5 Sep 2006

Old Fish Series part 2: "Nazi Setup for South-America"

Did we know the Nazi's had plans to colonize South-America?

Link to NY Daily Mirror article: "Mirror Exposed Nazi Setup for S. America" 10/30/41
and a map here: "This is the Map Roosevelt Meant"More Original Documents.

We know that after the war lots of high-ranking Germans went to South-America:

Josef Mengele and Martin Bormann (more here) lived in Hohenau in Paraguay until they died. Adolf Eichmann was abducted from Argentina to Israel and was hanged there (more on Wikipedia). And others are still on the loose, see here

Read here about perόn and the nazi's. A very large site with lots of interesting links. 

 On June 6, 1947, Argentina's first lady Eva Peron left for a glittering tour of Europe.

The glamorous ex-actress was feted in Spain, kissed the ring of Pope Pius XII at the Vatican and hobnobbed with the rich-and-famous in the mountains of Switzerland.

Eva Peron, known as "Evita" by her adoring followers, was superficially on a trip to strengthen diplomatic, business and cultural ties between Argentina and important leaders of Europe.

But there was a parallel mission behind the high-profile trip, one that has contributed to a half century of violent extremism in Latin America.

According to records now emerging from Swiss archives and the investigations of Nazi hunters, an unpublicized side of Evita's world tour was coordinating the network for helping Nazis relocate in Argentina. More on Evita, Swiss & the Nazis

For more info read this book or see wikipedia about ODESSA (German: Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen, "Organization of Former SS-Members") and one of its leaders Otto Skorzeny (see picture of this scarface).

What's the true story on South American Nazis?

 Not all Nazi's get away with it all:
Argentina has deported a former Nazi to Chile, where he is wanted on charges of sexually abusing children. More here. More about Colonia Dignidad in Spanish but a good site. And on wikipedia.


The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism by Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman, South End Press, 1979, is also interesting stuff to read.

Even weirder is Nueva Germania ("New Germania"), a village in rural Paraguay. It was founded in 1888 in a remote jungle as a racially pure, utopian settlement of the Aryan race by Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche (the sister of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche), and her husband, the anti-Semitic agitator Bernhard Förster. (wikipedia)
Traces can still be found.

It gets even weirder: Dick Cheney and Nueva Germania: "a Wagner-loving San Francisco composer who is mounting a determined crusade to rebuild the Aryan dream and has sought assistance from Vice President Dick Cheney.."


And to round it up with part 1 of this series: The Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination