5 Jul 2009

Cynthia McKinney to Appear in Israeli Court After Gaza-Bound Boat Is Seized

Former U.S. lawmaker Cynthia McKinney is due to appear in an Israeli court Sunday after she and 20 other activists were taken into custody this week when their relief boat was seized by an Israeli naval ship.

crayonsThe 2008 Green Party presidential candidate says the group, "Free Gaza Movement," was trying to deliver humanitarian supplies to Gaza, but Israel says the boat attempted to sail through a navy blockade.

Israel said it would free the crew and passengers as soon as they were checked, but McKinney and the others say they refused to sign deportation forms because it would have entailed admitting they violated Israel's blockade.

"The Israelis hijacked us because we wanted to give crayons to the children of Gaza," McKinney said in a recorded statement delivered via telephone and posted on YouTube.

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