31 Oct 2007

Gulfnews: Jail term upheld for man who carried tiny qat leaf

A court has confirmed a four-year imprisonment against a visitor who was carrying a tiny drug leaf which his lawyer described as "dry and useless".

The Dubai Court of Appeal confirmed the initial verdict of four years in jail followed by deportation, and convicted the 20-year-old Saudi national, M.S., of smuggling and possessing drugs for personal use.


The Public Prosecution charged the accused with illegally bringing 0.52-gram of Qat drug (in the form of a green leaf) with the intent to use it.

His lawyer Saif Al Mutawaa, of Middle East Advocates and Legal Consultants, said: "My client had no intention to use the drug leaf. Drug enforcement officers found the insignificant qat leaf stuck on his kandoura [national dress] when he was coming from Yemen. It is dry and tiny enough not to affect the user."

Gulfnews: Jail term upheld for man who carried tiny qat leaf

More on Qat on Wikipedia

Russia schools ban "Cult of Death"

Moscow schools have been ordered to ban students from celebrating the cult of the dead, better known as Halloween, despite the widespread popularity of the imported festival to Russia.
Halloween is being forced underground because it "includes religious elements, the cult of death, the mockery of death," a spokesman for the city's education department Alexander Gavrilov said on Wednesday.

"It's not an attempt to block the celebration of this holiday completely, just in schools and colleges," he added.

Russia schools ban "cult of death" Halloween

30 Oct 2007

Israel: The First Nation to Legalize Torture

Should the United States, seeking to recalibrate the balance between security and liberty in the "war on terror," emulate Israel in its treatment of Palestinian detainees?

That is the position that Guantanamo detainee lawyers Avi Stadler and John Chandler of Atlanta, and some others, have advocated. That people in U.S. custody could be held incommunicado for years without charges, and could be prosecuted or indefinitely detained on the basis of confessions extracted with torture is worse than a national disgrace. It is an assault on the foundations of the rule of law.

But Israel's model for dealing with terrorism, while quite different from that of the U.S., is at least as shameful.

Long before the first suicide bombing by Palestinians in 1994, Israel had resorted to extrajudicial killings, home demolitions, deportations, curfews and other forms of collective punishment barred by international law.

Imprisonment has been one of the key strategies of Israeli control of the Palestinian population, and since 1967 more than half a million Palestinians were prosecuted through military courts that fall far short of international standards of due process.

Lisa Hajjar: Inside Israel's Military Courts

More on BBC - Israel admits torture

Also see: ISRAELI ATROCITIES at www.nogw.com

28 Oct 2007

Guantanamo military lawyer breaks ranks to condemn 'unconscionable' detention

An American military lawyer and veteran of dozens of secret Guantanamo tribunals has made a devastating attack on the legal process for determining whether Guantanamo prisoners are "enemy combatants".

The whistleblower, an army major inside the military court system which the United States has established at Guantanamo Bay, has described the detention of one prisoner, a hospital administrator from Sudan, as "unconscionable".

His critique will be the centrepiece of a hearing on 5 December before the US Supreme Court when another attempt is made to shut the prison down. So nervous is the Bush administration of the latest attack – and another Supreme Court ruling against it – that it is preparing a whole new system of military courts to deal with those still imprisoned.

Guantanamo military lawyer breaks ranks to condemn 'unconscionable' detention - Independent Online Edition

27 Oct 2007

Migrants in US are Burned Jobless

“There were Mercedeses and Jaguars pulling out, people evacuating, and the migrants were still working,” said Enrique Morones, who takes food and blankets to the immigrants’ camps. “It’s outrageous.”

Some of the illegal workers who sought help from the authorities were arrested and deported. Opponents of illegal immigration, including civilian border watch groups, seized on news that immigrants had been detained at the Qualcomm Stadium evacuation center as evidence of trouble that illegal immigrants cause.

Glare of Fires Pulls Migrants From Shadows - New York Times

26 Oct 2007

The Levi-Prodi law and the end of the Internet

Ricardo Franco Levi, Prodi’s right hand man , undersecretary to the President of the Council, has written the text to put a stopper in the mouth of the Internet. The draft law was approved by the Council of Ministers on 12 October. No Minister dissociated themselves from it. On gagging information, very quietly, these are all in agreement.
The Levi-Prodi law lays out that anyone with a blog or a website has to register it with the ROC, a register of the Communications Authority, produce certificates, pay a tax, even if they provide information without any intention to make money.
the Levi-Prodi law obliges anyone who has a website or a blog to get a publishing company and to have a journalist who is on the register of professionals as the responsible director.
99% would close down.
The lucky 1% still surviving on the Internet according to the Levi-Prodi law would have to respond in the case of the lack of control on defamatory content in accordance with articles 57 and 57 bis of the penal code. Basically almost sure to be in prison.

Beppe Grillo's Blog: The Levi-Prodi law and the end of the Internet

ENDGAME by Alex Jones

For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they can engage their plan to exterminate 80% of the ... all » world's population, while enabling the "elites" to live forever with the aid of advanced technology. For the first time, crusading filmmaker ALEX JONES reveals their secret plan for humanity's extermination: Operation ENDGAME.
Jones chronicles the history of the global elite's bloody rise to power and reveals how they have funded dictators and financed the bloodiest wars—creating order out of chaos to pave the way for the first true world empire.

* Watch as Jones and his team track the elusive Bilderberg Group to Ottawa and Istanbul to document their secret summits, allowing you to witness global kingpins setting the world's agenda and instigating World War III.
* Learn about the formation of the North America transportation control grid, which will end U.S. sovereignty forever.
* Discover how the practitioners of the pseudo-science eugenics have taken control of governments worldwide as a means to carry out depopulation.
* View the progress of the coming collapse of the United States and the formation of the North American Union.
Never before has a documentary assembled all the pieces of the globalists' dark agenda. Endgame's compelling look at past atrocities committed by those attempting to steer the future delivers information that the controlling media has meticulously censored for over 60 years. It fully reveals the elite's program to dominate the earth and carry out the wicked plan in all of human history.
Endgame is not conspiracy theory, it is documented fact in the elite's own words.
ENDGAME was released on the WEB OCT. 26 and on DVD on NOV. 1 

25 Oct 2007

Artivist Film Festival

post_front_artivist_sm1  Since its inception in 2004, the Artivist Film Festival has showcased 223 films at the historic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Representing more than 45 countries, Artivist has reached millions of people with its public relations campaign. Films premiered at the festival have included Academy Award winner Born Into Brothels, Academy Award Nominee Super-Size Me, Fast Food Nation, Emmanuelle's Gift, and Trudell.

Artivist Film Festival

'Gay' baby triggers row

Posters of a rosy, puffy cheeked newborn baby have provoked controversy in Italy because the infant is shown wearing a wristband name-tag with the word "homosexual" written on it.

The photograph of the baby is part of a anti-discrimination campaign launched by Tuscany's regional government and is accompanied by the slogan: "Sexual orientation is not a choice."

"Homosexuality is not a vice and hence should not be condemned nor marginalised, or worse still persecuted," the Tuscany region's civil rights councillor Agostino Fragai told Milan-daily Corriere della Sera in a interview published.

'Gay' baby triggers row - Stuff.co.nz

24 Oct 2007

Conspiracy of Science

This video is a Neal Adams animation about his theory that the Earth is growing. This collides with the Pangea theory. Watch it, you will be amazed.

23 Oct 2007

 Stop Big Media

Inside Iraq: Dangerous U.S. Allies


By the PulitzerCenter

YouTube - Inside Iraq: Dangerous Allies

School puts a chip on pupils

SECONDARY school pupils are having their "every step traced" under a new monitoring system which sees a microchip embedded in their school uniform.

Currently ten pupils at Hungerhill School in Edenthorpe are having their movements monitored by radio technology, but its Doncaster makers hope the system could soon be attached to every school uniform in the country, if the pilot scheme proves successful.
Under the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) surveillance system the Hungerhill pupils have a memory microchip discreetly embedded onto their school badge which produces a radio signal. It means the pupils can be identified the moment that they step into a classroom. Its inventor, Trevor Darnborough, says the technology has many advantages including; offering accurate and speedy registration of pupils, ensuring child security, providing visual confirmation of attendance to help cover teachers and easy data input for the school's behavioural and reporting system.

School puts a chip on pupils - Doncaster Today

For more info read http://www.leavethemkidsalone.com

Israel Warns World War III May be Biblical War of Gog and Magog

US President George W. Bush said a nuclear Iran would mean World War III. Israeli newscasts featured Gog & Magog maps of the likely alignment of nations in that potential conflict.

Channel 2 and Channel 10 TV showed the world map, sketching the basic alignment of the two opposing axes in a coming world war, in a manner evoking associations of the Gog and Magog prophecy for many viewers. The prophecy of Gog and Magog refers to a great world war centered on the Holy Land and Jerusalem and first appears in the book of Yechezkel (Ezekiel).

On one side were Israel, the United States, Britain, France and Germany. On the other were Iran, Russia, China, Syria and North Korea.

Israel Warns World War III May be Biblical War of Gog and Magog - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Arutz Sheva

See Wikipedia for background

20 Oct 2007

Iraq whistleblower Dr Kelly WAS murdered to silence him, says MP

Campaigning politician Norman Baker believes Dr Kelly, who exposed the Government's "sexed-up" Iraq dossier, was killed to stop him making further revelations about the lies that took Britain to war.

He says the murderers may have been anti-Saddam Iraqis, and suggests the crime was covered up by elements within the British establishment to prevent a diplomatic crisis.

The official Hutton Inquiry into the death of Dr Kelly ruled in 2004 that he slashed one of his wrists with a garden knife and took an overdose after being "outed" as the mole who revealed the flawed argument for invading Iraq.

But Norman Baker is convinced the scientist was murdered.

Iraq whistleblower Dr Kelly WAS murdered to silence him, says MP | the Daily Mail

See the Wikipedia

New Zealand Police raid houses across Aotearoa

In a wave of massive state repression, 300+ Police, in many cases armed, raided houses around the country (Aotearoa / New Zealand) on October 15, making 17 arrests. Search warrants were carried out in Auckland, Whakatane, Ruatoki, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington and Christchurch. Police are also seeking up to 60 people for questioning. The arrestees are all activists in the Tino Rangatiratanga, peace and environmental movements.
Prominent Tino Rangatiratanga activist Tame Iti was among the first arrested at his home at 4am Monday morning. At 6am raids were carried out at A Space Inside anarchist social centre in Auckland [ Search Warrant ] and the 128 activist Community Centre in Wellington [ Video of police raid ]. In Tuhoe Country, the town of Ruatoki was blockaded by armed police for several hours, with no cars allowed in and many searched, including a school bus full of children.
14 of the arrestees appeared in court hearings in Auckland, Rotorua and Wellington the same afternoon and were all refused bail. All but two received name suppression. They have all been charged under the Arms Act with various offenses relating to alleged possession of various firearms and ammunition.

Independent Media Center | www.indymedia.org | ((( i )))

19 Oct 2007

Dog used as art, tied up, starved to death

From Vesna Jones -
Dear friends, this is very cruel and sad. An "artist" from Costa Rica, named Guillermo Habacuc Vargas, put a starved dog as a work of art, the poor dog died there, he did not want anyone give him food or water. This monster asked some children to chase the dog and he paid them for their dirty work to give him the dog.
In that event, (in which the dog died) he was chosen to represent his country in the "Bienal Centroamericana Honduras 2008", the petition site is to sign to boycott him , so he won't can participate in the event:

Care2 - Dog used as art, tied up, starved to death

17 Oct 2007

Bush says threat of World War III if Iran goes nuclear

U.S. President George W. Bush warned on Wednesday a nuclear-armed Iran could lead to World War III as he tried to shore up international opposition to Tehran amid Russian scepticism over its nuclear ambitions.

Bush was speaking a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has resisted Western pressure to toughen his stance over Iran's nuclear program, made clear on a visit to Tehran that Russia would not accept any military action against Iran.

Bush says threat of World War III if Iran goes nuclear -  Reuters

16 Oct 2007

Hillary Clinton and Bilderberg

Members of WeAreChange Oakland confronted Hillary Clinton during a campaign event on her involvement in the secretive Bilderberg group. Clinton snapped quickly away from statements that "We know you're with Bilderberg, Hillary" and "We know about Roger Ailes and Fox News. Rupert Murdoch's got your back."

Clinton made no direct acknowledgment to hearing the statements, but moved on quickly after turning away, as a secret service agent stepped in behind her.

Hillary attended the 2006 Bilderberg meeting in Ottawa, Canada, according to reports from inside the Brookstreet Hotel. Attending the meeting while a New York Senator was in violation of the Logan Act.

Hillary also attended Bilderberg in 1997 at Lake Lanier, Georgia, the only time a first lady has ever attended, and Bill Clinton attended in 1991, just before his election as president.

Activists have confronted Hillary Clinton on her Bilderberg association at least two other times, including during a forum in Las Vegas and at a hotel in New York.

But the Bilderberg kingmakers aren't the only ones backing Hillary for the whitehouse. Supposedly-conservative Rupert Murdoch, CEO of NewsCorp, Fox News' parent company, made headlines when he hosted a fundraiser for Clinton and had been reportedly meeting with her weekly.

And more recently, President Bush himself has been quietly advising Hillary not to verbalize too much anti-war rhetoric.

Clinton apparently took the advice to heart and has now pushed Bush to be 'more aggressive' towards Iran in designating the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization.

Jones Report: Hillary Confronted on Bilderberg in Oakland

15 Oct 2007

Police used special 'hollow-point' bullets designed to kill instantly

Jean Charles de Menezes was killed by special bullets designed to cause instant death, the Old Bailey heard yesterday.

They "immediately incapacitate" the victim instead of passing through the body merely causing injuries.

A senior firearms adviser, who was an acting superintendent on the operation, said the decision was made to help police chasing the failed July 21 suicide bombers, who were still at large. The expert, known as 'Andrew' to protect his anonymity, said the bullets would stop a suicide bomber detonating his device.

He told the trial against the Metropolitan Police, which is accused of " fundamental failures" in handling the operation, that he opted for hollow-point 124 grain bullets.

The 27-year-old electrician was blasted seven times in the head after being wrongly identified as a terrorist.

De Menezes: Police used special 'hollow-point' bullets designed to kill instantly | the Daily Mail

14 Oct 2007

Ex-Commander Says Iraq Effort Is ‘a Nightmare’

In a sweeping indictment of the four-year effort in Iraq, the former top commander of American forces there called the Bush administration’s handling of the war “incompetent” and said the result was “a nightmare with no end in sight.”

Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez, who retired in 2006 after being replaced in Iraq after the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal, blamed the Bush administration for a “catastrophically flawed, unrealistically optimistic war plan” and denounced the current addition of American forces as a “desperate” move that would not achieve long-term stability.

“After more than four years of fighting, America continues its desperate struggle in Iraq without any concerted effort to devise a strategy that will achieve victory in that war-torn country or in the greater conflict against extremism,” General Sanchez said at a gathering of military reporters and editors in Arlington, Va.

“There has been a glaring and unfortunate display of incompetent strategic leadership within our national leaders,” he said, adding that civilian officials have been “derelict in their duties” and guilty of a “lust for power.”

He is the most senior war commander of a string of retired officers who have harshly criticized the administration’s conduct of the war. While much of the previous condemnation has been focused on the role of former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, General Sanchez’s was an unusually broad attack on the overall course of the war.

Ex-Commander Says Iraq Effort Is ‘a Nightmare’ - New York Times

Key activists arrested in Burma


Burma's military rulers have arrested three of the last remaining leaders of the recent pro-democracy protests which were violently suppressed.

Among those detained was Htay Kywe, who led some of the first marches and was a prominent activist in a 1988 uprising.

The arrests came as thousands attended a pro-government rally in Rangoon, many of them apparently under duress.

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Key activists arrested in Burma

13 Oct 2007

A Dangerous New Order

This in the New York Times:

Once President Bush signed the new law on military tribunals, administration officials and Republican leaders in Congress wasted no time giving Americans a taste of the new order created by this unconstitutional act.

Within hours, Justice Department lawyers notified the federal courts that they no longer had the authority to hear pending lawsuits filed by attorneys on behalf of inmates of the penal camp at Guantánamo Bay. They cited passages in the bill that suspend the fundamental principle of habeas corpus, making Mr. Bush the first president since the Civil War to take that undemocratic step.

Not satisfied with having won the vote, Dennis Hastert, the speaker of the House, quickly issued a statement accusing Democrats who opposed the Military Commissions Act of 2006 of putting “their liberal agenda ahead of the security of America.” He said the Democrats “would gingerly pamper the terrorists who plan to destroy innocent Americans’ lives” and create “new rights for terrorists.”

A Dangerous New Order - New York Times

Iraqi Kurdistan set to become new war zone

Turkey has defied the wishes of the United States by giving its military a green light to cross the border into Iraq, following a number of ambushes apparently waged by a Kurdish rebel group with bases in northern Iraq. And on Wednesday, Turkish warplanes and helicopter gunships attacked suspected rebel positions close to the Iraq border.

Turkey warned on Thursday that relations with the US would be harmed by a US House committee’s approval on Wednesday of a non-binding resolution calling the 1915 massacres of Armenians by Ottoman Turks "genocide". The 27-21 decision by the House of Representatives foreign affairs committee comes before a vote in the full House in coming weeks, and occurred in spite of a warning from President George W Bush that cooperation with Turkey and the fate of US troops in Iraq could be at stake.

Asia Times Online :: Middle East News - Iraqi Kurdistan set to become new war zone

Also see the site of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)
with a special interest to KRG Natural Resources Ministry announces new Kurdistan Region petroleum contracts...

For more info about Kurdistan click the picture

9 Oct 2007

Tens of Thousands of Peasants Mobilizing All Over Colombia

Beginning the 10th of October, rural popular organizations will mobilize in particular places in Colombia. Going from their streets and villages, they aim to arrive in the capitals of their departamentos. They seek to launch a repeal of the anti-popular laws recently approved by the Congress; for example, the ill-fated Rural Statute and the reduction of transfers, that place equally in danger the campesinos and all Colombians. These groups reject the TLC (Tratado de Libre Comercio, or Free Trade Area Agreement) as well as the state politics of annihilation of the peasant economy and of the indigenous people. Furthermore, they propose to heighten the consciousness of the Colombian people concerning the necessity of demanding the resignation of President Uribe and his Vice-President Santos and to fight for a popular, democratic government. The answer from the régime regarding the call to mobilization has been a brutal repression: ever since the detention of four leaders of the ACVC (Asociación Campesina del Valle del río Cimitarra, or Peasant Association of the Cimitarra River Valley). That was preceded by a campaign of black propaganda against the mobilization and the organizations that motivate it, brought to the most serious level, physical threats and attacks. The low point was reached with the execution of the local communal leader of Miranda (Cauca), Carlos Alberto Urbano, and the assassination of Yovanny Pillimue, of the Association of Coffee Producers of East Caucano, acts which the peasant groups have actively denounced.

Independent Media Center | www.indymedia.org | ((( i )))

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: abandoned to fanatics

As you read this, Ayaan Hirsi Ali sits in a safe house with armed men guarding her door. She is one of the most poised, intelligent and compassionate advocates of freedom of speech and conscience alive today, and for this she is despised in Muslim communities throughout the world. The details of her story bear repeating, as they illustrate how poorly equipped we are to deal with the threat of Muslim extremism in the West.
In 2004, Hirsi Ali collaborated with Theo van Gogh on the film "Submission," which examined the link between Islamic law and the suffering of millions of women under Islam. The reaction from the Muslim community was nothing short of psychopathic, and it confirmed the necessity of Hirsi Ali's work and the reasonableness of her fears. Van Gogh, having declined bodyguards of his own, was gunned down and nearly decapitated on an Amsterdam street, and a letter threatening Hirsi Ali was staked to his chest with a butcher knife.
Hirsi Ali was immediately forced into hiding and moved from safe house to safe house, sometimes more than once a day, for months. Eventually, her security concerns drove her from the Netherlands altogether. She returned to the U.S., and the Dutch government has been paying for her protection here -- that is, until it suddenly announced last week that it would no longer protect her outside the Netherlands, thereby advertising her vulnerability to the world.
Hirsi Ali may be the first refugee from Western Europe since the Holocaust. As such, she is a unique and indispensable witness to both the strength and weakness of the West: to the splendor of open society and to the boundless energy of its antagonists. She knows the challenges we face in our struggle to contain the misogyny and religious fanaticism of the Muslim world, and she lives with the consequences of our failure each day. There is no one in a better position to remind us that tolerance of intolerance is cowardice.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: abandoned to fanatics By Sam Harris and Salman Rushdie, October 9, 2007 - Los Angeles Times (needs registration)

China arrests activist who hit out at Olympics: rights group

China has arrested an activist who gathered 10,000 signatures for an open letter spurning the Beijing Olympics and demanding human rights, a rights group and dissident said Tuesday.

Yang Chunlin was arrested in northeast China's Heilongjiang province on July 6 and charged on Monday with attempting to subvert state power, according to a statement by China Human Rights Defenders, a loose coalition of activists.

Veteran dissident Hu Jia said the arrest was part of a government crackdown to "clear up" politically sensitive cases ahead of the 2008 Beijing Games.

"Right now I'm helping Yang Chunlin to hire a lawyer," Hu told AFP by phone from the Beijing home where he lives under tight police control.

"The authorities have threatened Yang's family and relatives. Yang's wife dares not speak to anyone because of the threats."

China arrests activist who hit out at Olympics: rights group

Also see: BOYCOTT NEWS - News items related to the worldwide consumer boycott of Chinese products

8 Oct 2007

Interpol Director weeps at lack of terror war funding


Ron Noble, the head of the international police coordinating organization known as Interpol, appeared on CBS's 60 Minutes for an emotional discussion about how he believes his agency is being underfunded and underutilized in US efforts to combat terror.

"I get up every day, you know, and I think about how can I make the US understand this," a clearly emotional Noble continued. " And I just can't. I can't, I can't. "

Later in the interview, with tears in his eyes, the Interpol chief warned of the consequences of marginalizing his organization.

"My neck is out there with this interview," Noble concluded. "And after this interview I'll go back to working like I do every other day, but I'll know that there's nothing that I held back.

The video is from CBS's 60 Minutes, broadcast on October 7, 2007:

The Raw Story | Interpol Director weeps at lack of terror war funding

Gay bomb

Pioneering research into a "gay bomb" that makes enemy troops "sexually irresistible" to each other has scooped one of this year's Ig Nobel Prizes.

Other winners included work on treating hamster jetlag with impotency drugs, extracting vanilla from cow dung, and the side-effects of sword swallowing.

The awards, founded in 1991, mark achievements that "first make people laugh, and then make them think".

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | 'Gay bomb' scoops Ig Nobel award

7 Oct 2007


Video from Burma: SHOOT ON SIGHT


Eastern-Burma -Shocking...

6 Oct 2007

Weather Modification

Water is prized in western Kansas, where aquifers are suffering and farms are miles wide and generations deep; a scant half inch of rain can mean the difference between a successful season and a failed one.

But when it comes in the form of fist-sized balls of ice known as hail, water's more than a menace. It can damage and even destroy crops.

That's where the Western Kansas Weather Modification Program and other cloud-seeding operations across the western U.S. come in. The WKWMP is among about 10 programs that tinker with the weather — either by trying to cut the size of hail or boost rainfall and snowpack. They do it largely by shooting up storm clouds with silver iodide or dry ice mixtures.

Cloud seeders prime the skies for needed rain - USATODAY.com

Also see Weather Modification, Inc. (Cloud Seeding, atmospheric research, rain enhancement, cloud physics)

4 Oct 2007

European Council on Foreign Relations

A group of European politicians and intellectuals have started a new think tank aimed at pushing EU capitals to creating a "more coherent and vigorous" foreign affairs policy in an attempt to make Europe a stronger player on the global stage.

ecfrThe new think tank - European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) - was launched on Tuesday (2 October) by fifty founding members such as former prime ministers, presidents, European commissioners, MEPs and ministers as well as intellectuals, business leaders, and cultural figures from the EU member states and candidate countries.

They call on European governments "to adopt a more coherent and vigorous foreign policy in support of European values and interests backed by all of Europe's power: political, cultural, economic and – when all else fails – military."


See also the ECFR-site and The Guardian:"In the Cameron Con, aka the Hague Hoax, they bash the very Europe they will depend on to achieve their goals".

2012 - The Future of Mankind

Michael Tsarion gives a talk at the Granada Forum in Los Angeles, 2006.

Burma troops launch nighttime roundups to intimidate activists

After crushing the democracy uprising with guns, Myanmar's junta stepped up its campaign to intimidate citizens Wednesday, sending troops to drag people from their homes in the middle of the night and letting others know they were marked for retribution.

Myanmar soldiers patrol the streets from the back of a troop truck in downtown Yangon.

"We have photographs! We are going to make arrests!" soldiers yelled from loudspeakers on military vehicles that patrolled the streets in Yangon, Myanmar's biggest city

People living near the Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar's most revered shrine and a flash point of unrest during the protests, reported that security forces swept through several dozen homes about 3 a.m., taking away many men and even some women for questioning.

Myanmar troops launch nighttime roundups to intimidate activists - CNN.com

The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror


2 Oct 2007

Kim Jong Il, Master of the Arts

Putin says could be future Russian premier

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday he could be a future prime minister, giving a clear sign he plans to keep power after his second term ends next year.

At a congress of the main pro-Kremlin force, United Russia, he also announced he would head the party's list for December parliamentary elections, guaranteeing him a place in the State Duma (lower house of parliament).

"As far as heading the government is concerned, this is a quite realistic suggestion but it is still too early to think about it," Putin said to thunderous applause.

Putin says could be future Russian premier | Reuters

1 Oct 2007



Eugenics Cartoon Portrays Humans As Virus

More at Alex Jones Endgame Website

The Everyman Who Exposed Tainted Toothpaste

One Saturday morning in May, Eduardo Arias did something that would reverberate across six continents. He read the label on a 59-cent tube of toothpaste. On it were two words that had been overlooked by government inspectors and health authorities in dozens of countries: diethylene glycol, the same sweet-tasting, poisonous ingredient in antifreeze that had been mixed into cold syrup here, killing or disabling at least 138 Panamanians last year.

Mr. Arias reported his discovery, setting off a worldwide hunt for tainted toothpaste that turned out to be manufactured in China. Health alerts have now been issued in 34 countries, from Vietnam to Kenya, from Tonga in the Pacific to Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean. Canada found 24 contaminated brands and New Zealand found 16. Japan had 20 million tubes. Officials in the United States unwittingly gave the toothpaste to prisoners, the mentally disabled and troubled youths. Hospitals gave it to the sick, while high-end hotels gave it to the wealthy.

The Everyman Who Exposed Tainted Toothpaste - New York Times

Welcome to North Korea