7 Oct 2006

China Execution Buses

Sky News has obtained chilling new evidence of mobile execution buses being used by the Chinese government.

It comes less than two years before China hosts the next Olympics - an event it was given after promising to improve its human rights record. China's penal system is surrounded by a wall of secrecy, but an investigation by Sky's China correspondent Dominic Waghorn found between 3,500 and 10,000 people are put to death each year.

The volume of executions has meant China has invented new ways of killing, mobilizing and mechanizing its execution system. A brochure acquired by Sky News reveals details of China's new execution buses now operating across the country.

Amnesty International says the demand for transplant organs may be driving the high number of executions in China. (see the documentary somewhere else on our pages) Source: Sky News: Sky Uncovers China Execution Buses
The image shows the Brochure of execution buses.

Amnesty International reported in 2003: Chinese use mobile death vans to execute prisoners

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