16 May 2010

Schwarzenegger’s solution: End welfare

schwarzenegger-with-cigarUS Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday unveiled plans to plug California's budget deficit by slashing billions of dollars worth of funding for services designed to help the state's poor.

Schwarzenegger's budget proposals would see spending cuts of 12.4 billion dollars and include the elimination of California's welfare-to-work program and virtually all child care for low income families.

"California no longer has low-hanging fruits," Schwarzenegger said in Sacramento. "We have to take the ladder away from the tree and shake the whole tree. We must make very difficult decisions."

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The son of an SS nazi officer, Schwarzenegger has publicly stated that he has dreamed of being a dictator and that he
admires Hitler. He campaigned for war criminal Kurt Waldheim after it had been made public that he was a top nazi.


The stories of Arnold's barbaric harrassment of women are legendary. He publicly admits to steroid and marijuana use. He supported Enron chief, Ken Lay during the California energy crisis and now his political operatives have launched a blitzkrieg promoting him for President and seeking to end the Constitutional bar against him holding that office. And there's more...

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