5 Oct 2006

We don't trust Voting Computers

Yesterday there was an item on TV where it was demonstrated how easy voting computers can be manipulated. There are elections next month and we wait and see how this is resolved, or doesn't it matter, the elite always wins. 

"In The Netherlands almost 100% of the population casts their ballot on computers that are not protected against manipulation. The voting process is completely closed and election results cannot be independently verified.

"Wij vertrouwen stemcomputers niet" (We don't trust voting computers) demands that each vote remains in the polling station on its own piece of paper after the voter leaves. By far the easiest way to accomplish this is by using the traditional paper ballot. Voting can also happen on computers, as long as they print out a piece of paper which is verified by the voter and stays in the polling station. These paper copies must be counted regularly to see of the computers are still trustworthy.

We, the proponents of verifiable elections, are winning the world over! Many American states, after significant irregularities, now demand a paper trail. In Ireland the Dutch voting computers were rejected because they are too insecure. Unverifiable voting is being fought in many countries, and black-box voting is globally in decline."

More here: English - wijvertrouwenstemcomputersniet