30 Apr 2012

No austerity measures for the Dutch Royal Family

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has called an agreement on austerity measures “a fantastic result”. Analysts had feared that if the government was unable to present a package of measures by Monday to bring down the budget deficit to three percent of Gross National Product, the Netherlands could lose its triple A credit status.

The government sees "no reason" to more cuts in the Royal House. (Elsevier) ‘How rich is Queen Beatrix?’ is then probably a valid question. No one knows the answer on this question.

dutch royals

The Queen’s Treasurer (in Dutch: de Thesaurier der Koningin) is most likely the person closest to ‘the secret’.
I would like to give you an explanation, based from a chapter about the Thesaurier der Koningin out of the book Aan het Hof. De monarchie onder Koningin Beatrix’, (‘At the Court. The monarchy under Queen Beatrix’) by Remco Meijer (ISBN 90 5713 462 4).
‘How rich is Queen Beatrix?’ All publications, articles and magazines who claim to answer this intriguing question are unreliable. Main reason: those who have knowledge about it, maintain a stony silence. Every single Euro put down on Queen Beatrix is pure speculation and is also unreliable for two reasons. Until her death in 2004 Princess Juliana was the owner of the vast bulk of the Orange-Nassau fortune. No one knows exactly what did happen with her heritage. In the Netherlands, by law each child is treated equally and Queen Juliana had four daughters. There is no regulation possible in which the eldest child receives more than the other children.
The other reason is the fact that most of the valuables, the possessions, the art collections, the jewels, the inventories, the gold-, silver and crystal ware, etc. were put into family foundations. These foundations are legal entities on which no natural person can claim an ownership anymore. But all this does not take away that the Orange-Nassaus are one of Europe’s richest families.

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