28 Feb 2016

West Tampers with Burgers, Whiskey to Induce Birth of Girls among Muslims

In a 2013 show on the Saudi channel Dana TV, Saudi cleric Ali Al-Malki warned viewers that Western burger chains, such as McDonald's and Harvey's, tamper with the meat in order “to kill the male genes” among Muslim men and women and make them give birth to girls rather than boys. Sheikh Al-Malki further complained that Saudi Arabia exports all its prime agricultural produce to America and in return, America exports whiskey to Saudi Arabia. “Some of that whiskey is not fresh,” he said. “It’s defective.”

27 Feb 2016

20 Shocking China Facts You Didn’t Know About

Apart from being the most populous country in the world, China's economy is the second largest in the world after the US. However, some activities, norms, and Chinese government policies are quite bizarre by Western standards.

19 Feb 2016

Libya's Quiet War: The Tuareg of South Libya

In remote southwest Sahara, the indigenous Tuareg tribe — variously used and discriminated against by former strongman Muammar Qaddafi — fight for their place in a post-revolutionary Libya.
Living deep in Libya’s desert near large oil fields and lucrative smuggling routes, hundreds of miles from Libya’s capital, the Tuareg find themselves impoverished and isolated on this prized land.
Nowhere is this felt more than in the oasis town of Ubari. Here the Tuareg are pitted against former neighbors in a proxy battle for assets and power, backed by government and international interests.

VICE News travels to meet the Tuareg on the front lines of Ubari and the border town of Ghat, to find out what is really happening in this rarely visited land.

17 Feb 2016

God... Damn That's Funny

Some old The Best Of The Atheist Experience

Epilepsy dance


15 Feb 2016

12 Feb 2016

The Empire's War on the Border

Join Abby Martin as she investigates why there are thousands of bodies on the US Mexico border--and uncovers a hidden war

10 Feb 2016

Bernie Sanders Crushed It

Bernie Sanders just won the New Hampshire primary against Hillary Clinton. Sanders won 85% of voters under 30 years old.

Ukraine: Masks of the Revolution...

2 Feb 2016