10 Nov 2006

Israeli killings pass unnoticed

Gaza military siege ‘made in USA’

"Tel Aviv is carrying out a massacre in the Gaza Strip and there’s not a peep of protest from Democrats or Republicans in Washington—not even after Israeli troops opened fire on unarmed Palestinian women demonstrators.
Operation “Autumn Cloud”—the Israeli offensive against the population in the Gaza Strip—began on Nov. 1. Within six days, some 57 Palestinian women, men and children had been killed and hundreds more wounded. Metal shrapnel dug out of their bodies was stamped “Made in USA.” More on Workers World

This on AlJazeeera.Net:

"At least 19 Palestinians were killed by the Israeli military on Friday November 3, 2006, including two women, and other civilians. No Israelis were killed.
Although photographs of Friday's attack on Palestinian women have been widely disseminated, the bigger story is still not being told.
These killings are part of a new, longer-term pattern; there has been a dramatic rise in the number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli military since Hamas took control of the Palestinian Authority seven months ago, despite the low number of Israelis killed by Palestinians during that time.
Palestinians, already subject to occupation by the Israeli military, have been killed at a rate of 26 Palestinians for every Israeli killed since Hamas took power on March 29, 2006.
Since July that ratio has risen to 76 Palestinians for every Israeli."

Source: Aljazeera.Net - Israeli killings pass unnoticed