19 Dec 2012

UK police investigate claim of 'plebgate' conspiracy

Scotland Yard has said it is considering the possibility there was a conspiracy to fabricate evidence against the former chief whip Andrew Mitchell, insisting its inquiry would go "where the evidence takes us".

The Metropolitan police vowed to get to the truth after No 10 told them to "get to the bottom" of the "exceptionally serious" allegation that a serving police officer fabricated evidence that led to Mitchell's resignation in October.


Scotland Yard, in a statement issued on Wednesday, said the allegation went "to the very heart of the public's trust in the police service". "If any evidence emerges of conspiracy this will form part of the investigation."

Mitchell was forced to resign after the police log and an email by an unnamed officer suggested he had called police officers "fucking plebs" when they declined to let him wheel his bicycle through the Downing Street gates. He admitted swearing at the police but has strenuously denied the toxic charge that he called them "plebs".

The Guardian