11 Oct 2006

UN saysChild abuse is still 'widespread'

Violence against children is widespread and tolerated around the world, a report by the UN has claimed.

A four-year study to be presented in New York says many youngsters faced physical abuse that was either hidden or socially approved.

Almost six million children have been forced into work and many more have become prostitutes, the UN said.

In a separate report, Save the Children claimed more than a million children worldwide have been imprisoned.

BBC NEWS - Child abuse 'widespread', UN says

Save the Children

Flogging, stoning and amputation still used to punish children in detention

  • 90% of children in conflict with the law are petty offenders
  • Four out of five children who commit an offence only commit one in their lifetime.
  • In the UK, the number of children in detention has more than doubled in the last thirteen years.
  • In Kenya, 80 - 85% of children in police custody or correctional facilities were found to be children in need of care and protection and had committed no offence.
  • In Uganda, 70% of surveyed children in conflict with the law said their main reason for stealing was to get food and meet basic needs.

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