23 Sep 2012

The Last Megaphone Video

Dearest viewers,
Following 3 and a half years of megaphoning; I feel I have provided ample free guides as to how to hack, upset, inspire, and gonzo the matrix. I leave you amazing people with a short interaction with the Police. Please note how he asks many questions and I politely refuse to answer any of them.
Of course the Army guy called the Police. I called him evil. This is very dangerous. Imagine if we called all recruiters for child-killers evil. It could be the end of the world.
At the end of the interaction you will hear me ask the Police man "Am I under arrest?" - and of course the answer is NO - this is your cue to walk away. Thank them for their time.
The rest of the video is the simple joy of megaphoning around Manchester's corporate centre, Spinningfields.
I've had a son. A big healthy baby boy who has changed my life. I hope the videos, all 400 or so of them inspire and help you to remember who you are.

With deep affection
Charlie Veitch

And remember - the show must go on...