13 May 2010

The Horrible Whale and Dolphin Massacre tradition of Faroe Islands in Denmark

You would think that the first world countries in Europe such as Denmark would never succumbed itself to i killing dolphins and whales just because its a tradition? How barbaric are these people?

faroe massacre3

Every year, thousands and thousands of innocent dolphins and pilot whales are killed in the name of culture at the shores of Faroe Islands. The annual spring festival seems as if to have gone unnoticed for years and years. If no one is to stop this brutal massacre from happening ever again, the gentle sea creatures would be erased away from the surface of the earth forever. Sign the petition to help!

faroe massacre

Ironically, this practice, called grindadr√°p, is diminishing the population of 5,000 islanders.  Many of them get sick and die from high mercury levels in the whales.  Mentally retarded children are reportedly being born at alarmingly high rates.

faroe massacre2

PBS has a video about the mercury problem and this culture’s deeply held beliefs called ‘The Faroe Islands – Message from the Sea’, viewable here.

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