17 Nov 2006

Dutch military in Iraq abuse row

"Military interrogators from the Netherlands abused dozens of Iraqi prisoners following the 2003 invasion, according to a Dutch press report. Detainees were allegedly subjected to bright lights, soaked with water and exposed to high-pitched sounds, De Volkskrant newspaper said." Source: BBC NEWS

News.com.au knows:"Opposition politicians have alleged a cover-up, just one week before an election." More here

CNN - "Dutch demand 'Iraq abuse' probe - Balkenende supported the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and sent Dutch troops to the country in 2003. He withdrew the troops two years later as violence escalated and opposition parties -- which had supported the initial engagement -- grew skeptical.
Although there was originally a broad political consensus in favor of involvement in Iraq, the abuse reports could prove damaging to Balkenende -- leading his Labour rivals in opinion polls just five days before a general election on November 22.
"There is a smell of a cover-up coming off this," Labour leader Wouter Bos was quoted as telling Dutch radio."