3 Dec 2008

Millionaire Fair Amsterdam

Socialists, anarchists and artists have all announced their own protests at the Millionaire Fair, the yearly event for nouveaux riches and wannabes which will be held at the RAI Amsterdam from 11-15 December.

billbverweg On Thursday 11 December, a coalition consisting of the social assistance recipients' organisation Bijstandsbond, Turkish workers' organisation DIDF, the International Socialists and the Socialist Party will hold a protest at the entrance of the fair starting at 7.30 pm. 'Let the rich pay for the crisis' will be the message.
"While millions of non-millionaires are very concerned about the impact of the economic crisis, others have no idea how to spend their heaps of money. This absurd contradiction cries out for protest", the initiators explain.
On the same day, a group that calls itself the 'Uninvited Guests' will organise a protest with a more anarchist angle. The motivation is similar: "In this emerging crisis, which will hurt millions of low-class people around the world, it is sicker than ever for the elite to exuberantly celebrate its multi-million euro party. [...] We want these bastards dealt with and their property taken away from them".

Indymedia NL