history of NASA, and the organisation's links to The Illuminati network of Secret Societies. This film exposes NASA's secret space programme controlled by senior
Occultists. We analyse UFO footage filmed by NASA astronauts whilst aboard the Space Shuttle and ask if NASA has secretly made contact with extraterrestrials.

More parts here

Obama & Biden To Protect Bush Administration Criminals

It’s par for the course for Obama and Biden, the men who promised “change” but in every step of their preparations for assuming office have pursued nothing but continuity, to acknowledge that they will protect criminals in the Bush administration from prosecution for authorizing torture, a complete violation of both the U.S. constitution and the Geneva Conventions.

When asked by ABC host George Stephanopoulos if top level Bush administration officials would be prosecuted for mandating prisoner abuse, Biden said that he and Obama would be “focusing on the future,” adding “I think we should be looking forward, not backwards.”

Such rhetoric goes to the very heart of the gigantic con job the “Obama change” hoax has wrought upon millions of befuddled Americans who naively presumed that voting for the lesser of two evils would result in anything other than more evil.

More by Paul Joseph Watson on Infowars

Pope likens saving gays to saving the rainforest

Pope Benedict said on Monday that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behavior was just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.

"(The Church) should also protect man from the destruction of himself. A sort of ecology of man is needed," the pontiff said in a holiday address to the Curia, the Vatican's central administration.

"The tropical forests do deserve our protection. But man, as a creature, does not deserve any less."

The Catholic Church teaches that while homosexuality is not sinful, homosexual acts are. It opposes gay marriage and, in October, a leading Vatican official called homosexuality "a deviation, an irregularity, a wound."


22 Dec 2008

US Politics

Hundreds of Brazil's eco-warriors at risk of assassination

A report, compiled by Brazil's Catholic Land Commission (CPT) and due to be released in full early next year, reveals that at least 260 people, among them a Catholic bishop, live under the threat of murder because of their fight against a coalition of loggers, farmers and cattle ranchers.

The list names Frei Henri des Rosiers, a French priest based in the Amazon town of Xinguara, as a particular target. Police are investigating claims he has a £14,000 price on his head because of his fight against slave labour. Also named are Maria José Dias da Costa, a union leader in the remote town of Rondon do Pará, and an Austrian bishop, Dom Erwin Krautler, who has been under 24-hour police guard for two years because of his battle against developers and child prostitution in his Amazonian diocese.

In February this year, Francisco da Silva, a 51-year-old leader of the landless movement in the Amazon, was killed with a single shot to the head. He had been named in a previous CPT report about rural leaders receiving death threats.  The Guardian

21 Dec 2008

Cooking With Marijuana

I have to stop smoking in the new year…

Gordon Brown New World Order Speech

Britains Prime Minister Gordon Brown talks in 2007 about the Elite's Plan for a One World Totalitarian Socialist State, the Globalization Agenda for a New World Order.

Israeli blockade 'forces Palestinians to search rubbish dumps for food'

Impoverished Palestinians on the Gaza Strip are being forced to scavenge for food on rubbish dumps to survive as Israel's economic blockade risks causing irreversible damage, according to international observers.

Figures released last week by the UN Relief and Works Agency reveal that the economic blockade imposed by Israel on Gaza in July last year has had a devastating impact on the local population. Large numbers of Palestinians are unable to afford the high prices of food being smuggled through the Hamas-controlled tunnels to the Strip from Egypt and last week were confronted with the suspension of UN food and cash distribution as a result of the siege.

The figures collected by the UN agency show that 51.8% - an "unprecedentedly high" number of Gaza's 1.5 million population - are now living below the poverty line. The agency announced last week that it had been forced to stop distributing food rations to the 750,000 people in need and had also suspended cash distributions to 94,000 of the most disadvantaged who were unable to afford the high prices being asked for smuggled food.

The Observer

Police Protection For Xmas Tree

Police in Athens have created a secure cordon around a Christmas tree to prevent it being set alight in ongoing protests in the city. However, as one Canadian tourist notes, it does rather dampen the seasonal spirit.

N.Korea accuses South of plot to kill Kim Jong-il

North Korea said on Thursday it had arrested a spy who attempted to kill leader Kim Jong-il on orders from South Korea's intelligence agency.

A spokesman for the State Security Ministry said in a statement on national TV: "Recently, a person surnamed Ri was discovered and arrested while preparing to carry out a terrorist mission on orders from a South Korean puppet intelligence organization to do harm to the safety of the top leader of the DPRK [North Korea]."

The spokesman said the suspect had been given hi-tech equipment to track Kim's movements, as well as deadly poison.

The claim comes amid worsening relations between the two neighbors and widespread rumors that Kim Jong-il has been incapacitated since suffering a stroke in August.

The leader is not known to have appeared in public since he missed a major anniversary parade in August, but North Korean state media frequently release photos purportedly showing him paying various visits around the country.

The South Korean government has not yet responded to the assassination claim.  RIA Novosti

20 Dec 2008

A 2000 year old computer

Teachers to get 'role model' code

Teachers in England will have to act as "role models" both in and out of school under a proposed new code of conduct.

They could face losing their status if they get drunk and into arguments while out socialising, or do not get help for drink or drug problems.

The draft code has been published by the General Teaching Council for England (GTCE). GTCE chief executive Keith Bartley said the code set out to teachers that they had to consider their place in society. GTCE head of professional regulation David James said: "You might have an incident in a pub, someone has had too much to drink and there's been some pushing and shoving.

"It hasn't resulted in a criminal offence, but we would look at it in great detail. It is not something we would want teachers to do, but professionally would it have an impact on their registration status?"

On alcohol or substance abuse, he said: "We have the ability to impose restrictions on registration, ways you can remain as a teacher, but you must undertake some training, or counselling or you must give us a medical report." Teachers could also be disciplined if they fail to pass on suspicions about child abuse.

Nansi Ellis, head of education policy at the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, voiced concern about the code. She said: "It is treading a potentially slippery slope if it creates a code of practice which covers teachers' behaviour in their private lives."


Cheney claims power to decide his public records

US vice president Dick Cheney's lawyers are asserting that the vice president alone has the authority to determine which records, if any, from his tenure will be handed over to the National Archives when he leaves office in January.

That claim is in federal court documents asking that a lawsuit over the records be dismissed. Cheney leaves office Jan. 20, potentially taking with him millions of records that might otherwise become public record.

"The vice president alone may determine what constitutes vice presidential records or personal records, how his records will be created, maintained, managed and disposed, and are all actions that are committed to his discretion by law," according to a court filing by Cheney's office with the U.S. District Court.

"Decisions that are made in the next couple of weeks may prove irrevocable. If records are held from the archivist now they may never be recovered," said Steven Aftergood, a government secrecy expert at the Federation of American Scientists.  The Associated Press

Merkel warning on German funds gap stirs old divisions

Chancellor Angela Merkel has provoked a storm of protest by suggesting west German states have fallen into decay because of the vast amount of public money that has been ploughed into former East Germany since the fall of the Berlin Wall 19 years ago.

Merkel, who grew up in the communist east, told a political affairs monthly that states in western Germany had a "backlog of need" following the transfer of a total of €1.5tn to boost the former eastern states.

"When I travel through the old federal states [western Germany], I see many town halls, schools and public buildings dating back to the 1960s and 70s while much in the east is new," Merkel told the magazine Cicero.

Several leading economists jumped to her defence, saying that parts of west Germany suffered from a lack of modern infrastructure while much of east Germany now boasted new roads and modernised town centres and railway stations.

But Merkel's remarks were judged to be "stupid", "dangerous" and "divisive" by a range of politicians who said she had broken the unwritten rule in German politics not to stir the enduring rivalry between east and west Germans.

The Guardian

Obama’s Choice of Pastor Creates Furor


With his choice of the Rev. Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration, President-elect Barack Obama has found himself enmeshed in a new controversy involving a pastor, facing criticism this time from liberal and gay rights groups outraged at the idea of including the evangelical pastor at a Democratic celebration.

Mr. Obama’s forceful defense of Mr. Warren, the author of “The Purpose Driven Life,” has signalled an intent to continue his campaign’s effort to woo even theologically conservative Christians. As his advisers field scores of calls from Democrats angry because Mr. Warren is an outspoken opponent of abortion and same-sex marriage.


19 Dec 2008

Henry Kissinger

kissinger.jpgThe New World Order cannot happen without U.S. participation, as we are the most significant single component. Yes, there will be a New World Order, and it will force the United States to change its perceptions. Just like Zishan says.

World Affairs Council Press Conference, Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel , April 19 1994 (Wikipedia)

But who is Zishan?

See: Kissinger Calls For New International System Out Of World Crises on infowars.net

Women's rights activist beheaded in Iraq

Gunmen broke into the house of a women's rights activist in the volatile northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk on Thursday and beheaded her, police said.

The victim was identified as Nahla Hussain, the leader of the women's league of the Kurdish Communist Party. She was alone in the house at the time of her death.

It is not known what the circumstances were that led to the attack. Violence against women has been an ongoing problem in Iraq.

The killing comes ahead of next month's provincial elections, a post-Saddam era watershed event that's generating an uptick in civil unrest and political infighting.  CNN.com

The Golden Lady of Kirkuk

The Golden Lady of Kirkuk, not an actual person, but a personification of freedom for women in Iraq.

Verichip, IBM And The Fourth Reich

A video to awaken the sheeple who believe microchipping the human population is a good thing.

18 Dec 2008

The Eagle and The Condor Reunited by Peace and Dignity Journey Runners

Runners from the Northern and Southern routes of the Peace and Dignity Journey, a sacred journey starting in Tierra del Fuego and Alaska and travelling on foot thousands of kilometres through hundreds of indigenous communities, met Friday on a bridge crossing the Panama Canal in the Kuna Nation.

The goals of the journey, which has taken place every four years (starting in 1992), include strengthening and sharing indigenous culture, bringing peace to all Nations, and uniting indigenous peoples -- thereby fulfilling the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. This year's run honoured indigenous Sacred Sites, many of which are threatened by resource extraction or development.

Peace and Dignity Journey Runners website

YouTube Boycott, December 19th, 2008

We urge everyone on YouTube to participate in a blackout on December 19th 2008. The blackout can last how ever long each user feels is appropriate. We sincerely hope that everyone who is watching joins us on that day for this civil protest.

Please do not forget that all of your clicks and video posts made this site what it is today. Without your clicks, watches, and videos there would be no YouTube. Thank You. Infowars

17 Dec 2008

Dick Cheney says Iraq invasion was justified and stands by Guantánamo Bay and waterboarding

The outgoing US vice-president, Dick Cheney, last night gave an unapologetic assessment of his eight years in office, defending the invasion of Iraq, the US prison camp at Guantánamo Bay, secret wiretapping and the extreme interrogation method known as waterboarding.

In his first television interview since the presidential election in November, Cheney displayed no regrets and gave no ground to his many critics within America and around the world. He summed up his record by saying: "I think, given the circumstances we've had to deal with, we've done pretty well."

Dick Cheney

Cheney was chosen in 2000 by George Bush to be his vice-president; he did not put his own name forward for the job. He has since turned into one of the most divisive and reviled vice-presidents in US history, amassing to his office enormous powers and devising a stream of controversial policies.   guardian.co.uk

16 Dec 2008

Anyone harming Russia should be exterminated, says Andrei Lugovoy

The Kremlin has hardened its stance against dissent in Russia by expanding the definition of treason to include critics of the state.

A new Bill submitted to the Duma, the Russian parliament, on Friday will leave people vulnerable to prosecution for acts considered to threaten not only national security but also the country's constitutional order. Critics said that it was designed to intimidate opposition to the Kremlin at a time of rising economic discontent.

Details of the Bill emerged as the man accused by Britain of murdering Alexander Litvinenko, the dissident former spy, said that anyone harming the Russian State should be killed. Andrei Lugovoy, who is now a member of the Duma, said that he would order the assassination of anyone considered a traitor if he were in the Russian President's shoes.

“If someone has caused the Russian state serious damage, they should be exterminated,” Mr Lugovoy, a former KGB officer, told the Spanish newspaper El País. “Do I think someone could have killed Litvinenko in the interests of the Russian State? If you're talking about the interests of the Russian State, in the purest sense of the word, I myself would have given that order.”

Times Online

15 Dec 2008

Two arrested in attack on Passau police chief

Police in Passau, Germany, have arrested two neo-Nazi suspects in the attempted murder of the city’s police chief Alois Mannichl, local daily Passauer Neue Presse reported on Monday.

Authorities are considering whether the suspects will face preliminary court proceedings, senior public prosecutor Helmut Walch told the paper. “But we are investigating other people in the far-right spectrum independently of this.”
The two suspects were arrested not far from 52-year-old Mannichl’s home near Passau, where he was found slumped on his porch with stab wounds to his abdomen. Walch did not reveal the time of the arrest or the ages of the suspects due to “investigative reasons.”
Local newspaper Am Sonntag reported Mannichl answered his front door on Sunday to a tall skinhead at around 5:30 pm on Saturday. The man said something along the lines of “Greetings from the national resistance,” and said, "You leftist pig cop, you won't trample on the graves of our comrades any more," before stabbing Mannichl in the stomach with a 12-centimetre knife

The Local

One of the reasons: German authorities in the southern town of Passau have dug up a neo-Nazi's grave to remove a swastika flag that was placed on the coffin.

More about European Nazi's and Anti Fascists here

Satanism In The Vatican!

Pope John Paul II - Burning in Hell

Please notice the picture above with an upside-down cross.  In his article, The Kingdom of Satan, Professor J. S. Malan says this about the inverted cross:

"This cross is not broken, but turned upside down. It indicates the rejection of Jesus Christ and contempt for the gospel of salvation. Inverted symbols are typical of the opposite values pursued by Satanists. People who are sometimes sacrificed to Satan on Black Sabbath are crucified upside down in accordance with this tradition. "

More by these fundamental Christians on jesus-is-savior.com

Mumbai terror: truth unfolding

Some western media reports have now begun to criticise India for its unwillingness to confront its own failings. The Spanish daily El Pais has written: “Islamic extremism has its roots also in India. But it has always been trivialised by the Indian authorities”.

Interestingly, the Indian authorities name the accused first and investigate later. More recently, two serving officers of the Indian army, Col Srikant Purohit and Maj Samir Kulkarni, are facing trial for involvement in the Samjhota Express bombing in 2007, and another five, including a major-general and two colonels, are under investigation.

On Nov 26 within half an hour of the start of the terrorist attack in Mumbai, three senior police officers, Hemant Karkare, DIG Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar, who were investigating Col Purohit’s case, were shot at by some one from behind and killed, as if it was pre-planned.

The Mumbai police were equipped with bolt-action Lee Enfield rifles, used in the First World War, and they expected to stop terrorists using assault rifles. Hence, during the first encounter with terrorists, 14 policemen died.

When it was clear that the Mumbai police were out of their depth, Delhi dispatched its best soldiers, the NSG’s Black Cat commandos, who were equipped with clumsy old SLR rifles. It took them nine hours to make it to Mumbai when over 100 people were already killed in the Taj Hotel.

According to private rescue group ‘Zaka’ from Israel that flew ‘on its own volition’ to Mumbai for a rescue operation after the deadly terror attacks, the Indian commandos inadvertently killed some of the Jewish Israeli hostages during the raid on Chabad House.

BlackListed News - PakTribune

Bush Gets The Boot

Corporate media outlets are not reporting what the man said as he threw the shoes, “This is the farewell kiss you dog….this is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq.”

14 Dec 2008

90 arrested at Moscow opposition rally

Police detained 90 people Sunday at an unsanctioned political opposition rally organized by former chess champion Police detain a demonstrator at a political opposition rally in Moscow.Garry Kasparov, the Moscow police press service said.

Eduard Limonov, a founder of an opposition coalition called The Other Russia, was also among the organizers, the Russian news agency Interfax reported.

"They were only separate attempts of hooligan and illegal actions, which were timely cut by police officers," the agency said, quoting Moscow police public affairs officer Viktor Biryukov.

The detainees were taken into custody as they approached Triumfalnaya Square in central Moscow.

The Other Russia's Web site said Kasparov and about 200 other opposition members met Friday and Saturday outside Moscow, "finalizing a new movement, which aims to peacefully dismantle what they describe as the illegitimate regime ruling Russia."

Kasparov, who is chairman of the United Civil Front party, "said it was impossible to reform" the regime of President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.  CNN.com

Missing activist was 'collecting evidence' on Mugabe crimes

A prominent Zimbabwean human rights activist abducted 12 days ago was working on case files to be used as possible prosecution evidence against members of President Robert Mugabe's regime, The Observer has learnt.

Jestina Mukoko, director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP), is the most prominent among 20 political and civil society activists who have disappeared in the past six weeks.

According to fellow campaigners, Mukoko had established a network of hundreds of monitors - mostly church people, teachers and ordinary township dwellers - who had provided handwritten testimonies of the campaigns of brutality carried out by Mugabe's government. The testimony could have been used in any future investigation of human rights abuses by the Mugabe regime. 'She had catalogued thousands of incidents of murder, assault, torture, arson, and who the perpetrators are. The work was so meticulous it could stand up in any court,' said one associate.

A human rights lawyer revealed that just before Mukoko's abduction the ZPP had shifted from cataloguing violence in townships to the organised abuse of food aid, where people were forced to support Mugabe in return for maize deliveries. 'That upcoming report was going to be extremely embarrassing for the ruling party,' said the lawyer.

The Observer


Eugenics is a social philosophy which advocates the improvement of human hereditary traits through various forms of intervention. Throughout history, eugenics has been regarded by its various advocates as a social responsibility, an enlightened stance of a society, meant to create healthier, stronger and/or more intelligent people, to save resources, and lessen human suffering. Earlier proposed means of achieving these goals focused on selective breeding, while modern ones focus on prenatal testing, genetic counselling, birth control, in vitro fertilization, and genetic engineering.

File:Wir stehen nicht allein.jpg

Opponents argue that eugenics is a temptation to the power hungry and is thus notably subject to corruption. Historically, some eugenics advocates have used it as a justification for state-sponsored discrimination, forced sterilization of persons deemed genetically defective, the killing of institutionalized populations, and genocide, such as during the Holocaust.

Wikipedia – Other countries which had enacted compulsory sterilization laws here.

This practice still continues…. See Future Generations, INFO on EUGENICS, Pro EUGENICS, ANTI EUGENICS and Eugenics Watch

“New Rules” for Obama’s National Civilian Security Force


New rules published in the Federal Register would allow certain civilians to call American soldiers into action inside the U.S. to prevent environmental damage or respond to “special events” and “other domestic activities.”

The alarming warning is contained in proposed rules published last week for the Department of Defense’s “Defense Support of Civil Authorities” plan.

Under the U.S. Constitution, soldiers inside the country essentially are tasked with the responsibility of quelling “insurrections” and repelling invasions as well as making sure each state has access to the republican form of government.

But the new rules go far beyond that, essentially establishing a plan to activate the U.S. military inside the country to deal with social issues under provisions that appear to be devoid of any connection to the Constitution, according to an expert.

By Kurt Nimmo - More on Infowars

Greek Riot police throwing explosives, tear gas and stones to protesters

13 Dec 2008

Zimbabwe blames cholera on Britain

Zimbabwe's information minister has blamed the British government for the cholera outbreak, claiming his country has been a victim of a "biological" attack.

Sikhanyiso Ndlovu's sensational accusation comes a day after Robert Mugabe, the president, said his government had brought the epidemic under control.


"I would like to affirm with factual information on how cholera was brought to Zimbabwe," Ndlovu told a news conference on Friday.

"This is a serious biological-chemical weapon; a genocidal onslaught on the people of Zimbabwe by the British [who are] still fighting to recolonise Zimbabwe and using their allies."   Al Jazeera

12 Dec 2008

Babylon's history swept away in US army sandbags

Fragments of bricks, engraved with cuneiform characters thousands of years old, lie mixed with the rubble and sandbags left by the US military on the ancient site of Babylon in Iraq.

In this place, one of the cradles of civilisation, US troops in 2003-2004 built embankments, dug ditches and spread gravel to hold the fuel reservoirs needed to supply the heliport of Camp Alpha.

Today, archaeologists say a year of terracing work and 18 months of military presence, with tanks and helicopters, have caused irreparable damage. The Americans remained five months in Babylon and then handed over to the Poles who pulled out 16 months later.

Hands on hips, and wearing a seemingly permanent air of dismay, Maithem Hamza, director of the -- totally empty -- museum on the site, points to the soil: "Look at this land, it is packed with remnants. They filled their bags with them."

More on the AFP

Cholera crisis is over, says Mugabe

Zimbabwe's president, Robert Mugabe, declared his country's killer cholera outbreak under control yesterday, even as neighbouring South Africa designated one of its northern regions a disaster area due to the number of people crossing the border to seek treatment.

Nearly 800 Zimbabweans have died since August from cholera, which has spread rapidly and with unusually high fatality rates due to the country's crumbling water and health infrastructure.

"I am happy to say our doctors have been assisted by others, and the WHO [World Health Organisation], and they have now arrested cholera," Mugabe said in a televised speech yesterday.

The Guardian

11 Dec 2008

Bodies pile up as Mugabe wages war on diamond miners

The young miner already recognised the sound of dogs as a terrifying harbinger of death but the dull thud of the helicopter blades was something new.

Minutes later a Zimbabwean air force helicopter swept over the hundreds of fleeing illegal diamond miners and mowed down dozens with machine-gun fire. After that the police arrived and unleashed the dogs that tore into the diggers, killing some and mutilating others. The police fired teargas to drive the miners out of their shallow tunnels and shot them down as they emerged.

How many died in the assault two weeks ago is not clear but the miners say it was at least scores. Some bodies remain unclaimed and unidentified in Mutare hospital mortuary.

"First we heard the helicopter and we knew it wouldn't be good but I thought it would just deliver soldiers," said the young miner, a former student who gave his name only as Hopewell.

"Then it came over us and started shooting. There was a man next to me, he had been digging near me, and the bullet went right through his head. Everyone was in panic. People ran but they didn't want to leave their finds behind so they were stopping to grab them and getting shot ... The police were waiting for us with the dogs. I was lucky. A dog ran for me but there was this woman, she was slower than me and it attacked her. I don't know what happened to her. I went back to my diggings a few days later but she hasn't come back."

The police and military have for weeks been conducting a bloody campaign, which Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights has described as "resembling a war", to drive thousands of illegal miners out of a recently discovered diamond field that some in the industry believe might be the richest in years.

The Guardian

Over 650 Scientists Challenge Global Warming “Consensus”

Over 650 scientists have put their names to a US Senate Minority report that challenges the contention of the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change that there is a scientific “consensus” on the causes of global warming.

Set to be released within the next 24 hours, the report features contributions from hundreds of prominent researchers, including current and former IPCC scientists, who are now speaking out in opposition of the UN’s stance on climate change.

The Senate report is an updated version of a 2007 release, with over 250 more names added, highlighting how widespread dissent continues to grow in the scientific community to the alleged “consensus” that the modern warming is primarily man-made and is a crisis.

In comparison, twelve times fewer - just 52 scientists - participated in the much touted IPCC Summary for Policymakers meeting in April 2007. Climate scientists allied with the IPCC were recently caught citing fake data to make the case that global warming is accelerating.

Prison Planet

10 Dec 2008

How Australian Police destroy a Mans life


This is not going to end; the police think I’ll walk away, god bless Australia for the idiots they employ to protect our rights.
Of course no sane person wants to see abuse and harm come to children, but in policing such matters there needs to be a separation of the 'abuser' and those of us outraged at this already global news worthy video. This video was shown on network TV in many countries, as a news story !!