26 Dec 2008

NORAD Fighters Escort Santa Through 'North America'

As if Christmas had not been destroyed enough by consumerism, here comes NORAD pushing their propaganda on the young believers.

NORAD has a website to "track" Santa's whereabouts, and they are using Rudolph's rfid red nose to follow the jolly old elf. The push of an armed escort into Santa's itinerary is an obvious attempt to condition children to accept the control grid, (it is of course out of love, and above all else, safety).  They even use 9/11 to help define NORAD's purpose on their Santa tracking website, of course they leave out the part where they stood down that day.


Why does the man who operates solely on magic need NORAD? He doesn't, it is NORAD who needs Santa's magic; to con the children. Get them young and hit them in a vulnerable spot, Bernays would be proud.

NORAD should stick to standing down and leave the minds of our children alone.

www.noonehastodietomorrow.com - NORAD Tracks Santa