29 Jun 2017

Nellie the Elephant

Toy Dolls (1984)

China's Prison slaves


A Canadian documentary film about Soviet Gulag. In 1941, thousands of Estonian men were illegally conscripted into the Soviet Red Army by threat of violence against them and their families. Gulag 113 follows one survivor, Edward Kolga, as he returns to the location of his camp in the far north of Russia and relives his terrifying journey.

27 Jun 2017


Goran Bregović  (Poznań 1997)

The Death of Yugoslavia

A Documentary detailing all the events that lead to the death of the Yugoslavian state in the 1990's.

One of the most impressive documentary ever made. You live the facts that happened with the breakup of Yugoslavia as if you were there. The war in Croatia, Bosnia and the siege of Sarajevo are presented in a way that perhaps only BBC can do.

The Shock Doctrine

Documentary by Naomi Klein  [2009]

The Month In Religious Bullshit!

Rollin 'n Tumblin

North Mississippi Allstars

16 Jun 2017

Unfinished Business

This is the untold story of the greatest slaving nation in history. Up till now, Britain’s place in the history of slavery has been as the country that abolished the international slave trade.

Britain’s Slave Trade reveals the shameful truth behind this liberal facade, showing how the economic, social and cultural life of Britain would have been unrecognisable without slavery. Britain’s Slave Trade explains how a middling European power transformed itself into the ruler of the waves, tracing the impact this had on the British way of life and taking in the Industrial Revolution, the beginnings of Empire and the birth of modern racism along the way. It also unearths startling evidence showing how many families that think of themselves as ‘pure’ English stock are in fact descended from slave ancestors.

13 Jun 2017

The Great Indian Wars

This ambitious, epic-length documentary program chronicles the heart-wrenching tale of European settlers' attempts to subvert, viscerally abuse, and in many cases kill off Native American Indians over the course of 350 years, as they themselves settled into North America. Beginning in 1540 - the year when explorer Francisco Vázquez de Coronado undertook his expedition to the Great Plains - a series of bloody battles transpired that lost tens of thousands of lives.
The program moves through this period, touching on such pivotal events as The Seminole Wars, The Battle of Tippecanoe, and ultimately, the Battle of Wounded Knee, where the outcome permanently altered the trajectory of American history. rottentomatoes.com

10 Jun 2017

Women Of The Gulag

Women suffered greatly in the Gulag. Male camp employees, guards, and even other male prisoners sometimes raped and abused women. Some female prisoners took on “camp husbands” for protection and companionship. Some were pregnant on arrival or became pregnant while in the Gulag. Occasionally, Gulag authorities released pregnant women and women with young children in special amnesties. gulaghistory.org

Israel Continues World's Longest Military Occupation

7 Ways to Maximize Misery

8 Jun 2017

Sleeping Powder


5 Jun 2017

4 Jun 2017

Iron sky

Paolo Nutini

1 Jun 2017