22 Aug 2006

Racism in Russia

At least 10 people - two of them children - have been killed and dozens injured in an explosion at a market in Moscow. The blast, at the Cherkizovo market in the north east of the city, was reportedly caused by a home-made bomb. It went off at about 1030am when the area was full of shoppers.

Racism has not been ruled out, most victims are Chinese and Vietnamese.

Three months ago, Novyie Izvestia wrote that many young people having come from Africa and Asia to study are ready to leave Russia forever unless law enforcement here starts taking their security seriously. Since then, a large number of students, paying considerable money for their education, have left the country. However, it turned out that federal authorities consider the problem exaggerated in the minds of the public, and do not intend to take special measures to protect foreign students.

Source: Racism in Russian - FEATURE - MOSNEWS.COM

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