23 Jul 2009

Solar Mythology

Solar Mythology - Origins of Religious Belief

The study of solar mythology (astrotheol The study of solar mythology (astrotheology) indicates that saviour myths, including that of Jesus Christ, had their origin in the heavens. Ancient people looked up at the heavens, noted patterns and regular movements of the sun, moon and stars. The height of the sun told them the time of day - the phases of the moon told them the time of the month - the position of the constellations in the night sky told them the time of the year - useful information if you want to know when to plant, when to harvest, when to hunt, when to feast, when to celebrate the re-birth of the sun in winter. They made up fables as a way of passing on their knowledge to future generations. After thousands of years, these fables lost their original meanings and instead came to be believed as true accounts of the lives of past and present supernatural beings/gods.

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