27 Dec 2008

Many Palestinians killed in Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip

The Al-Jazeera TV transmitted images of dead and wounded bodies of the Palestinian policemen and civilians lying in the streets after this morning's offensive.

Bodies of Palestinian Policemen killed in the Israeli airstrike (Photo of Al-Jazeera TV)
IMEMC correspondent in Gaza Rami Al-Meghari says, it appears the Israeli air strike targeted the Palestinian Police headquarters in the central Gaza Strip and a small police outpost nearby.

Last week, the coastal region saw Israeli air assaults as well as a series of homemade shells land in nearby Israeli towns. In Gaza, seven people including resistance fighters were killed and at least six others wounded during Israeli air raids on eastern and northern Gaza Strip.
In southern Israel, slight injuries were reported due to the firing of dozens of homemade shells into nearby Israeli towns by Palestinian resistance groups.

International Middle East Media Center – IMEMC

AFP: At least 195 killed in Israeli air strikes on Gaza