28 Sep 2006

Vladimir Kalankow


"Please help me. My name is Nina Kalankow and Vladimir is my father. He is missing somewhere in the Tunguska area and I have not heard from him in 11 days. He always keeps in touch with me, so I’m terrified something has happened to him.

If you read this blog and have any information about my father’s disappearance or whereabouts, please get in contact. He is 6′1, 51 years old with greying hair - and was venturing back into the Tunguska region on 14th September to continue his research on the phenomenon.  If you know anything at all about his whereabouts, if there is anything at all you can tell me that will help in the search for him, please get in touch with me at nkalankow@yahoo.de."

Source:Vladimir Kalankow

More at The Insider. The best place to start your own investigation is Wikipedia

"It has also been suggested that the Tunguska explosion was the result of an experiment by Nikola Tesla at his Wardenclyffe Tower, performed during one of Robert Peary North Pole expeditions. It is claimed that Tesla sent a communication to Peary advising him to be on the alert for 'unusual auroral phenomena' encountered as he attempted to reach the North Pole. However, by the time of the Tunguska event most work at Wardenclyffe had already ended and the site was mostly abandoned. In addition, it is by no means apparent how the small energy input at Wardenclyffe could be responsible for such a large energy output elsewhere." Wikipedia

The Tesla connection is popular on the Internet, see Google-search.

This id a good one:

Tesla Wireless and the Tunguska Explosion

"Tesla's writings have many references to the use of his wireless power transmission technology as a directed energy weapon. These references are examined in their relationship to the Tunguska explosion of 1908 which may have been a test firing of Tesla's energy weapon."