4 Dec 2008

US Homeland Security Council Warns of Preposterous Anthrax Attack

In the wake of Mumbai, US Congress has decided to add to the terrorism hype by releasing yet another facetious report. “A bipartisan commission empanelled by Congress released a report today saying that terrorists are likely to carry out a weapons-of-mass-destruction attack somewhere in the world in the next five years,” reports CNS News. “The commission concluded that the terrorists are more likely to use biological weapons than nuclear weapons and that the United States is not prepared for such an attack.”

Bush’s Homeland Security Council envisions “terrorists driving a truck with a concealed sprayer [that] would infect five different U.S. metropolitan areas with anthrax in two waves of attacks conducted two weeks apart.”

As with most government issued terrorist scenarios, this one is pure and unadulterated bunk.

In “Busting the Anthrax Myth” by Fred Burton and Scott Stewart, such brazen idiocy is put to rest. Burton and Stewart write that “obtaining a biological agent is fairly simple. Isolating a virulent strain and then weaponizing that strain is somewhat more difficult. But the key to biological warfare — effectively distributing a weaponized agent to the intended target — is the really difficult part of the process.”

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