12 Sep 2006

Human Rights in Cyprus

In August 1996, a Greek Cypriot demonstrator, Anastasios (Tasos) Isaak, was beaten to death by the Turkish occupation forces, and Turkish thugs.


At about 16:00 hours, the Turkish Forces allowed the Turkish Cypriot demonstrators to enter the United Nations buffer zone armed with bats and iron bars. The Turkish Cypriot demonstrators, joined by the Turkish Cypriot Police, then proceeded to pursue the Greek Cypriots and mercilessly beat all those who they were able to catch. At the same time, there was shooting, including by Turkish Cypriot police, from behind the Turkish Forces cease-fire line towards the Greek Cypriot demonstrators.

An interview with the identified murderer of Solomou in weekly "Aktuel". Although he denies being there during the murder, he says: "I felt sorry for not being there. I wish I was there. I could have pulled the trigger at least once. I wish I was there, definitely I was going to shoot. Why are you making the killing of a dog sound so important?".

See pictures of the murder here.

And there is still no solution for the Cypriot problem.

Source: Human Rights Action Wikipedia