5 Sep 2012

NATO and the terrorist network Gladio

In August 1990, Giulio Andreotti, Italian Prime Minister, confirmed that during the Cold War period had existed in Italy and other Western countries, some of them attached to NATO, a clandestine army under the code name Gladio. His revelations led to a major political scandal, not only admit, but because he had denied in 1974, when he was defense minister.
The result of those investigations conducted in Italy between 1974 and 1990 came to light following information concerning the activities of the sinister Gladio, which sometimes appeared as a right-wing terrorist organization, and sometimes the extreme left, as appropriate their purposes. And what are these purposes? Destabilize certain European governments for the benefit of United States and increased their political influence in them.
As information on the organization Gladio were subsequently published, the story was becoming more ominous. Since the beginning of the Cold War, independent agencies franchised by the secret services of Britain and the United States established a vast network of hired murderers, paramilitary groups, terrorist organizations and weapons caches throughout Western Europe.
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