29 Apr 2012

The covers the New Yorker rejected

For every distinctive illustration that the New Yorker puts on its cover each week, there are scores of ideas, sketches and fully realised designs that don't make the cut. Since 1993, when Françoise Mouly became art editor of the magazine, she has been collecting these never-rans – often rejected for being too outrageous – on her office wall. Now Mouly, who founded RAW magazine with her graphic novelist husband, Art Spiegelman, in the 80s, has gathered them into a coffee-table book called Blown Covers. Here she picks her favourite cover sketches that are as acute as they are provocative

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Following the Starr report on the Clinton/Lewinsky affair, Art Spiegelman drew this sketch. The week it would have appeared, Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler, threatened to expose the indiscretions of 11 congressional Republicans.