19 Nov 2006

Getting warmer, melting

"Iceberg off New Zealand becomes tourist mecca

Scientists sample to figure out where on Antarctica it, others came from.

A tourist helicopter sits Thursday on the far left side of a large iceberg, which was visible from the New Zealand coast and drifting about 60 miles offshore." More on MSNBC

"Scientists: Arctic getting warmer, melting - Signs of warming continue in the Arctic with a decline in sea ice, an increase in shrubs growing on the tundra and rising worries about the Greenland ice sheet. "There have been regional warming periods before. Now we're seeing Arctic-wide changes," James Overland, an oceanographer at the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory in Washington state, said Thursday". Source: Scientists: Arctic getting warmer, melting - CNN.com

BUT....This week's U.N. climate talks kept a plan for fighting global warming on track for expansion beyond 2012, but breakthroughs look unlikely before U.S. President George W. Bush steps down, experts said on Saturday.(Reuters)