19 Jul 2009

Myanmar Detains Dozens of the Opposition

Authorities in military-run Myanmar detained dozens of opposition party members on Sunday as they returned from ceremonies marking the death of the father of jailed pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, witnesses said.


Some of the opposition National League for Democracy party members had been attending a ceremony at party headquarters to mark General Aung San's death 62 years ago. Others had been at the official commemoration ceremony at Martyr's Mausoleum.
At least 50 NLD members were walking in small groups Sunday when they were arrested, witnesses said on condition of anonymity for fear of official reprisal. It was not immediately clear why police detained them.
"Some members were roughly taken into trucks, and those who ran away were chased," a witness said. Some who ran onto public buses were dragged out and taken away.

CBS News