12 Sep 2012

Greek plea for Nazi damages

Greece has dramatically revived demands for billions in war damages from Germany as the euro crisis deepens. Ministers have set up a working party to add up how much Germany owes them for crimes committed after Hitler invaded Greece in 1941.

nazi greece

The Greek National Bank was also forced to lend the Nazis 476 million reichsmarks interest-free during World War Two — worth £8.7billion today. Greeks claim they were forced to accept “unfavourable” reparation payments in the 50s. Deputy finance minister Christos Staikouras said: “The matter remains pending — Greece has never resigned its rights.” He insisted the investigation would be “realistic and cool-headed”.

The move comes as opposition grows in Germany to handing out more bailouts to Greece. And it risks inflaming anti-German feelings in Greece, where newspapers regularly depict Chancellor Angela Merkel as a Nazi. Germany’s constitutional court is due to rule today on whether Berlin should hand more cash to Athens.

The Sun