8 Jul 2009

Corrupt police in Marocco

Sidi Ifni Sniper (who’s identity is still unknown) exposes police corruption and the case of Chakib Khayari (Twitter); 

The Public prosecutor in Casablanca has ordered the arrest of Mr. Chakib Khayari, a leader in the fight against drug trafficking in northern Morocco, announced the Moroccan Interior Ministry in Rabat  last Thursday.
Mr. Chakib Khayari who also chairs the Human Rights Association of the Rif Region, which had previously denounced the persecution of the Sub-Saharan Illegal Immigration Candidates in northern Morocco and the arbitrariness of the Spanish police in Melilla that prevents the entry of Moroccan citizens to the Spanish occupied presidio. MoroccoBoard News Services

الصدمة ـ الجزء الثاني