13 Sep 2006

Israel's Cluster Bombs

"It is not surprising that the world's leading terrorist state had carpeted southern Lebanon with cluster bombs in the last 72 hours of the recent Israel-Hizbollah conflict. According to Jan Egeland, the United Nations Humanitarian Aid chief, 90% of those bombs were dropped by the Israeli Air force after the Israeli authorities knew that UN ceasefire Resolution 1701 was about to be adopted by the Security Council.

The US State Department has said that it is investigating Israel's alleged abuse of cluster bombs in the recent conflict in Lebanon. No one expects the US to punish or penalise Israel. After all, the US itself has been using cluster bombs for decades. From Laos and Cambodia to Guatemala and Nicaragua, this is a weapon of war that has brought death and misery to thousands of innocent human beings."  Sun2Surf (from Malaysia) 

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