11 Apr 2012

Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence the Rwandan version or: ‘you’re not alone’  has got its blessings! Some 600 people visited the two first performances in Kigali and have approved its right to be.

BTS dress 06

There is a difference caused by the opposite governmental policy after genocide. While Cambodian government, till now, is frustrating the open debate on (the Khmer Rouge) genocide and its juridical aftermath, Kagame has been provoking every citizen to speak up during the gacaca’s. He has found it necessary to dictate strict rules to the debate – like to forbid to speak about Tutsi’s and Hutu’s and to make jokes about the genocide. The audience did speak up and proved to be very interested in the history of the Cambodians – and how it does and does not mirror their own experiences.

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