23 May 2010

Israeli Nuclear informant Vanunu returns to jail

More than six years since leaving prison gates, Mordechai Vanunu, the nuclear informant, appeared in court in Jerusalem on Sunday to serve a three-month prison term imposed on him after being found guilty of contact with foreign agents in 2007.


At the entrance to the court, Vanunu gave a statement to the press with a message to the Mossad and the Shin Bet, "What you didn't receive in the 18 years that I sat in prison, you won't get now in three months. You want to teach me a lesson? I cannot accept any violation of my freedom of expression."

Vanunu read from a page he had pre-prepared with a list of people he claimed are not protecting his freedom of expression.

"Shame on you, Israel, and the stupid Shin Bet and Mossad spies who are returning me to jail after 24 years in which I have spoken only the truth. Shame on you, democracy, the Knesset, synagogues, the world media. Shame on you, all the Arabs who are allowing me to return to jail. Shame on you, US Senate and Congress and International Atomic Energy Agency Chairman Mohammad ElBaradei for not safeguarding my freedom. Shame on you, all religions, the stupid Jewish, Christian, and Muslim spies," Vanunu said.