20 Sep 2006

Under Siege in Hungary

Angry demonstrators occupied the state television headquarters on Liberty Square in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. The people had been gathering at Kossuth square (in front of the parliament, pretty near to Liberty square) since Sunday evening, with the strong will to send away the government. Before that on the same day a record was leaked with a speech from Gyurcsány Ferenc, the prime minister. The tape was recorded during a closed meeting of the ruling socialist parties fraction in may, after they have won the elections.

The revolutionary 10 points.
Let there be peace, liberty and unity.

1./ Disband parliament! Autonomy instead of Authority!
2./ [let there be a]Contributive democracy!
3./ Bring our troops back [from abroad], and send home all foreign troops! [let there be]Peace!
4./ [let there be]Liberal, independent and contributive media!
5./ Equal taxes, equal social services! Stop the rule of capital and multinational companies!
6./ Local agriculture, without GM technology!
7./ Open up uninhabited buildings [for all]! [let there be]Community places and homes for people!
8./ Autonomy for the Universities!
9./ Civil and social services shall not serve capitalistic interests!
10./ Solidaristic society instead of dependence on social services!
(September 18th group)

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