25 Sep 2006

NPD - Nazi's win in German Elections

The German far-right party the NPD is contesting seats in two upcoming state elections. Mike Swanson looks at its chances of gaining power.

Germany's extreme right-wing National Democratic Party (NPD) is trying to muscle its way into two state parliaments where elections are due in a few days' time.

Police in Berlin have reported a growing number of attacks by rightists on rallies and information booths organized by their political rivals in the run up to the 17 September vote in the German capital.

"There has never been such an aggressive election campaign on the streets of Berlin since the end of the war," wrote Andreas Kopietz in the newspaper Berliner Zeitung.  Source: Expatica

See also: Far right fuels German angst - BBC and The extreme-right NPD wins seats in German election - WSWS.org and Wikipedia has a extended page full of info.

The NPD-site is here, they try to look like a 'normal' party. The US-nazi's at National Vanguard call them: Friends in Germany: The National Democratic Party

Is it a coincidence that Narcissistic Personality Disorder is also called NPD?