10 Oct 2006

The History of Marijuana

Very well made US-History of Marijuana and narrated by Woody Harrelson.
Take a puff, relax and watch it.


Just like the Terrorism-scare today. Overreacting hysterical concerned patriots want us protected for a imagined danger; going mad, become a drugaddict, communist... And the other western countries follow, but one small country resisted this US-plot, The Netherlands do have Coffeeshops.  Read this at US vs Them: Marijuana loses its appeal in Dutch 'coffee shop' culture"According to the United Nations, 5.2 percent of Dutch 12 and older had used marijuana or hashish in the past year -- less than half the 12.3 percent rate in the United States.

So few Dutch youth are trying heroin that the average age of new addicts in the Netherlands has risen to 33. Cocaine use also is significantly less than in the United States.

"The separation of hard and soft drugs has helped keep people out of the drugs that really marginalize you from society," says Janhuib Blans of Jellinek, a Dutch organization that runs drug prevention, counseling and treatment programs." more

Scientific evidence: Dutch coffee shops and trends in cannabis use
by Korf DJ., Bonger Institute of Criminology, University of Amsterdam,
P.O. Box 1030, 1000 Amsterdam BA, The Netherlands.

And see Paris Hiltons handbag, but that's not such a good example... she is mad...