31 Dec 2012

Alien cathedral built by Scientology

Panorama investigator John Sweeney today reveals the sinister site where Tom Cruise’s Scientology church has carved a message to aliens that can be seen from outer space.

The BBC reporter — who erupted in fury at a member of the weird sect during a 2007 programme — tells how he travelled deep into the New Mexico desert to see the Scientologists’ “alien space cathedral”.


The site is home to the buried texts of Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard and was built to withstand a nuclear holocaust. IF you don’t have a flying saucer, Trementina Base is not an easy place to get to. But if you’re a visitor from outer space, it’s a doddle because the Church of Scientology has etched two vast interlinked circles on top of a mountain amid the desert scrub of New Mexico.

Each circle has a huge diamond shape inscribed inside as a sign to aliens. Just dial up Mesa Huerfanita on Google Earth and you’ll find a nearby mountain scarred by a long concrete strip with a short leg at the northern end pointing east. That’s the loony church’s private airport.

A zig-zag white line from the strip heads north. That’s the church’s private road. It leads to the two linked circles — invisible from the land below. The spot is north of Roswell — a town linked to UFO sightings.

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