27 May 2015

Indigenous Australians

Well into the 20th century, Indigenous Australians were – both in Australia itself and in many other countries – the subject of widespread crude racist stereotyping. For example, the American birth control campaigner Margaret Sanger could write casually: "The aboriginal Australian, the lowest known species of the human family, just a step higher than the chimpanzee in brain development, has so little sexual control that police authority alone prevents him from obtaining sexual satisfaction on the streets" (What Every Girl Should Know, 1920).

By the end of World War II, many Indigenous men had served in the military. They were among the few Indigenous Australians to have been granted citizenship; even those that had were obliged to carry papers, known in the vernacular as a "dog licence", with them to prove it. However, Aboriginal pastoral workers in northern Australia remained unfree labourers, paid only small amounts of cash, in addition to rations, and severely restricted in their movements by regulations and/or police action. On 1 May 1946, Aboriginal station workers in the Pilbara region of Western Australia initiated the 1946 Pilbara strike and never returned to work. Mass layoffs across northern Australia followed the Federal Pastoral Industry Award of 1968, which required the payment of a minimum wage to Aboriginal station workers, as they were not paid by the Pastoralist discretion, many however were not and those who were had their money held by the government. Many of the workers and their families became refugees or fringe dwellers, living in camps on the outskirts of towns and cities.
In 1984, a group of Pintupi people who were living a traditional hunter-gatherer desert-dwelling life were tracked down in the Gibson Desert in Western Australia and brought into a settlement. They are believed to have been the last uncontacted tribe in Australia.


John Foxx - (TOTP 1980)

24 May 2015

Sgt. James Brown, 26, Survived Two Tours in Iraq Only to Die Begging for His Life in Texas Jail

Newly released video has revealed the dying moments of an African-American active-duty soldier who checked himself into the El Paso, Texas, county jail for a two-day sentence for driving under the influence, and died while in custody in 2012. Authorities claimed Sgt. James Brown died due to a pre-existing medical condition, but shocking new video from inside the jail raises new questions about what happened. The video shows guards swarming on top of him as he repeatedly says he can’t breathe and appears not to resist. By the end of the video, he is shown naked, not blinking or responding, his breathing shallow. Attorneys say an ambulance was never called. Brown was eventually brought to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. His family had long suspected foul play in his death but received little information from authorities. They’ve now filed a lawsuit against El Paso County saying his constitutional rights were violated. We are joined by Brown’s mother, Dinetta Scott.


Bedtime Bible Stories

America's Best Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers, reads her children Bible-based bedtime stories

Mrs. Betty Bowers

22 May 2015

Feel the Force


Bad Cops: Get Ready for your Close Up!

It is legal to film the cops in all 50 US states, but 12 states have severely limited rights to film the police.

Brave New Films

Rob Hustle - Call The Cops ft. Liv (geothermal blowout remix)

Mass Control & Future of Mankind

Architects of Control - Program One - 2008.
Film produced by Michal Tsarion and Blue Fire explores humankind's future and the post-human world. Michael's focus is on individual slave (and by extension slave owner's) psyche and internal motives rather than the circus. Why slave needs the master and why master needs the slave? The  pyramid is made of people that lean on each other.

21 May 2015

Mainstream Media as a Weapon of Social Engineering and War

Waldemar Perez spoke at Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus on May 10th, 2015.

20 May 2015

The orphans of Ebola

Orphans who survived Ebola in Sierra Leone are starving to death amid harvest shortages and some are being forced into the sex industry to pay for food. Researchers from British charity Street Child warn the situation will deteriorate if seeds are not distributed before the rains begin this month and planting becomes possible.


The charity, which has already received distressing reports of children dying due to a lack of food in rural parts on the country, has estimated there to be 12,000 orphans, many of whom are now forced to look after themselves. The charity has found that some children, rejected by their friends because of the stigma of Ebola, have tried to commit suicide, while girls are being forced into the sex industry to earn money to buy food.

Research team leader John Pryor said: 'Many rural communities which were under quarantine due to Ebola have lost their harvests and the people are truly suffering. 'As a result they have nothing to plant prior to the rainy season, which is traditionally known as the hunger season. 'The most vulnerable, including many Ebola orphans, are dangerously hungry already, before it has even begun. Add to this the risk of no harvest to look forward to and the potential consequences are awful.' Without a harvest, the most vulnerable will starve.

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19 May 2015


Rudimental ft. Emeli Sandé

Myanmar Muslim migrants abandoned at sea have been 'drinking their own urine' to survive

Myanmar migrants left abandoned at sea after being refused entry to Thailand have been forced to drink their own urine to survive, it has been reported. At least ten people have died on the fishing boat which has been stranded in the Andaman Sea for the last week with up to 350 Rohingya Muslims on board, the BBC has reported.


An estimated 6,000 Myanmar refugees have been left abandoned as other countries in Southeast Asia turn boats carrying hundreds of people away. The region finds itself in a spiralling humanitarian crisis as members of Myanmar's 1.3 million Rohingya Muslims attempt to flee persecution in the Buddhist-majority country.

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Ancient Structure in Japan similar to structure on Mars

Kofun are megalithic tombs or tumuli in Japan, constructed between the early 3rd century and the early 7th century AD. They gave their name to the Kofun period (middle 3rd century to early-middle 6th century). Many of the Kofun have distinctive keyhole-shaped mounds (zenpo -koenfun (前方後円墳?)), which are unique to ancient Japan.

The structure we see in Japan is unique, sharp edges and unique patterns define this incredible construction built in ancient Japan. But is there something more to this construction? Is there a small possibility that the structure found in Japan has a mysterious connection, a otherworldly connection perhaps? We believe the answer is Yes.


We don’t have to look “too far”, on the Red Planet, NASA has identified a structure that has immense similarities to the construction found in Japan.

So what does NASA say about this finding on Mars? Well, according to them, these straight line and defined edges could be a result of fractures associated with faults or a hill that could have been raised by the fault. Its current shape is the overall result of the surrounding Martian terrain which has been eroded for millions of years. But is this explanation enough? We have seen quite a few unique shapes on Mars that can be traced back to similar structures on Earth.

Cold this be proof that ancient mankind was in contact with extraterrestrial beings? Is it possible that millions of years ago Earth was connected to the red planet in a way that we today do not understand?

From the Conspiracyclub

18 May 2015

Crazy Shit the Bible Says

Brand New Series: Crazy Shit the Bible Says: Outrageous immorality found within its pages. The bible like you have never seen it before. 3 bible verses critiqued by TheVeganAtheist

The American Poor

Last week President Obama committed the cardinal sin of calling out Fox News (according to Fox News) on their downright pejorative coverage for years on anything concerning the poor. Fox fired back by essentially playing dumb and pondering why Obama was attacking them? Then Jon Stewart got involved offering a well-timed and spot on rebuttal of their lying ways. Of course, as skilled and pointed as it was, many still rebuffed it as “just comedy.” Coincidentally many of the same people who think things like gravity and climate change are “just theories.”

Young Turk’s Cenk Uygur Rolls The Tape And SHREDS Fox’s Snobbiest Host In Under 3 Minutes at If You Only News

16 May 2015

US Female Student Was Murdered On Campus, And Men’s Rights Activists Are Celebrating

In April this year, 20-year-old University of Mary Washington student Grace Mann was found bound and choked to death in her campus residence. This month, so-called “Men’s Rights Activists” are celebrating her death, claiming it “served a purpose.”

grace mann

While no trial has yet been held to confirm the circumstances behind Mann’s murder, one possibility is that she was killed for her prominent role in feminist activism on the campus in Friedricksburg, Virginia. Mann was a member of the group Feminists United, which published an op-ed in the school paper in January to “expose the insidious misogyny and hatred” on campus.
The most egregious example of this “insidious misogyny” was a violent chant performed by the school’s rugby team at a party last fall. The chant celebrated rape, murder, and necrophilia against “whores.” A male friend of Feminist United president Paige McKinsey managed to record the song, which included the lyrics:

Finally found a whore (Finally found a whore!)
She was right and dead. (She was right and dead!)
Well god damn son of a bitch we’re gonna get it in! (God damn son of a bitch we’re gonna get it in!)
Finally got it in (Finally got it in!)
Wiggle it all about (Wiggle it all about!)
God damn son of a bitch I couldn’t get it out (God damn son of a bitch we couldn’t get it out!)
Finally got it out (Finally got it out!)
It was red and sore (It was red and sore!)
Moral of the story is never fuck a wh*re!

Feminists United handed over the tape to college administrators who deliberated the matter for four months before acting. They chose to dissolve the entire men’s rugby team indefinitely, and mandated all 46 members of UMW’s Mother’s Rugby attend sexual assault training classes.

Misogyny is not a joke. It is not some hobby horse that “angry women” ride around to piss men off. It killed 18,000 American women in the last 12 years. This means that more women have been killed at the hands of their husbands and boyfriends since 9/11, than Americans died during 9/11, and in all terror attacks and wars since. This year, the country will spend $38bn on Homeland Security, and $598bn on defense. It is estimated that America will spend just $4bn addressing violence against women. It is long overdue that we take violence against women, and the attitudes which promote it, with the seriousness they deserve.

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If You Are A Muslim….

Dusty Smith explains in the simplest possible terms why you would have to be completely fucking retarded to believe in Islam.


10 May 2015

US Court Says it’s Okay for Police Departments to Refuse to Hire Someone who is Too Smart


A smart person does not deliberately tear gas journalists. A smart person does not point a rifle an an innocent person and tell them that they are going to kill him. A smart person does not severely beat a person with down syndrome because he sees a bulge in his pants, which is actually a colostomy bag. A smart person does not continuously shoot at an unarmed man who posed zero threat and whose arms are in the air.

If more people knew this information you could rest assured that they would try and reform their police departments. No one wants their police officers to be unintelligent, right?

More at The Free Thought Project

8 May 2015

US Woman Files Lawsuit Against Gay People…ALL OF THEM

“An overachieving bigot in Nebraska reached an impressive new level of intolerance this week, filing a lawsuit against “Homosexuals”—as in all of them, everywhere—in a U.S. District Court. In the handwritten petition, 66-year-old Sylvia Driskell claims to be acting as ambassador for the plaintiffs, “God, and His, Son, Jesus Christ.” Appropriately titled Driskell v. Homosexuals, it asks U.S. District Judge John M. Gerrard to rule whether homosexuality “is a sin, or not a sin.”
Despite the suit naming hundreds of millions of defendants, however, the court’s docket notes no summons were issued.”
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Election Results

Russell Brand The Trews


Remember a couple years ago, when Obama said we’d shape up his drone program and achieve “near certainty” that civilians wouldn’t be killed and signature strikes would basically end? Turns out that’s not quite true. There were some pretty huge asterisks that were attached to his proclamation.

For one, the CIA was essentially allowed to do as they please when it came to drone strikes in Pakistan. And judging by the killing of hostages Warren Weinstein and Giovanni Lo Porto, we aren’t “nearly certain” of anything. The only thing that is nearly certain is that nearly nothing has changed over the past two years. The Obama administration admitted they really don’t know who we’re killing with drones.

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7 May 2015

4 black officers held at gunpoint

CNN's Jason Carroll reports on a group of parole officers who allege they were racially profiled by police officers.

1 May 2015

Racism Is Real In The USA

Brave New Films

The Story Of The Tulsa Race Riots Will Disgust You

Ana Kasparian (The Young Turks)  discusses the story of the Tulsa Race Riots which took place after a community known as Black Wall Street or Little Africa was burned down in 1921. The Tulsa Race Riots was basically a war by the KKK against a very prosperous African-American community in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After describing what happened Ana goes on to tell the story of how the KKK incited the riots. Do you think we've made any progress since then? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.