30 Aug 2006

Old Fish Series part 1 - JFK - coup and coverup

 Just remember what some people can get away with:

Those involved in the JFK assassination are either now dead, or are in the highest positions of U.S. Government today.

Read the reasons why JFK was murdered:

  • Kennedy was sincerely attempting to end the Cold War, speech June 10, 1963
  • Kennedy planned to end the Pentagon Wars (Vietnam, Cuba, etc), with NSAM No. 2633
  • His Executive Order 11110, ending banking power over U.S. economy, killing the Private Federal Reserve Bank and our debt, and restoring U.S. Treasury Notes to circulation
  • Reign in the CIA under JCS by Congressional Act, ending unchecked intelligence power
  • Kennedy had already fired Allan Dulles, Director of the CIA
  • Source: JFK - coup and coverup


    LBJ Night Before JFK Assassination: "Those SOB's Will Never Embarrass Me Again"
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