18 Dec 2012

The prison sentence against Alber Saber: another nail in the coffin of Egyptian democracy


Alber Saber was arrested last September when some of his neighbours accused of defaming religions on his social media accounts, upon which they gathered around his residence, chanting inciting slogans against him, which led his mother to call the police asking for help for fear the crowd might break into her house. The police came but instead of protecting her and her son arrested him and took him to El Marg police station as well as confiscated his computer. Inside the police station Alber was subject to physical assault upon incitement by one of the station officers, a fact that was officially documented with the prosecution. The aggression extended beyond Alber to include his mother who received murder threats and threats of burning her house if she did not leave, forcing her eventually to do so.

Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression