18 Nov 2006

Bernhard von Lippe-Biesterfeld: The Nazi Prince

New on Jones Report this Reader Submission by Jurriaan Maessen

"The Dutch royal family had hauled in the Prussian prince, who was up to his eyeballs in the nazi swamp: he was a member of Hitler’s party as well as a devoted cavalry officer in the Reiter SS; he also enjoyed marching with Hitler’s street fighters (the SA) in his spare time. And as if this criminal track record wasn’t bad enough, he also began working as a part-time secretary of the board of directors of IG Farben, the German corporation that later supplied the patented Zyklon B, an infamous chemical which was used to systematically gas millions of Jews. But -as usual- only a very soft sound of protest could be distinguished amidst the hysterical cries of the Dutch, as they continued to wave their flags to their princess (later to become queen) and her Nazi husband (a lifetime globalist). Meanwhile, the Republic- or what was left of it- was strangled by the very people they cheered. The prince remained a loyal Nazi and even visited once or twice with the Führer himself.
It’s well known that Hitler didn’t think much of Bernhard. After one meeting the German dictator was heard to remark that he never wanted to see ‘that complete idiot’ again. As the German dictator increasingly guessed wrong in military affairs, he was evenly mistaken about the prince. Bernhard turned out to be everything but an idiot. To illustrate his cunning, the following example will suffice: when the second world war broke out in 1939, Bernhard flipped sides very quickly. In the blink of an eye he had changed from an outright nazi to an allied air force hero. A brilliant magicians trick, reflected by a mirror of lies and doublethink."

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