6 May 2010

Internet Police: London Signs Warn Against Accessing “Extremist” Material

Police signs have begun springing up in internet cafes in London warning users that they could be reported to the police and face criminal charges if they access “extremist”, “offensive” or “inappropriate” material. The signs, which state that the owners of the premises are actively working with the Metropolitan police, have drawn criticism due to their vagueness and questionable legality.

“Downloading or accessing certain material could constitute a criminal offence” states the bright pink sign (pictured below, click image for full photo).


Not just illegal, please note, but “offensive or inappropriate”. Offensive to whom? Inappropriate to what? These are the sort of catch-all weasel-words you might expect in China. You might as well just have a notice that says: “We reserve the right to terminate your connection and report you to the police whenever we feel like it”.

Steve Watson, Prisonplanet.com